Monday, November 7, 2011

Will this work??? Blog troubles... still!

Trying to catch up on Halloween, we will see if the blogging gods are on my side.

Here is a snap shot view of our Halloween party. We had a mom and dad come and help out with our party last week. The kids loved it. Mr. Mike played "Pumpkin Says" with the kids. It was a fun treat to have them join us.

We went digging in worms aka cold noodles for treasures. The kids had to do it wearing fun glasses. It was a spooky fun game!

They found spiders, bracelets, and rings...

Then we played a pumpkin game. The kids took turns taping the eyes and mouth on our homemade pumpkin. Simple games are a lot of fun at this age.

We decorated spooky Halloween cookies then had chips and cheese for breakfast, I mean, snack. And maybe even lunch! We had lots of great treats...

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