Monday, March 24, 2014


Our first day back after Spring Break... working on our theme, Ocean Life. Today we made jeweled fish. We read a cute book called, "Hello Ocean" that related the beach to our five senses.

Happy Monday!

Spring Break in a nutshell...

 During Spring Break we took a vacation to Dallas, Texas. We decided since we had Qman to stop half way, stay in a hotel, then drive the rest of the way the next day. Here was our first night. We were cozy for sure. We made sure each place had a pool to help wear the kids out.
 We stayed with family while we were in Texas. They have a guest house and the kids loved it.
 The best part about staying with our family, is that we had a hot tub to use. After long days, we would gather in the hot tub each evening.

 Our first day was spent at the Dallas Aquarium. We saw lots of fun fish, sharks, and animals.
 We had lunch at the aquarium.
 Mia with the sharks...
 One of my favorite pictures from the trip!
 Kadyn loves flamingos and elephants. She was excited to see them both while in Dallas.
 We went to a park in the downtown area, the park is built on top of the high way.
 We took a break from the park, and rode the free trolly around town.
 After the trolly ride the kids wanted to play in the fountains...
 Gaby and Qman...
 The next day was spent at the Dallas Zoo...
 The girls feed the birds.
 We even saw feeding time... yep. That's a mouse in his mouth.
 That evening we went to Reunion Tower.
 My view as the sun was going down.
 The kids had a blast on the observation deck.
 Our last full day was spent at the arboretum. It was Amazing. They have all these flowers and gardens. Then we went to the kids' part and had even more fun.
 This place was like an outside classroom... we learned about healthy eating, water, weather ect. It was a fun time.
 Our last day...
At the OK hotel coming back...swimming again!

We cam home Friday so we could have a couple days at home to relax and catch up on house duties. I am so glad we had the chance to go to Dallas. It was a great trip!!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Super Duper Friday

 The blog is lacking... I don't get to it as much as I should but, hey...that's life! My motto for Spring is "Hold on tight and take lots of pictures". March has certainly held true to the saying, "In like a lion, out like a lamb". Soccer for 3 girls starts, practices are going, and we add that to dance that is year round. All.Good.Things. However, the first week while I adjust to it is just crazy... and I feel like I was ran over by a lion for sure.

Last night we saw Gaby's last vocal concert at her school. She is a 6th grader and will be moving to middle school in August. This seems unreal for so many reasons. I truly dislike when I read everyone's posts that say, "where has the time gone?". However, last night I found myself asking the same question. Where has the time gone? I remember her firsts like they were yesterday. I try not to get too emotional about the fact that she is my first to experience middle school. However, she is excited. She can't wait to take middle on.

She was pumped as she was chosen with other 6th graders to play recorder on the last song. She actually practiced and took the job seriously.

 This morning was very interesting as no one was in bed before 9:30 last night, we still were finishing up last of homework that wasn't finished, and we had to get a last minute review/spelling word test in too. So as we are all rushing around to get up and going I saw Kadyn had ice cream for breakfast, then ate a package of ham. Gaby had frozen mini tacos, Mia had a banana, and Kendal had cheese dipping sticks. Wow! Parent of the year here!

 Today is super hero tee shirt day??!! at school. Gaby stole my batman shirt so she could participate. Oddly, that is the only superhero shirt we have. Well, Qman has one but no one but that nutter butter can fit into that!
 A huge school project is checked off the list. This is Kadyn's 3rd grade Leprechaun Trap. They had some guidelines they had to follow and a flow chart that they had to complete as well. It had to be made from home using items we already had. This is her cave. 
 There are blinking lights that will will attract the leprechaun into the cave, once he sees the pot of gold he will enter. Once the pot of gold is moved, it triggers a string that is attached to a magnet and the door closes to trap him.

Kadyn worked super hard as I know a lot of her 3rd grade friends did too. She was excited to turn her project in today and I am excited that her project is scratched off the "to-do" list.
 Gaby before her concert... looking so pre-teenish. She now has a phone and instagram. She has been pretty responsible in what she posts. Yes, I follow her. (and her friends that she follows, that's what you do, right? I dunno. I'm new at this) 
 Earlier this week I found Kendal like this. Yes, we have heat and yes, it was on. She loves this hat and wears it everywhere. 
 My little nutter butter and his barbie bath toy. He is still the happiest baby I know. He has his 9mo check up next week. I can't wait to see how he has grown. I feel like he eats all the time. Last month we started making his own food just because jar stuff is so pricy- he thinks he can eat everything we are. He only has 2 teeth but does pretty good with small bites of table food.

 My silly Kendal... we were taking pictures for daycare and this is what I got.
 Qman is Gaby's biggest fan. No matter what she is doing, he wants to be there doing it too... with her! He loves her Babs.
 My mom and dad came to see the school dress rehearsal from Gaby's concert. Kadyn and Mia came back to sit with us during the practice. I love getting to see them during the day. It does my momma heart good.
 So, to top off an emotional couple weeks, I drove by my childhood home. It is always bittersweet. I am reminded of my moms stroke, packing her things up, and moving her to our apartment at that time. How life seemed so simple and one day everything changed. It has been 8 years yet I remember it as it was yesterday.

Like I said, this morning was interesting. In the middle of getting the kids ready and watching daycare, Mia decided she NEEDED to play the computer. It actually worked out in her favor since Dustin was driving the kids to school vs riding the bus so we had a couple of extra minutes. However she was not going to smile for a picture.

Our Pastor just finished up a sermon series on simplifying our life. Each week concentrated on a different area to make more simple. Stuff, friends, money ect. I am striving to live a simple life however I am not sure what that looks like with 5 kids, 2 jobs, 3 in school, and an infant. My one word for 2014 is "sorting" which goes hand in hand with simplifying. I am still sorting and working through how to be a better servant, wife, mother, and friend.

Happy Super Duper Friday. I can't wait to enjoy some warmer temps coming our way, prepare for our vacation, and outside workouts again!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

 After circle time, we worked on our movement skills by dancing.
 This week our letter is T. The older kids working on writing and saying the "T" sound.
 Our color for the month is blue... making our blue art.
Happy Tuesday!