Friday, February 25, 2011

I won the Shamrock necklace from a Facebook post yesterday. Then, I ordered my early Mother's Day gift too. I have been wanting a charm with the girls name on it for a while now.

If you are looking to add a cute piece of jewelry to your collection, check out henry and stella designs on Facebook. My order is already shipping and I received excellent customer service!

Happy Friday!!!

Our date night...

Driving in the snowy weather...

We went to see my sister in law Kara, in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.
It was the dress rehearsal and because of the weather we had great seats for the show.

Me and my handsome date... (sorry the pictures are not the best-mobile phone)

Drinking an non-kid friendly drink... we can do that because we had no kids. ;)

Outside during the intermission.

Even though the weather wasn't the best, we still had a great time. I love being able to get out and about with just Dustin. I was bummed that I didn't get to dress up like I wanted, cute shoes I just bought were not snow friendly, but that just means we need another date night soon!
(Taking numbers for cheap babysitters...)

Snow flake stampin fun...

Our Friday's are pretty laid back... our catch up day!

Last night it snowed... again... more snow... again! We got our our fun little colored snow stamps and went to town on our simple art.

We talked about patterns, colors, and designs of the stamps.

Totally random... Kadyn on the way to school this morning. She is wearing a beautiful hand band given to her by Popi and Amy. She loves it!

Happy Friday!

Check up's for G and K...

Wednesday was my "book as many appointments as possible into one day" day. My morning started out with check up's for Gaby and Kadyn.

G is doing well... 67 % for height and 90% for weight.

Kadyn is 42% for height and 33% for weight.

Both girls are doing well. No red flags in their development and we even had that "growing up girl" speech for Gaby... oh crap! Overall, the doctor was pleased and the girls were happy they didn't need any shots!

I'm a happy momma!

Yesterday's fun...

Playing with the doll house...

Playing in the kitchen/store area...

Going over our letter of week bags... G is for goat, giraffe, gum, glasses, glow sticks, guitars globes.

Letter G and glitter art.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This morning started out by making cards for our friend L. He had tubes and tonsil surgery yesterday. Because we have missed him, we decided to make him some cards while he hangs out with Grandpa this week.

Letter of the week is "G". We did our G art and glued our G words onto our Green paper.
Hopefully, they are getting it... we talked a lot about the letter G today!
We are working on writing our names too- today my older kids traced their name and went over their letters.
While we worked on our Gumball machines, Kendal played with blocks. She stands at the table now and tries to eat art supplies so into the chair she goes. She actually really likes it; her own time without friends in her space.

Our fun day... thanks for checking in!

Monday, February 21, 2011

a new milestone

Tonight I started my workout at Jazzercise, I went as soon as Dustin got home so I could rock out in LeAnne's class. It felt good to move. After I got home, Dustin went to the gym with Gaby. I love that she is taking an interest and walking/running too! I hope that D and I are becoming better role models for our girls. After they returned I went to the gym... I wanted to get in some more calorie burn.

Long story short... Today was my first day of training. I did week 1, day 2 of the program, couch to 5k. It felt good. I ran and walked for a mile and a half in 25 minutes. After day one training was over, I wasn't ready to be done. During the cool down, I kept running. After 5 minutes, I was still running. After 10 minutes I was still running. I looked down and I was up to 3 miles in 42 minutes.

This is a milestone...

Now, where do I go from here. I have always had it in my mind I would run a 5k...sometime. It is my time. No excuses, no whining, no stopping...

My goal... to run (three) 5k this spring/summer.
My first goal is to do my first 5k in 40 minutes. I still have some time to train. I will do this. I am ready. I want to this just as bad as I want to loose my weight!

I will run a 5k.

Now, who is with me???

My Peanut Kadyn

is learning to read...

Listening to her simple stories, never get old...
Going over her words and making a game out it...
Watching how excited she gets when she knows her words...

My Peanut Kadyn is learning to read.

sneak peek

Easter dresses...

Girl Scouts International Fair

Gaby's Girl Scout Troop... ( I hate Gaby's fake smile). Gaby and her friends studied all about Peru. They made magnets, painted beaded necklaces, and had all sorts of food to represent Peru.
Their booth...
All the scouts reciting the GS promise...
Half the room view of all the displays and troops. Each girl had a passport and when visiting each display they got a stamp or punch in their book. Gaby did a lot of "trading". Most items were hand made by the girls and would sell from .10 to .25. It was a fun and busy morning!

hot mess...

After burning 600 calories in 57 minutes this weekend, this is what I look like when I come home! A hot mess!!! My husband is so lucky to see this after every workout, poor guy!

Here are my updated pictures.
Still need work on them arms...
The booty is getting there... still another spot to keep working on.
I have always hated my legs. I have never had thin or even nice looking legs. After digging back in my closet to try on "skinny carpi's" I had, my legs were the only thing holding me back from wearing them, everywhere else they fit great! So very close!
My abs... looking good, not too tight yet but they are so getting there! I can look down and not see a bump that used to be my stomach.

Still working towards my goal. I have it on my wrist still as a daily reminder of what I want!

Sweet treat

While waiting to get my mom in Lawrence on Saturday, I spotted a cookie store. I picked up some sweet treats for the family.

Dustin and his KU cookie...
4 cookies for the girls

Yummy, yummy!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

F is for...

Fantastic Flippin weather...

Not a lot to write about. We played outside all morning. We came inside for bathroom breaks, snacks, and circle time. If we weren't doing any of those things, we were outside playing with our friends (another F word we talked about).

Unfortunately, our snow covered backyard now resembles lake Fluke. We had to stay on the deck. We still had lots of fun...

Girls playing house
Boys playing transformers
These guys were so happy to be outside today and so was I.
Some of my little ones went inside and outside. Little A loves this new toy...

This week we are putting our theme lessons on hold- I much rather be outside enjoying this weather while we have it. We'll be able to catch up on arts and crafts soon! Until then, we'll be having fun in the sun!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This week we have started talking about dental hygiene... for some reason I really love this theme, maybe because of all the goofy props and games I have on this theme.

Our letter of the week is "F" and our story is, "Moose's loose tooth".
Playing... ring around the rosie
Centers... we took turns with kitchen area and lego table... fun morning had by all!

random post

I could probably update my FB status every hour... I really have no problem being open with what I am up too- But here are some updates that didn't make the update .

-Today is a " we were having too much fun and I forgot to sit out the meat for lunch and we had to order pizza day".
-Went shopping this weekend for under garments and went down in size, even for a bra- really, do I have to loose weight there?
- In one hour I have changed 6 poopy diapers, I am a little done with poop.
- While playing Ring around the rosie, one of my kids said, "ring around the ho" and that was all. Maybe that is a new spin on an old game...
-Marathon laundry day

Random cute picture of Gaby- she doesn't get as much blog time since she is in school during the day... Kendal's hair is getting long enough for the pig tales...
My reminder... I saw this on The Biggest Loser last night, so I wrote my goal weight on my wrist so when ever I am reaching to grab something to put into my mouth, it is there to see. Silly?? Maybe, but sure has acted as a reminder this morning! Soon, I hope the number will change as I work for the new goal!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kadyn's party...

My little Kindergartner... getting ready for game time.
Kadyn and her friend, J.
Had to place the heart on the poster while being blind folded. I love her smile...
Kadyn with all of her loot- cards, snacks, candy. This girl came home high as a kite! She had a great time, our room parents do a great job with these parties!!!

Valentine's Day... 2011