Wednesday, February 16, 2011

random post

I could probably update my FB status every hour... I really have no problem being open with what I am up too- But here are some updates that didn't make the update .

-Today is a " we were having too much fun and I forgot to sit out the meat for lunch and we had to order pizza day".
-Went shopping this weekend for under garments and went down in size, even for a bra- really, do I have to loose weight there?
- In one hour I have changed 6 poopy diapers, I am a little done with poop.
- While playing Ring around the rosie, one of my kids said, "ring around the ho" and that was all. Maybe that is a new spin on an old game...
-Marathon laundry day

Random cute picture of Gaby- she doesn't get as much blog time since she is in school during the day... Kendal's hair is getting long enough for the pig tales...
My reminder... I saw this on The Biggest Loser last night, so I wrote my goal weight on my wrist so when ever I am reaching to grab something to put into my mouth, it is there to see. Silly?? Maybe, but sure has acted as a reminder this morning! Soon, I hope the number will change as I work for the new goal!

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