Monday, May 27, 2013

coming home

Wednesday Morning... catching a nap before getting ready for hospital pictures and coming home. 

My perfect son

I can sit and watch this lil guy all day! So beautiful. 
 Still adjusting to the fun fact that he is a boy...

And we are out... in the car seat for the first time.

Bright eyes... only for a few minutes!

Quentin's first home...

It's been a long day.. already taking a nap!
Love this kid!!! 

meeting family

Early in the morning... snuggle time.

Since Quentin was born so late, the girls didn't get to meet him Monday night. We kept them home from school for a half day so we could have some family time. 
I love Gaby's big smile. She already has a special bond with this lil guy. She comes home from school and just hold him.

Our first picture with all 5 children. Such a blessing. 

Mia holding Q for the first time.

Kendal was cracking me up- she couldn't stop giggling. She loved holding Q and didn't want to give him back. 

Grandma Dee stayed with the little kids while we were in the hospital. She made sure Mia got to school and kept the kids fed and house kept up! Huge thank you for filling in for us! 

Our first family pic of all 7 of us! I love our big ol' family! 

Grammy and Papa came up to visit Tuesday as well...  

Dustin's dad and Amy stopped in as well. Quentin received lots of love his first 24 hours. 

After work, Aunt Kara came by too!


Meet Baby #5...

May 12th... getting ready to check in at midnight to start the induction process. I was 37 weeks when we scheduled his birth.   

Dustin came up the next morning after kids were on their way to school and Grandma Dee had Kenni and Mia. We did the pill to soften my cervix and the medication to start the contractions. By 9:30am contractions were intense and I was only at a 2. By the time I reached a 4, it was around 6:00. I was frustrated, tired, hurting, and ready to be done. Later that evening, I got an epidural and was getting some relief. Around 10:30 pm, I was feeling some strong contractions but not needing to push. At 10:45 I was ready to get him out. I was at an 8. By 11:00 I was at a 10, the doctor just got into our room and I started pushing. I had 2 hard pushes and by the 3rd one Q was here at 11:05pm.

Our little man
Quentin Neal Fluke 

Getting to hold him minutes after his birth 

You can see that he looks like a Fluke. 

Dustin of course was so excited to meet his son. 

After his birth, he had to get his lungs checked out since he was early. He was doing some funky breathing when he first came out. Thankful he was okay. 

Our lil stud muffin.
Only minutes old but already so loved! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Big changes

 Today Gaby got a hair cut... it was totally her choice, she thought about her choice for a long time, and she also decided to donate her hair. Because... 
 This is how short he hair is now... she looks so cute and so grown.

Today was "get the room projects done" day at the Fluke's. We re-did 5 spaces for all the kids!
 Quentin is now in Kendal's old room. New theme and new bedding. We bought cool boy frogs. We opted to keep the teal blue and just match the bedding. I love his new colors.

 Our newer basement space. Now that we have new exit windows installed, we can use this area again for daycare. So excited. We added some new toys and center activities.

 Gaby's room was re-arranged to fit her "new to us"  computer desk.
 This was my mom's old room. This was the biggest protect of all. We installed a safety window, painted the room 2 shades of purple, and laid down new carpet. Mia and Kendal are moving into this room. We ordered 2 twin beds and dressers to complete the "new room".
 The other side of the room...

 Kadyn now has a room to her room to her self. She wanted to keep the bunk beds and we added a art desk and red chair in her room. We still need to order her "peace signs" bedding.
 The downstairs bathroom... Added some color and frog theme for the girls.
 Kendal in her new bed. She sleeps with so many stuffed animals.
And Mia and her bed... they are excited to sleep in their new beds tonight.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

 This week we have been reviewing our colors, numbers, shapes, and letters. Today we focused on colors. We did a color by dots activity. They had to know their colors so they knew what to color. The younger ones had 1-2 colors on their pages...
 The older ones had a lot more work... :) It was awesome to see how well most of them did.
Our graduation tee shirts that we made. It was supposed to be for the older ones going into Kindergarten however I had a couple extra shirts and everyone ended up doing them. What started off as a small project turned into a long morning one. I can't wait to see how they turn out after they dry!!!

Tomorrow is our graduation cake day... then the older ones will leave with a goodie bag that will be a reminder of their time here at the Gallery!!! 

Monday, May 6, 2013


 Our free time... blocks are ALWAYS out.
 Painting our garden bonnets...
 While we painted in groups of two's, the others had centers out.
 Small group centers...
 Kids took a lot of time with their painting.
Even the little ones did a good job painting.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day

 Making paper flowers...
 Kids did a great job using their imagination...
Making May Day Flower Baskets... most of the kids said they wanted to pass them out to their parents or grandparents. They kept calling them Mother's Day gifts.

Happy May Day!