Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our Monday and Tuesday...

 Today we read a book, "Comparing Colors". It talked about all of nature and what colors we might find in animals, flowers, and plants. To go with our story, we colored a caterpillar with many bright colors.
 Miss A working hard...

 Yesterday we water painted streamers for our wind stocks...
 Our colorful art gallery...

 Yesterday we had some friends visiting. They stayed the night and spent the day with us today...
 Having an all you can eat ice cream party... It was such an awesome night for it. 
 Happy faces.
 Yesterday we hung out at the pool. These two have know each other since they were 2 years old.
 Our first safety break... normally we are not at the pool when the life guard is. So breaks are not something the kids were used to. It about killed them to stay out of the water.
 Kendal's first time down the big slide.
 There she goes....
 The slide is always a fun time... Gaby's turn.
And now Mia.

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

 Qman and I goofing off... he is a great selfie taker!
 Our night at the lake.... yes, it was hot. Yes it was summer! Yes she has 3 layers on! #sillygirl
 We had bikes, scooters, and strollers on our walk... it was a great night for it though!
 The view....
Started on a scooter, then walked, then was carried, then ended up on the bike! Go Figure!

Drive in

 Last Friday night we made the trek to KC to the drive in movie theater. Dustin and the kids had never been. We had awesome cool weather to camp out. We saw, "Earth to Echo" and "Dawn of the Apes" or whatever. The kids (and I) fell asleep while D and Gaby watched the second movie. It was a fun time and can't wait to do it again! I wish Topeka still had one.
 It also had some old school play equipment. We got there early so we could hang out and play.
 We made it work... we started out with the back van seat folded down, but for the second movie we just took the seat out allowing for lots more snuggle and sleep room. Everyone was happy.

 As it got dark, they had a camera on the building showing all the people and kids dancing. My peeps joined in on the fun!

I might have a food addiction.... Shocker! They had the BEST funnel cakes. I ate hardly nothing so I could have some treats... it paid off!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Just a little post for Gaby!

Gaby has been on my mind lately. Not sure if it is because middle school is lurking around the corner, summer is going by waayyy to fast, or if it is the fact she is just growing up.

When I was in middle school, I started to become over weight. And I have battled my weight ever since. I wanted to talk with Gaby and just let her know my story growing up so she would not be following in my foot steps.

Gabs is an active girl... but she likes her computer games, like her dad. She loves soccer however that is not year round. So, tonight I challenged her to do a run every day for the rest of the summer. Then hopefully she could still do it once school starts. She was game. I talked about making good eating choices and told her we could do it together, as a family. Gaby liked the idea. Talking about her weight wasn't a huge deal, she isn't self conscious about it and what people think of her doesn't matter to her- really, where does she get that? 

I love this kid.

I love her outlook and her corky personality.

Tonight as we talked she was sorting her tee shirts and folding them. When I asked her, why are you doing this, she replied, you told me I was going to learn to do my own laundry. "Isn't tomorrow my laundry day?".  I had forgotten I had told her that- yet she remembered and was taking the first step.

No, She isn't perfect but man I wish I was a little more like her- (she is a lot like her dad in so many ways)

I want more nights like this when I sit on her bed, just talking. It was a great reminder to slow down and listen to her while she still wants to talk to me.

It was a nice time to see what a great girl she is and how mature she can be.

I knew at an early age Gaby would love big, like everyone, and be a great friend to those around her.

I always joke that we are test parenting with Gaby and we will get it right with the other four children. However, Gaby has made it easy to parent, that is for sure.

Tonight I was reminded, that she won't be under our roof forever, cherish the times we have, talk often, and listen more.

Just a little post for my Gaby-Goo. I love her so and I am happy for the talks we have and for the person she is growing up to be. Man, time could sure slow down, just a little. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Misc and our weekend in KC

 Saturday night, my sister in law, Amy and I took the older girls and my niece to see, "Jospesh and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat" at Starlite. Dustin and I were given 2 free tickets and went on Wednesday, I had a blast and we got cheap tickets for Gaby and Kadyn to go. It was a blast. Kadyn's first comment was, "mom, are all they going to do is sing?".

 Amy had 2 bicyclers however I never got to use them because Kk and Reese did...the entire show!

 (Out of order) Kadyn has been a champ reading almost every day of summer break. At night we had been reading together, out loud. However, I started her on a book independently. Two nights ago she finished her book and could tell me what each chapter was about. I am so excited for her. This is a huge step in the right direction. She is super close to being caught up and I hope she continues to make progress. Love this girl and her determination. She has had a great teacher and reading coach(s) that has made her want to work hard!!!

 Since Wednesday night, I can not get these songs out of my head. So, I downloaded the musical. Now I can jam to it anytime.

 We were in KC for my nephew's birthday party, it was at Comic Jump. Gaby had a blast there- they had dodge ball and basketball all on trampolines.
 Even Qman got in on the action...
 The birthday party.
 Quentin and the dodge ball pit.
Dustin stayed at my brother's house with Mia, Kendal, and Q while we were at the musical. When we got back, I saw the precious sight. 

Monday and Tuesday

 Getting ready for circle time... we put on a song, "say hello to our friends", and the kids know to go to the carpet and start signing! :)
 These two... are big trouble... :) Just that age, getting into everything, taking everything, throwing everything and get mad if you try to say "no".
 We have been talking about travel this week... so we made up a story. I thought it would be a lot more silly but the kids actually came up with every good logical answers.

 Working on our art... sometimes the big one wants to participate. It doesn't happen very often so I enjoy it when it does!

 Everyone was here by 8am today so we worked on our lessons, art, and stories and headed outside to enjoy this amazing weather we are having.

 Yesterday we made airplanes. They are soaring through our daycare room for a while. 
 Love this lil one. He always looks so big to me when sitting at the toddler table. Love his smile and laid back nature. He is so much like his daddy-which brings me such great joy.

 Put out some new summer themed center/file folder games... always fun to watch them on the first day that these are out.
 working hard on our letters- even though our summer care is more laid back, we try to keep the kids reviewing especially the ones going to school this year! 
We are making it a great day!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Everything is AWESOME!

 It is absolutely beautiful out this morning. We did our art super early so we could get outside and take advantage.

 Poor D... still working hard on our new play area. It's been a combo of not having a block of time to work on it and making adjustments for our hilly backyard. Today he is doing the wobbly bridge!
Can't wait to see it all together!!!

 My little non walker loves being outside. Love this face!
 Kids decorating the side walk. And Deck.
 A little more cuteness... So funny to watch these two together- sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not!
 Before the bus got moved upstairs... they looked a little sad.
 Chalk time.
 Playing. In a world of their own. I love their imagination.

"Waura... take our picture".