Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Daddy Cakes... Yummo!

Day 1 of vacation week was spent cleaning, doing daycare paperwork, taking care of Dustin (sick), and catching up on "the list".

Day 2 of vacation week was spent running around with my girls. Dustin worked a half day and is feeling better. So got out for a while...
We started out at Target. They had the "Valentine Glee" CD for 5.00 and it was released today. They also had some Christmas totes I needed for bulbs but were already out of those. After our run into Target we went for a special snack. Daddy Cakes.
I had heard about this bakery but never have been there. I also saw them on "Cupcake Wars" a few months ago. What a fun place to visit...

The girls outside of the shop...
The kids had a blast picking out their cupcakes... I could have gotten about 4 but limited myself to only 1.
Everyone had a different cupcake; KK had a white cupcake with sprinkles. Mia had a strawberry one with pink frosting. Gaby chose a death by chocolate one. And Kenni and I shared a carrot cake cup cake! They were all awesome! (Yes, we have 2 to go- it was for my mom and Dustin... not me)
They had several cool things for the kids... one being this mental wall with letters.

To top our morning off- we went to the car wash... the kids loved it, until I vacuumed the van out and Mia freaked out. But other then that- a fun morning had by all!!!

knock on wood...

that this momma has no more car drama!

To say that we have had car trouble, well... is just a plain understatement! We have been living a true car nightmare! And now I just I hope, pray, plead that we are on the upside of all of this mess as we know it! *knocking on wood*

It all started with Dustin's car. It was running pretty badly and had other symptoms that lead up to the diagnosis: heater core repair. He has done it before, it takes a lot of time, but is worth it to save on the labor costs. So while his car was in many many parts in our garage...

This van decided to play the "I don't want to work" game too. On the way home from working out, I pulled into the driveway, put it in gear and that was all she wrote.
Our family vehicle, one and only car that we can all fit into, was broke. The diagnosis: transmission. The van is still being paid off and is in really good shape. But, until we could get the funds for this repair...
We had to borrow this beauty! It really was a life savor. We had no way to get the kids to their activities or anything. We ended up using this for over a month because even when our van was fixed, Dustin's car was not...
which has lead to this... Dustin's new car. Well, not new, but new to us! After the heater core was fixed, Dustin's car ran great for a day or two. Then started having another problem. We finally took it in to get it looked at and the diagnosis: something with censors and a lot of money which is more then what the car is worth. It just so happened that a friend of mine was selling a car. One that has well maintained and has very low mileage. We ended up getting the car at a steal of a price and that is what lead us to this car.

2002 Dodge (something that starts with an N). We are excited and scared to welcome this car into our family and pray and hope that this will be the end to all of the car drama!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Morning...

Santa brought all the kids warm stocking hats/gloves/scarfs... (and jingle bells from the stockings) It was a fun few days as we celebrated Kendal's first Christmas, loved Mia's age as she ripped through her gifts with such excitement, and having older kids that are starting to understand what Christmas is really about.

Santa also brought some warm slipper socks and slippers for the girls. At this point, Mia has had too much Christmas!!! Late to bed, early to wake up... but so fun to watch this year!

Santa's main gift to G and K was their Pillow Pet. These have not left their sides since they had gotten them!

Christmas morning was great! Kendal woke up at 730am so Dustin went to get her a bottle. As he walked into the kitchen, he saw Gaby and Kadyn just sitting by the tree, very calmly, not messing with it, but talking about how Santa had come. What a cute moment!

This holiday season has been a challenge as Gaby has asked several times about Santa being real or not. I know she is at the age where some of her friends don't believe but it breaks my heart to think of her not thinking he is real. I always say what my mom said to me, "the year you don't believe in Santa is the year you don't get gifts from Santa". So, even to this year- I believe in Santa. I know she will figure it out, I know Christmas is not about Santa, but just for one more year, I hope to relive the surprise, excitement, and build up as Santa comes to our house! Just one more year!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas weekend!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Party...

Today we had our Christmas party. We had some good ol' friends come to visit for our party... here is our crew!

We played holiday hide and seek (which is no different from hide and seek) and can you see who the trouble maker is??? Yes, that would be my kid climbing on the couch doing what she not supposed to be doing.

Then we had some AWESOME treats... we had Christmas tree cookies, snowman cookies, cookies, rice krispies treat, white chocolate popcorn, carpi suns, and little hotdogs... we ate, ate, and ate some more! Then for lunch we had Pizza Hut... a fun treat!

Now to the important part- the gifts. We tried reading stories and doing a craft. They were not interested. So we skipped to the gifts and called it good! The babies went first!

Now the big kids... so very excited!

More snacks....

Showing off our gifts... the girls got dolls that you can change their outfits... and the boys got pirate ships or robot looking figure thing...

Lots of smiles today!

Lots of hugs and thank yous!!!

Lots of time spent getting all these stinkin' toys out of their boxes...

But so worth it... to see them play and have fun with their new toy!

Merry Christmas from the Peanut Gallery Daycare!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Our weekend...

seem to once again come and go. I really can not wrap my head around the fact that Christmas Eve (when my family comes over) is 4 days away. I always say, "where has December gone?".

This weekend was no slower then any other of our December days. Gaby had a Girl Scout meeting right after school. I baked cookies for one of their stations which was fun but an added "to-do". After her meeting, she had a ceremony at 5:30. We also had a Small Group Christmas party as well. So, Dustin stayed with the other kids, I ran to the school watched the ceremony, she got her badges, and we ducked out a little early.
We run home, threw the kids in the car, got our white elephant gift, and went on our way.
Let me back up. White Elephant gifts just scare me. I don't keep a lot of clutter or old junk around the house just because we have 7 people in a 4 bedroom house. So, the night before we ran to the flea market (again another experience I won't go into), and pick out this beauty! A 1992 hallmark ornament display that still would light up and the dog still chased around the house! AWESOME. So... here we are giggling and laughing about this display!
The kids all exchange 1.00 gifts, and they love it. Simple and fun! And yes, there are a lot of kids. On average, each couple has 3 kids, we are odd couple with 4.
Saturday was a day of running around as well. Kadyn had dance class, both kids had a birthday party to go to, then Gaby went with her grandpa to see "Annie". Since Gaby got to leave to do something fun, we took the other 3 to eat at Kadyn's favorite Mexican restaurant up the street. After we came home, we got cuddly and watched a movie. Out of the 3 of us, I fell sleep about 5 minutes after the movie started. It was fun to get some cuddle time in when I can.

Sunday was a stay at home day. We went to church, had lunch, played outside and relaxed. I think I relaxed a little too much because I left the house a mess for myself this morning. I never do that. I must be denial about working this week.
In fact, I know I am. Dustin is off Thursday (getting his car finally fixed) and Friday. And, I thought I was too. Bummer. I had already made plans for things to get picked up for Christmas Eve and running around. So, I will still be doing that just with some help of my sub. Kinda sucks to think you have that day then don't. But... it is still a short work week so I am looking forward to that!
Does anyone else have the problem of weekends going by way too fast or is it just me??? Hope you are looking forward to Christmas and have some time to relax too!

We have been busy today!

Today we started by "writing" a letter to Santa. They talked, I wrote. We sealed it our hand print so Santa would know who it was from.

It is funny- almost everyone said they had been good the entire year... hmmmm!
Then we colored a Christmas Star. We made it into a Christmas countdown. Each night the kids will remove a ring until they get to the star. When they get to the star, it will be Christmas.
We finished up our morning by making some peppermint brownies. We took turns crushing the candy canes, then we took turn making the brownies. Add the candy canes, bake, and serve. It is a win win situation, we have afternoon snack ready to go and my house smells like peppermints! Awesome!

Friday, December 17, 2010

lil bit of everything...

Gaby and Kadyn decorating Christmas cookies... (excuse the clutter in the background-read my next post and you'll see why it is there)

Kadyn loving the frosting!

After making one of my favorite crockpot meals... ham and beans, my crockpot died. That is just not okay! If you know me at all, you know I make at least 3 meals a week using this appliance! So, while picking up stuff for the never ending project list last night- I was able to pick up this gem at Walmart for 14.95! I am excited!!!

Today was a light day at daycare... we played house, dress up, and painted our nails. Something that just us girls would like doing!!!

projects, projects, and more projects!

It has taken a while, but I am finally embarrassing the holiday season. It is going to happen if I like it or not so I guess I will like it!

It about kills me that at night my kitchen turns into my project place. Everything I need to get done, finished, wrapped ect! Can we say Clutter???

Projects for this week:
Iron on Brownie patches
ribbon on candy canes
bake sugar cookies
put together postman/Jazz teachers gifts
Kendal's last gift- doddle pad
money/hats set out for hat day
Kadyn's dance teacher gift made and assembled

Luckily, after last night much of the projects have been crossed of the list! Yea for getting things done!
Kadyn's GS project...
Daycare goodie bags for their party Tuesday (still not assembled)
Gaby's GS projects

And this is why I take a week off after Christmas... so I can relax and have no more projects to do and enjoy my family! Ahhh!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

sneaking some outside play time in while we can...

My boys loved being outside.
My girls played for a while but were happy when it was time to go inside.
My little bundled up kids.

hitting a milestone...

October 4th
December 15th (forgot to take last week when I hit the milestone... )
20lbs in 2 months.

I did a mid week weigh in today and I am doing good- on track for the week. I am excited because last week Dustin and I spent our Olive Garden gift card and had a nice dinner. I saved points and ate power foods that morning so I was eating but not using a lot of points.
I went and got a shirt for 8.00 in a smaller size for our Christmas gatherings, I am so excited I was able to buy the smaller size again. I am getting close to where I was when I left off due to being preggers. The goal is in reach and I want it now more then ever. Last night I had my first of many holidays dinners/gatherings. I was excited, I ate what I wanted but I took the breading off the meat, ate the veggies first, had water with the meal and ate the mashed potatoes. It was a successful dinner. Now if I can only keep up the motivation. This week I have felt the need to snack more when I am not hungry. I have drank so much water and went through 3 packs a gum to help avoid the snacking. My holiday shirt was a pretty good boost that I needed!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reindeer time...

All of our cuteness ( a little out of order).

It's Reindeer Time!!!

Guess what we did today??? Yep.. sure did... we did it again... never gets boring... we painted our hands and feet to make the cutest Rodolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Everyone was able to sit on the table for art- which is a huge no-no- so we could paint their feet!

Fun times with paint... we moved on to our hands!