Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Morning...

Santa brought all the kids warm stocking hats/gloves/scarfs... (and jingle bells from the stockings) It was a fun few days as we celebrated Kendal's first Christmas, loved Mia's age as she ripped through her gifts with such excitement, and having older kids that are starting to understand what Christmas is really about.

Santa also brought some warm slipper socks and slippers for the girls. At this point, Mia has had too much Christmas!!! Late to bed, early to wake up... but so fun to watch this year!

Santa's main gift to G and K was their Pillow Pet. These have not left their sides since they had gotten them!

Christmas morning was great! Kendal woke up at 730am so Dustin went to get her a bottle. As he walked into the kitchen, he saw Gaby and Kadyn just sitting by the tree, very calmly, not messing with it, but talking about how Santa had come. What a cute moment!

This holiday season has been a challenge as Gaby has asked several times about Santa being real or not. I know she is at the age where some of her friends don't believe but it breaks my heart to think of her not thinking he is real. I always say what my mom said to me, "the year you don't believe in Santa is the year you don't get gifts from Santa". So, even to this year- I believe in Santa. I know she will figure it out, I know Christmas is not about Santa, but just for one more year, I hope to relive the surprise, excitement, and build up as Santa comes to our house! Just one more year!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas weekend!

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