Friday, July 27, 2012

Saying "Good Bye" for just a little while...

Today my heart is heavy. Well, that is a complete understatement. I am sad. A day has come that I never saw coming. Today is the last day for my peanut Ainsley. Her family is moving out of state and she will finish her last year before school at another preschool.

I never thought this day would be so hard. I have known Ainsley since she was in Jill's tummy. I remember Jill coming to pick up her son, Josh and we were playing outside by the swing-set. Jill asked me if I would have any openings for an infant. I was so excited for their family. Ainsley came into this world with a bang. And I have loved her since she was born.

I have had Josh since he was 2(ish). Meeting Josh was totally a God thing. One morning I heard a knock on the door. It was Jill. Her provider down the street was closed and hadn't given the dates to Jill. Jill needed to get to work, we became friends and shortly after I started watching Josh full time. I am thankful for the mishap that happened with Josh's other provider. It was the start of friendship and bond for me to this family.
My Josh... even though you have been in school now for 2 years, I have LOVED watching you on your days off. I have enjoyed watching you develop into a smart, loving, little young man. You are a great friend to my Kadyn. The bond you two have is one of no other. Kadyn loves you, we love you. I am excited to see where this journey will lead you. I can't wait to hear that you are starting hockey or some cool sport like that. I have always thought you and Kadyn would grow up and get married. But I have also realized you are more of a brother to her. I know she will have tears when you leave. But she is already selling things to earn money for her first trip to see you! You have always been a part of our family. Our sleepovers, spending the week with us, and just coming over to play. I will miss these times more then I can ever say. You were one of my first handful of peanuts that I started with. We love you Josh!

My Ainsley... I must say I am a little jealous of the teacher that will get to teach you this fall. I still am in shock that I do not have this last year with you. You will be great at your new school. You will make new friends and love being the new sassy girl. You have my heart. You have always been one of my own. Watching you grow up has made my heart happy. I can not express how much I have loved having you the past 4 years of your life. Your big hugs, always wanting to sit with me, and letting me fix your hair will always be memories I have with you. Mia and Kendal are going to miss you too- you are their sister as well. We love you Ainsley Marie. I know you will do big things at your new school. I am so proud of you.

Jill and Rob... Thank you for all of these years. Thank you for making these babies. And, thank you for your families friendship. From the bottom of my heart I will miss you, wish the best for you, and can't wait to see God's plan unfold for your family!
You guys have been a blessing to our family and daycare family! We love you!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

No A/C...

 Sunday after church we came home to a hot house. We have had some problems this summer with our unit however been lucky that it has broke on a week day. Sunday night we called the home warranty company and installed our two window units. Sunday night we had three out of the four peanuts on our bedroom floor sleeping.  The kids enjoyed sleeping in our room.

 Yesterday we had the repair people out. They were awesome and came first thing that morning. We were so thankful. After about an hour and trying a couple of things, the repair man declared our central air dead. Good news is the home warranty is covering our repairs, bad news is we have to wait until the warranty company mails the parts to the repair man.

Praises that the hottest part of the day happens at the very end of the daycare day. We are able to keep things somewhat not horrible hot. After finding out it could be up to a week without our unit, we decided to purchase a portable unit to help cool the living room/dining room/kitchen area. After Dustin spent all afternoon and evening getting this thing set up we felt no difference in the room temperature. This unit was a huge investment and we ended up taking it back early this morning.

This morning Dustin and I were super bummed. My poor hubby has done everything in his power the last two days to keep everyone comfortable and cool. We both woke up on edge as we hoped and prayed the store would take back this portable unit and we could find a window unit powerful enough to cool our space for our daycare children. I mean really, what did we do before AC?
 Dustin's creative set up to vent out the portable unit... such a disappointment...
Our last hope... the store took back the other unit and we bought this one. Dustin is trying to instal it as I blog right now. It will be a tight fit and I am praying that it will work and we can adjust our budget for this purchase.

What's the big deal really? It wouldn't be that bad not to have AC for a week. Why I agree. I don't care if I sweat or am hot. But I could tell our peanuts were on edge last night as the house peaked in hottest as I baked our dinner for only ten minutes. And while Dustin and I don't mind waiting it out, we have to make sure daycare kids are comfortable. We have temperature guidelines and I won't compromise their safety. So... there is our ac drama for the week. I am signing off to see how Dustin's progress is... say a little prayer! ;)

Beatin' the heat...

 Because the AC won't be fixed this week we are doing what we can to make the house cool and the kids' week a fun one. Yesterday, we moved our table into Kendal's room that had a small room unit in it. We did art, centers, and circle time in the cool room. The kids thought it was fun to do their "work" in a different place.
 The backyard is mostly shaded which is awesome on these hot days.  We played in the water all morning long. We started out with the slip and slide.

 Then we refilled just the pool...
 And had the sprinkler going...
 My little A was a muddy mess when she came in.
 We hosed off before coming inside. The kids played from 930ish to after 11 in the water.
While I was fixing lunch, the kids came into our room which has the other small ac unit. They cooled off and watch scooby doo. One of the peanuts claimed, "best day ever". That made my day since this week has started off to be a challenging one.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Photo of the day...

L is enjoying time to himself this morning as he uses the art center to come up with some cool creations.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Busy little peanuts

 This morning we started out working on our journals. The peanuts did them first thing so we wouldn't forget about them.
 Our fishing project. We are wrapping up our "going fishing" theme today. The kids are happy to what is in store for tomorrows activities.
 We colored our fish and added shiny stickers for the scales. We also read, "Rainbow Fish" at circle time.
 Our final project this morning. They made lily pads.
 Kadyn up and ready for Back to Nature Camp at Gage Park. She had a wonderful time yesterday and was happy to back.
 Gaby ready for Starbase Camp. She came home very excited to talk about her tour on a "real" plane.
 L working hard this morning. Taking some time to review letters, shapes, and numbers.
Little K in her "spot" by the couch. She takes whatever toy she wants to play with and sits in her area during free play.

Monday, July 16, 2012

just a few random thoughts

Yesterday was a crazy day. It was one I would not like to repeat- I was on the verge of tears all day. I don't know why, well, I do know why. It was just little things nagging at me. (Computers at church not working, the hallway by nursery being so flippin' hot, trying to work in a Jazz class, getting kids ready for camp ect ) However, I am grateful I got my workout in and my trip to walmart completed. I felt better after tackling these two things. The night ended watching one of my favorite tv shows with Dustin. I am glad today is a new day. I can't wait to see what the day holds.

Gaby is going to space camp this week. I might be more excited then she is. It is located at Forbes Field and appears to be a very cool program for older kids. I can't wait to have her back and see how her day was. She has a couple of friends from church attending this week and I hope she makes a few new friends too.

Kadyn is going to camp this week as well. She is attending Back to Nature camp at Gage Park. She is going with her best friend and she couldn't be more excited. Kadyn's friend is moving in two weeks. She realizes this is happening and really wanted this time to be with him. She is already planning her first trip to visit after he is gone. He has been a good friend to her and I am grateful she has had this relationship in her life.

Dustin is still tackling the house. I have much admiration for this man. Not because I love him and he is my hubby, and I think he is kinda cute but for his hard work and determination. Our house is going to look great when it is done. What seemed like a simple project has moved onto being a summer project. He has never given up, been in a bad mood, or asked to have it done by professionals. He has repaired and replaced over half of our siding, repaired windows, primed and scrapped trim, and now has started the painting process. He has worked long hours during the hottest parts of the day so we can have a nice looking house. For this, I am so beyond grateful for my husband, who takes everything he does, and give 110%.

I am trying to earn a Jazzercise shirt this summer. My partner and I have to attend 60 classes between June and July. We are very close. We started late but have really made up for it. I am praying they still have shirts left when we complete the challenge. It has been a good motivator to go when I really want to stay home. If we both attend this week, we should have it by Saturday, I think. I am excited.

I haven't weighed in since July 1st. I am giving up on the scale controlling how I eat and exercise.  I will weigh in on the 1st each month. I am keeping my food records using my fitness pal (logged for for over 20 days now...yippy) and working out 6 days a week. I am keeping it simple, doing what I love to do, and not worrying about my scale every week.

I am happy for having lots of chewing gum today. We had a training and I have the left over chips and m&m's in my house. Because I have the gum, I am not tempted to be in the kitchen snacking on the yucky stuff. Luckily after lunch the chips will be gone (kids can have them).

I am already looking ahead to fall. I had my meltdown as our family calendar looks so full already. The kids have always done one activity and then our church activities. By always being on the run during the school year we have not focused on our children and their education/homework as we should have. I have great guilt over this and realize we have to change our pattern or our kids will suffer. We need a more structure evening time so reading out loud, practicing math facts ect don't get put off to the last minute or forgotten. While Kadyn was in tutoring this summer we learned some things about her. She can read, she understands what she is reading however she does not retain what she is doing. To overcome this we need to be working with her non stop. She isn't too far behind on her reading skills however I don't want her to go into the 2nd grade at a disadvantage.

Knowing we needed some more time at home we chose to back out of our small group. We have made some awesome friends and it was  tough choice for us to make. This will ensure our family to be home by 6:00pm every Tuesday. Plus it opens a spot for another young couple to have some of the experiences we have had through this group.

I am also looking for a co-director for our church Cubbie group. I love our Awana ministry. Every week going to see 80+ preschoolers learn about Jesus, worship, and listen to God's truth is a very humbling experience. But to do it well and maintain their attention for the evening, it takes planning and time. I am praying the right person will come to the program to help share the load.

We just received the district school calendar for the 2012-2013 school year. Really? Am I old enough to have a 5th grader, 2nd grader, and a preschooler all at the same school? I am just shaking my head at the fact that Gaby has only 2 more years at her current school. The day she enters middle school I guarantee you I will be a hot mess. Consider yourself warned... you have two years to plan not to be in contact with me that day.

I have been reading a lot lately. So much that some of my household chores were not getting done on top of summer laziness. So I made myself a deal that I couldn't read until I completed my chores and lists first. I need to keep focus sometimes. 

I am happy for my few minutes before everyone wakes up so I can blog, ramble, share my thoughts... whatever this is. It's time to get the kids' lunch packed and start a week of camps.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

CPR time...

 It was time to get a little training done... the awesome nursery staff spent entire day working on their CPR and First Aid training. It went by fast but I know we would all rather be doing something then training on a Saturday. Some of the staff volunteering. 
 Dustin came too. Since he fills in at our home daycare, Dustin needed the training too. I tell ya, an entire day without kids and we spend it together at CPR/First Aid. Do we know how to party or what/ Actually, I was glad he was there- it's nice to have someone to chat with and make jokes to.

 Getting our mouth to mouth on...
 I love how A is paying such great attention, unlike me who is taking pictures.

 Awe, training is so much fun!
A huge thanks to all these gals who spent their Saturday with me. I love getting to work with a great group of woman who love our babies at the church nursery!

Chuck E Cheese

 Last week we made plans with my mom and dad to go to, "Rockets", also know as the Pad. We found out that they are closed on Sunday's. The kids came up with a plan to ask Grammy and Papa to go to CEC instead. So, that is we were went after church today.

 When we first got there Kendal was in "Awe". She just stood in the booth looking at everything. After we ate Dustin finally got her to come with him and play some games. She really got into pushing the buttons on "Deal or No Deal".
 My dad and Mia. Mia was so excited that she won some tickets. This was our first trip that she was allowed to roam on her own. She was only allowed 2 tokens at a time so she would check back often with Grammy. It wasn't crowed at all so I felt she would be okay. She followed our instructions and had a fun time. 
 Gaby and her mound of tickets. She is coming a really skilled player in Ski Ball. That of course is one of my favorites as well. I am proud to say she has received her mad ski ball talent from me! :)
 Dustin and his girls...
 Kenni was so happy when she won a bunch of tickets from a fishing game. She walked around with her tickets not letting them go for anything. This kid was adorable to watch. Kendal has only been there a handful of times.

I love Kendal's face. Kadyn and Dustin figuring out the game. After we knew what to do the kids received a lot of tickets from this game.

Check E Cheese is never on my top 10 list of fun places to go but we had a nice time today. It was a laid back, not crowed, enjoyable time with my mom, dad, and my family.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Our water play day...

After we built forts, watched our movie, and did circle time we finally got to have have our water play. We didn't get the slip and slide out but we used the rain instead. The kids had a great time outside!

Randoms from our week...

 Today we were supposed to do water play... of course it decided to rain. So we made it a movie day instead and made forts.
 We had a great time...
 This morning when getting up and ready D had his phone and Kenni had her Leap Pad. It was a cute shot.
 Now we are finally getting to the painting part of our huge house project. This boy has been working hard to repair/replace the siding, repair and fix windows, and prime. Today was supposed to be the big paint day. But it rained. So, he is cleaning out the garage instead.
 Our new slip and slide. It wore the kids out which I was grateful for since I was ready for an early bed time the day we got this out.
Kenni in time out. She gets this face when she gets in trouble. It makes me laugh.