Friday, July 13, 2012

Randoms from our week...

 Today we were supposed to do water play... of course it decided to rain. So we made it a movie day instead and made forts.
 We had a great time...
 This morning when getting up and ready D had his phone and Kenni had her Leap Pad. It was a cute shot.
 Now we are finally getting to the painting part of our huge house project. This boy has been working hard to repair/replace the siding, repair and fix windows, and prime. Today was supposed to be the big paint day. But it rained. So, he is cleaning out the garage instead.
 Our new slip and slide. It wore the kids out which I was grateful for since I was ready for an early bed time the day we got this out.
Kenni in time out. She gets this face when she gets in trouble. It makes me laugh.

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