Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Going fishing... and our morning.

 My little A playing. She is my youngest peanut but thinks she is grown. She loves doing what the older peanuts are doing.
 My kids are in a "play doctor" mode. If we are playing inside, they are play doctor. Just listening to everything they say is awesome- they have such imaginations.
 The older kids love computer time. We are taking turns and have loaded some educational games for them to use. It's a nice break for them and they get some alone time.
 Today I had a helper during circle time. Dustin was working on the windows in Kenni's room which is where our daycare classroom is. So, we made do with what we had and did our story time out in the living room. Gaby read or story and asked our questions. It was nice to have her help today.
To stay with our "going fishing" theme, today we made night crawlers. We talked about going fishing and what we would need to take with us. We would need bait. Today we made bait!

Thanks for checking in!!!!

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