Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chuck E Cheese

 Last week we made plans with my mom and dad to go to, "Rockets", also know as the Pad. We found out that they are closed on Sunday's. The kids came up with a plan to ask Grammy and Papa to go to CEC instead. So, that is we were went after church today.

 When we first got there Kendal was in "Awe". She just stood in the booth looking at everything. After we ate Dustin finally got her to come with him and play some games. She really got into pushing the buttons on "Deal or No Deal".
 My dad and Mia. Mia was so excited that she won some tickets. This was our first trip that she was allowed to roam on her own. She was only allowed 2 tokens at a time so she would check back often with Grammy. It wasn't crowed at all so I felt she would be okay. She followed our instructions and had a fun time. 
 Gaby and her mound of tickets. She is coming a really skilled player in Ski Ball. That of course is one of my favorites as well. I am proud to say she has received her mad ski ball talent from me! :)
 Dustin and his girls...
 Kenni was so happy when she won a bunch of tickets from a fishing game. She walked around with her tickets not letting them go for anything. This kid was adorable to watch. Kendal has only been there a handful of times.

I love Kendal's face. Kadyn and Dustin figuring out the game. After we knew what to do the kids received a lot of tickets from this game.

Check E Cheese is never on my top 10 list of fun places to go but we had a nice time today. It was a laid back, not crowed, enjoyable time with my mom, dad, and my family.

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