Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If you like it you better put a ring on it...

I am so excited to announce I am married again...
Okay, I have always been married but since month 3 of being preggers with Mia I haven't been able to get my diamond on my ring finger. Even with weight loss my gold band is the only thing I can wear... up until today, that is! I tried it on and it fits. I am complete again! Woot, woot!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

mia starts to talk....

If you give a Moose a Muffin....

This week we are picking one of our all times favorite books and doing our daily lessons from it. Today's pick was "If you give a moose a muffin" by Laura Joffee Numeroff. I just love her books! Today we made muffins as our group project. We also took the muffin pans and sorted buttons by colors. And, to end our learning time, we acted out the book by pretending to pick blackberries, getting a sheet washed, sewing a button on a sweater...

My muffin makers in action...

The little ones had their time at the table after the older ones were finished. As the older group were stirring I peeked out to see Lil A on the chair "reading" our theme book.
Other books we will discuss this week are: Chicka chica boom boom, Brown bear brown bear what do you see, and if you take a mouse to school. Check back to see our fun, educational, daily activities!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My rockin' pork recipe!

So, I am kinda a recipe nut! I love watching Food Network, using their website, and trying 1-2 new recipes a week. The recipe I used before is "Tangy Pork Sandwiches with Spicy Slaw" by Sandra Lee. (you can go to www.foodnetwork.com and search for this title) There are several ingredients I personally don't care for but use just to create the flavor. The main reason(s) I like this recipe is a) you throw the pork loin in the slow cooker, b) it's pork so it is healthier for ya! Even though I liked the original recipe, I didn't have everything so I made do with what I had and added some "spice"to it... so here is the rocking pork loin recipe that I made tonight! If you make it, let me know what you think of it.

1 pork loin patted dry
salt and pepper
1/2 cup of yellow mustard
1 cup of chicken broth
1 cup of BBQ sauce
1 juice of lime (I use the lime juice bottle and do a couple squirts)
worcestershire sauce (3-5 dashes)
chipole peppers in adboe sauce (3-5 peppers)

Season pork with salt and pepper and place in slow cooker, put 3-5 dashes of worcestershire sauce on pork.. In a bowl, mix together BBQ sauce, yellow mustard, chicken broth, lime juice. Poor mixture on top of pork. Place peppers on top of pork. I do not like peppers but still used them for flavor- it really makes the pork full of flavor! Cover and cook on low for 6- 8 hours. Remove pork and let it rest for 10 minutes!

Enjoy! Try it and let me know what you think... One large pork loin fed 6 people in my family and we still had 1/4 left over!

looking for anwers

So, here to the right is our darling angel baby Mia. Mia is 7 months old and still is not sleeping through the night! I am looking for some answers. When Gaby was an infant she slept with us so when we woke up during the night it was easy to feed her, comfort her and get her back to sleep. When K was an infant, she slept through the night day 2 of bringing her home. And, now there is Mia. She will be dead tired at 8:30 pm, has a full belly, and goes down super easy. However she'll wake up 2 -3 x a night to eat, at least that is what we do to get her back to sleep. I need to get her on a better sleep routine... I allow her to wake up whatever time in the AM since daycare is sorta crazy until about 8am. But most days she still wants a AM nap, longer afternoon nap, and then a short PM nap. I am up for suggestions on how to get her to sleep during the night. I am so not a perfect parent that knows all of the answers. Only thing I don't like doing is letting her cry for more then 10 minutes or so. I think she still too young for this method... let me know your thoughts!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our SpringTheme....

This week we are theme is Spring. Even though today was not the picture perfect spring day, it was still nice to get outside and do some spring activities such as gardening.
Our day started with an art project... we made spring flowers from pipe cleaners and and an egg cartoon. The kids enjoyed painting the "flowers". I even had one child tell me, "wow...these flowers really smell like real ones". It made me laugh! Above is Kadyn and lil' K painting with lil A waiting for her turn. Even my one year olds did a great job on this project!

Our next step was growing some grass. Each kid got their own pot, garden toys, and dirt. They followed instructions very well and made this time last for what seemed like forever...but they enjoyed it. We then planted our grass seeds and the watered them. Now, we just have to wait!

My proud lil' gardeners...

Even my younger group had a blast... most of their time was less educational due to being on crowd control..."don't throw the dirt, don't eat the dirt, don't put dirt in your friends' hair" ect.

my $4.00 pair...

Okay, so I am just gonna come out and say it! I have never been one to spend lots of money on my underwear. No one gets to see it, so who cares how much it costs? I love bras but as long as I have a simple pair of undies to match, I am okay with buying Hanes or whatever.
Well, last week I had a good weigh in and found out I made the "biggest loser" for Jazzercise last week. I thought that needed to be celebrated. So, I bought new underwear... one size smaller and a cute bra to match! And, because it was such a treat... I paid $4.00 for the underwear at Target! Because it made me so happy to have such a cute pair of lacy undies, that will continue to be my reward until I reach my "big goal". And, you will all know when that happens since I will then add a tattoo to my foot!!! =) Anyway, enjoy the yet again personal blog entry!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

our road trip...day two!

Day two started at the Zoo. We had a blast! We got to see more animals then our zoo, had great weather, and the kids did a great job even though it was a long day!

Kadyn and her "mengo's"! She is in love with flamingos and the entire week before the trip she kept asking if we would see them. When we first walked in, the flamingos were the first thing you saw. Kadyn starts running over to them while clapping and yelling, "yeah mengos". It was funny to see her excitement!

Mia and her size penguin.

The zoo had a huge "Jungle" which is somewhat like our Rainforset in regards to the smell...yuck! This place was huge and had the coolest animals...bats, sting rays, dozens of birds, waterfalls, aquarium. It was just an awesome place...nesides the smell, did I mention it sucked?
Dustin caught Kadyn through the trees, a cute picture of her!

Dustin, Gaby and Kadyn on the back side of the waterfall!

On the way out we spent some time at the Feeding Zoo. It was really a neat experience. They had goats, sheep, chicken, African Cow thing, and camels. Gaby jumped right in to feed the animals but Kadyn was a different story. She wouldn't walk, touch, or feed them. The goats would jump up on the food machines and just lick your hands until you gave them food. One goat knew where the food came from, as Dustin was getting food out of the machine he felt wet, slimmy goo in the food drop of part. I laughed, Dusttin washed his hands a billion times.
We had a great end to our break. After our trip to the zoo, we took our time getting home stopping in Emporia to eat. It was a fun time to get away, spend time as a family, and see some new things! However, I am not a traveler.... one night away for me was enough.

our road trip...day one!

During Spring Break, Dustin and I loaded up the kids and my mom and headed to Wichita. We only stayed Friday and Saturday but our time away was jammed full of activities and fun! Our first stop Friday afternoon was the Uptown Theater. We saw the Children production of Cinderella.
Above is Mia and I waiting for the doors to open!

At the theater, they had an all you can eat buffet. The menu was designed for the kids... nuggets, fries, fish sticks and hot dogs. I wasn't a huge fan, it was a meal G and K loved!

As we left, the actors from the show signed autographs and took pictures. G and K are with Cinderella and her Prince!

Later that afternoon, we checked into our hotel. Within minutes the kids were changed and ready to hit the pool. We were swimming most of the afternoon, took a break for dinner, then swimming again! Gaby and KK had a blast!
Gaby is a great swimmer- she was all over the pool!

My lil' swimmer below... this was Mia's first time in a big pool. she had fun kicking her feet and spiting in the water. Cute swimsuit... huh??? (Thanks Courtney)
Proud daddy holding the Mia!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lil' Mia is 7mo. old....

Where does the time go? I don't understand how one week can seem like forever but 7mo. can pass in a blink of an eye! My littlest Mia is 7 month old. She has changed a lot in the past few days. She is becoming a little more independent, starting to play in toys more, and her personality continues to grow bold. Her laugh is contagious, once she starts you are laughing with her. Her eyes are bright as ever and have a sparkle to them.
Above: We were outside on Monday (3/16/09) playing and this is her first time in the jumping toy. She loved it. She would bounce, bounce, bounce and giggle, giggle, giggle.

Mia is sitting upon her own...almost. She still does the lean but can sit 30 seconds at a time.
Above: She was all dolled up for church Sunday. She looked so cute and was full of smiles.

Mia continues to love baby food. We recently started giving her teething biscuits while we are cooking dinner to help keep her entertained and happy! Mia is eating #2 foods and still 4 oz at a feeding... lil' girl I guess! She loves to hold her own bottle now when it is meal time.

Below: Mia is just now big enough to really enjoy the exersaucer we have. She can finally touch the ground when in the toy. She is exploring the noise makers and bright toys that surround her. She smiles as she makes them move.
Mia is overall a momma's girl (which I don't mind), an expressive baby, and a cuddle bug. I guess I hope these qualities never change.

St. Patty's Day Parade...

Dustin loaded up Gaby and Kadyn and took them downtown to watch the parade yesterday! This was their first time to go and they did very well during the 2 hour parade.

During the parade, K took a break to eat her candy. She was very excited about getting candy and the beads, the paper advertisements not so much!

Gaby is ready to go... They stood in from of the bank that was passing out bags for the kids.
Gaby took her own digital camera too- it is sad to say some of her pictures turned out better then Dustin's. Shhh!

The most exciting part of the parade was when the kids saw "Batman" driving his Batmobile. It was a fun story coming from Kadyn.
They had a great time with Dustin, watching the parade, and of course getting candy!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Today we decorated hats. It has nothing to do with our theme but something fun to do this morning. I had a light load this AM and we used up supplies I already had. The girls had a fun time helping me peel the stickers off and then placing them on their hats. Lil' K was upset when we took it off at nap time.

C is decorating his paper with "Cars" stickers. (We did the hats early that morning) I know C loves "Cars" so I saved them for him. He kept driving his paper around saying, "Look Laura I have Cars".

Besides that, we had a fun free day. The little ones played well, we read a few books, and completed our hats! Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"I'm not worrying about it, I am praying about it"

My grandmother is 92 (I think) years old. Up until she moved to Kansas City, I saw her 3-4x a week. Now because of the move, I see her once very couple of months. But we still get to talk. I had been trying to get a hold of her by phone for a couple of weeks now. She is never at home since she is doing things with her friends, getting her hair done, or doing some "old person" activity the Towers have to offer. I am grateful she is this active but sad I don't get to see her very often.

Today has been an emotional day... I woke up with a headache, been teary, and worried. This is our first month to have to pay our bills and expenses without the help of Dustin's check. I called my grandma to talk to her. At her age, I have to repeat my side of the conversation several times, but I don't mind, it makes me smile. I have always claimed that my grandma had a hot line to God's ear. Her faith is just that strong. I have often admired her faith and walk with God. Even though Grandma isn't remembering things as she used to, she has a certain gift to relate and comfort people in a time of need! During our conversation I told her about D and loosing his job. This topic bared no repeating or forgetting on her part. She was strong even though I was crying. Her words were uplifting and supporting in a new way that I hadn't heard from my friends and family. Of course, doing the Grandma thing, she offered money, which I respectfully declined, and then asked how "I" was doing. With my strongest attempt I tried to answer without tearing up again! To which she replied, "Oh that good"... again Grandma's words can always make me laugh! After we talked awhile and assured her we were doing okay and our call ended. I left feeling better then when we had started.

A few minutes later the phone rang and it my Grandma. I was shocked...1) she knew my number (again not remembering things so well) and 2) she was calling long distance! She called to ask again about money, the girls, and making sure we were covered. This time around I was smiling and again reassuring her everything was going to be alright. I told her, "Grandma, I don't want you to worry about it" and her reply was, "I'm not worrying about it, I am praying about it".

Her words just lingered on the phone as we both paused. What a thing to say, without missing a beat in our conversation. I told her that is what I needed the most and I was glad she was on my side (again the hot line to God thing coming to play).

I thought I would share that with everyone as it meant a lot to me on a day that I needed it the most! What a special lady I have in my life! And knowing her, she might not even remember saying that in a few hours, but I will!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

That green holiday!

This week we have been talking about "that green holiday???" called St, Patrick's Day. Yesterday we paint Shamrocks using rocks in a container. K really got into shaking the container as fast as she could.

Lil' A is showing off her Shamrock...she is all smiles until I get the camera out, then it is business!

Lil' K took a few minutes to start shaking the rocks around but once she started she was upset when we were finished!

Today my big kids made green cereal necklaces. They sat for almost 45 minutes stringing the yarn. I was impressed! The little ones sat next to me as I strung the cereal, they helped me push it down the yarn or try to eat it- it was a toss up!

Showing off their hard work!

I told K we were going to work on a project and she replied, "for that green holiday coming up?".

My little ones with their half eaten necklaces... oh well, it isn't the end product that counts but the process/practice that matters!

Monday, March 9, 2009

My sisterhood of the traveling tattoos...

(back row left to right) Dawn, Laura R., Brandy
(bottom row left to right) Laine, Laura F., Lisa, Allison
This is my sisterhood of the traveling tattoos... we are connected as mom's, wife's, daughter's, and sunflower tattoo's. Before our dear friend Allison moved away, we all went to Fine Line tattoos and had sunflowers inked on. This weekend was all about us. Allison came back to Topeka for a birthday weekend visit! The day started in KC with getting A from the airport and lunch. With Mia being so little and teething, I opted out for the day trip to KC. The girls had such a fun time at the Plaza! (See Dawn's blog soon for details) After everyone returned safe and sound Laine and I went to Lisa's house so the Slumber Party could start!

Us ladies are are bras... we like to lift each other up and support no matter what! That is what we do best!

We made tee shirts to document our party... we all signed our shirts with "camp" nicknames. I have always been "Baby Momma"

Here is Allison showing off her "guns"! As she said, "take a picture of these, I worked hard for them".

As the night progressed the sillier we got. I am tattooing Lisa's stomach with a big smiley face. And, no... I wasn't drinking! To many WW points!

All of us brought yummy treats to snack on... we had chips, dips, sweets, chocolate, strawberries...it was all Yumm-o!

The next day we met up and saw the cutest chick flick..."confessions of a shopaholic". This was taken in the bathroom at the movie theater as we all had to go after the movie was over.

After the movie was over we hit our favorite restaurant, On the Border (aka Lime's given by Gaby). We have this table in the corner that is our seat. Every time I have been there with the girls, we have sat there. Just luck or was this table made for us???
These ladies are the best friend that anyone could ask for. Each one has a unique personality that makes us close! We all have something we bring to our group! God has placed these ladies in my heart for a reason, and I love them all for that!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Another great weather day leads to another great morning of outside play! We have spent a lot of time outside. I try to bring activities, circle time, and music out to direct their play somewhat but today we just played. Friday's are our free day/ movie day anyway so there was no circle time, no songs, and no calendar...just nature! And, boy did we love it! Here are some fun pictures from being outside!

A loves to walk around and explore...doesn't climb a lot yet!

C has his Cars sunglasses on outside, he actually told me to take his picture with his glasses on!

The newly formed "Boys Club".

Lil K is starting to play and climb more and more. Right now her favorite seems to the Clubhouse! She loves opening and shuting the door!