Friday, September 27, 2013

2013-14 school pictures...

 Quentin Neal...4mo
 Kendal Lynn...3.5 years old (pre-K)
 Mia Rose...5 years old (Kindergarten)
 Kadyn Denise...8 years old (3rd grade)
Gabrielle Renee...11 years old (6th grade)

Science is a Blast...

 This morning I went with Kadyn to her 3rd grade field trip. I have lived in Topeka all my life and have never seen or heard of, Forrest Park. It is located at 3158 SE 10th. They have a really neat retreat/camping type environment, it was perfect place for our morning.

Here is Kadyn and her good buddy, Jacob. 

 The main time was spent with guest speaker, Jake Jacobs, the chef scientist for the Discovery Channel. He worked for the show, Myth Busters, writing their experiments that the show performed.

 He did several experiments including smoke, balloons, predicting, and then ended with a fun explosion.
 After he was finished speaking, the kids broke into groups to make oil and water bottles.

 Then they added gas tablets to their bottles to make, "lave lamps".
 My air tight kiddo...
And Mrs. H being a great sport and trying it out too.

It was a beautiful day to spend with Kadyn and her friends. I am so glad I was able to be a part of her morning.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Kendal and her outfit for preschool... there are battles I choose not to fight! This is one of them. She is drumming to her own beat today.

Happy Tuesday!

My little man...

 Here is Baby Q less then a month old...
 4 months old... I started cleaning out all of Quentin's 0-3month summer clothing. It was a lot harder then I thought. I am not sure if it because he is my last baby, my only son, or a little of both. I know we are not having any more children ( we fixed Dustin), however I think it is now a reality that I will never have these "baby stages" again. I never imagined I would be this emotional over Quentin growing up!

He is such a pleasant baby. He goes with the flow, is used to our home being loud, and doesn't mind all the older kids holding him all the time. He sits in my lap to watch soccer games on Saturday, he gets carried around at dance while the girls have class, and I hold him while he sleeps during daycare nap time since I know how fast this time really goes.

 He is such a happy little guy. This month we have discovered this most precious little voice, his big smile, and contagious laugh. One year ago I could not imagine him in my life and now I can't imagine life without. There is certainly something special about this little guy!

 His little lips. I love his expressions we are starting to see. Smiles, frowns, and confused looks...
His little lips get kissed on a lot. Quentin will always know he is loved!

 During our nap time snuggles and late night bedtime hugs, Q-man grabs my shirt. He always rubs his hand over the edge and grabs it- then he leaves it there while he sleeps. It must be comforting to him.

 Happy 4 months Quentin Neal... you are really are awesome!!!

My little Q-man, our growing peanut, our son...

Monday, September 9, 2013


 Working on our Letter of the Week writing page. The letter B seemed to be super tough for my preschoolers. So, we will do some more work on it later this week. No biggie.
 Starting to work on grip of crayons, markers and small pencils.
 Working hard... even thought we split up into small groups, writing time is not the most favorite time of the morning, I totally get that!
 Playing as others are working...

 Today we decided to be silly- the kids play "school" all the time, so today I let the kids take turns and be the teacher during circle time. They thought it was super cool, and they know the routine pretty well!
 Switching teachers...
Playing with trains... I have never seen a toy consume all the kids for so long. They had a great time building a train track around the room. And, they actually got along, bonus!

Happy Monday y'all!


 Outside fun... our house from the front is now in the back.
 The pit crew working in the car...
Our growing cards....