Friday, September 27, 2013

Science is a Blast...

 This morning I went with Kadyn to her 3rd grade field trip. I have lived in Topeka all my life and have never seen or heard of, Forrest Park. It is located at 3158 SE 10th. They have a really neat retreat/camping type environment, it was perfect place for our morning.

Here is Kadyn and her good buddy, Jacob. 

 The main time was spent with guest speaker, Jake Jacobs, the chef scientist for the Discovery Channel. He worked for the show, Myth Busters, writing their experiments that the show performed.

 He did several experiments including smoke, balloons, predicting, and then ended with a fun explosion.
 After he was finished speaking, the kids broke into groups to make oil and water bottles.

 Then they added gas tablets to their bottles to make, "lave lamps".
 My air tight kiddo...
And Mrs. H being a great sport and trying it out too.

It was a beautiful day to spend with Kadyn and her friends. I am so glad I was able to be a part of her morning.

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