Monday, February 27, 2012

3 little bears...

Today the kids drew their very own "3 Little Bears"...

I thought they did a good job...

In our drama corner we had teddy bears to play with...

We even made some "Jam" for our snack....

Lots of helpers in the kitchen...

It was a beary good day!

Beary Cute art...

Friday was another awesome winter day... I really wish every Kansas winter was like this one.
We started our morning outside.

We read, "Goldilocks and the Three Bears". Then made "bear"y cute bookmarks. We used our thumb and finger prints to make paw prints.

Then we added some cute bear stickers to finish it off.

Friday, February 24, 2012

T is for yeddy bear, treats, and Thursday...

Instead of doing letter bags this week, each peanut brought a teddy bear to daycare and a special treat to share, and it was on Thursday which was another "T" thing.

The peanuts started out coloring their teddy bear pictures for art.

Our next craft was stuffing a paper bear- this turned out too cute!

Kids worked really hard- except this peanut who crumbled hers. :)

After they stuffed... they laced!

Our stuffed paper bears

For our afternoon snack we had different treats for us and our teddy bears...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nurse at the Dr. office: How many sisters do you have?
Mia: (hold up 2 fingers) I have two sisters... and Kendal!

Mia's 2nd hair cut ever...

This was Mia's first hair cut...18 months old. Just getting some bangs. At first she wasn't to sure of the idea.

Now she is doing better... this was the last time she had her hair cut.

Now she is 3 1/2 years old... Look how long her hair has gotten.

She did a great job... just got it trimmed up and shaped up.

Still has her long hair, just a little more healthier now...

Beautiful kid!!!!

How gross is this???

Can you guess what this is???

As many hours a week I spend cleaning, I can not believe this went so long without cleaning... it's so totally gross! I am still in awe of the grossness...

that would be on the ceiling fan in our bedroom!!!


It's sucky day...

get it??? They all have suckers??

T is for Teddy Bear...

This week we are talking about Teddy Bears... which is perfect since our letter of the week is T. (Didn't even plan that)

Today we read the cutest story, " Who's been eating my porridge?". It takes you on a search for the porridge monster... on the journey you run into Jack, Little Red Riding Hood, Ms Muffit, and others. Totally a cute read to check out.

Doing the actions to "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear".

We also read the story, "Going on a Book Hunt". While I was fixing lunch, the kids went on a book hunt to find a book that was "just right".

And a random cute baby shot. A isn't wanting to hang with us at story time yet but she loves music time and the lap top toy!

Monday, February 20, 2012

My running shoes...

Today was a good night for the gym...
I didn't want to go but I was glad I did.

I ran 24 minutes without stopping... I stopped at 2miles... walked 1/2 half then ran to 3.
My goal by next Monday is to run 3 miles without stopping... again!

It was a good run. I had a lot on my mind.
I seem to work out better when I am thinking and trying to solve the worlds problems.
It's my time... my time to push myself, get a clear head and just keep running.

The first 1/2 mile is the toughest. My mind was wouldn't shut off...
Mia gets tested tomorrow
The plumbing is still slow
Am I doing enough to prepare my daycare peanuts for school
Soccer is starting
Am I doing enough at my Church job
Is Gaby getting enough one on one time
We need to practice dance recital DVD more
Kadyn didn't read to me tonight
Kendal is just funny
I love having more Husband time
We still need a date night
I am so glad laundry is caught up
Sad my older peanuts are going back to school tomorrow

Once I stopped running, it was hard to start again...
But then I was mad I stopped. I started at 5.0 for speed and ended at 5.4... that made me happy again.

But I was happy I did it... I think I am close.
I think with a little more push, I can be at 3 miles on Monday.
I want 3 miles. Non Stop. No matter what my time is.

I am happy I ran today at the gym... I am happy I had my running shoes on!
Today is Day 5: 17 miles

It's not about the money, money...

"We're payin' with love tonight"

"Wanna make the world dance, forget about the price tag"

"It's not about the money, money"

"We don't need your money, money"

"Payin' with love"

And maybe with cuteness... Kenni loves the songs from, "Just Dance III". One of them is "pricetag". I downloaded it to my iphone, and today after nap she said, " I want money, money".

So, guess who has the phone and a song on repeat???
Yep! This kid!