Monday, February 20, 2012

iphone pictures...

Kenni and I cuddled up... I was worried she was coming down with something since she sat with me for so long last night but she has been fine, knock on wood. We were watching, "Apprentice". She must like Donald Trump too.

Starting week seven... little bummed the progress wasn't bigger so far, but it's getting there. I am still losing weight, it's just taking a lot longer. Since Thursday I am a little over 13 miles walk/run.

I am a little bit happy and sad that soccer is starting for Gaby and Kadyn. Happy because I know how much they love it. Sad because I know how much crazier week night will become. Kadyn had her first practiced yesterday. It was a great afternoon for it.

While Kk was at soccer practice, Mia and I had some fun times at the park. It was nice to have a little Mia/Momma time.

This weekend was the Girl Scouts International Fair. Gaby's troop had a booth. Kadyn started after cheerleading and walked around with Gaby. They had a great time.

If you look closely, Mia is sleeping. It was Valentine's day and this kid had a busy, non stop day. She fell asleep playing her hand me down DS.

Kadyn at the fair from this weekend.

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