Thursday, February 2, 2012

I am so glad it is almost Friday... Friday is my plan the menu, do my odd load of laundry (stuff the doesn't go into the hampers but still need to be washed), get daycare prepped for next week day. It makes me feel good to have everything ready from next week on Friday.

Which means I can relax, not meet my calorie burn because I am reading a book and being lazy on Saturday and Sunday. Even though I LOVE being lazy, we have 3 hair cuts for the girls on Saturday. I am torn, I am ready for them to have shorter hair, especially Mia, but it'll probably end up as trims. But still... I love being lazy on Saturday's and Sunday's!

My Peanut and I had a hard night. Just when I think I just might be getting this parenting thing down, I am brought back to reality! I have posted about Kadyn and our struggles before with school. I am hoping to get some answers, support, and new things to try after meeting with her teacher next week. We had tears, we had yelling, and we had hugs. Parenting will always be the hardest thing I have ever done.

We had two nights at home this week... tonight and tomorrow. I am almost too happy about this. I love nights at home. I even bought a board game so we could have a family game night that didn't involve Wii, Ipods, or Kindles. Old fashion fun!

I met up with a friend that I hadn't seen in a while- It was so nice to see her and chat with her. Kinda like we picked up where we left off. Lot's to catch up on but it felt like old times seeing my friend again.

Breaking Dawn is coming out on DVD... I simply can not wait. Nuff Said!

I am on week 5 and am down almost 12 pounds. Week 4 was a blur- it was hit and miss on working out and journaling my food. I must say, writing everything down has been the hardest thing for me this time around. Tonight was a good workout. Exercise is my stress reliever. After my emotional night with Kadyn, I was glad to be at the gym after she went to bed. I am so happy that I have this outlet. Week 5 is a good week... so far!

My goal is to be in bed by 11:00pm every night... well, not tonight since it is 11:05 and I am still blogging. You know why I am up so late this past 2 months??? I'm not working, cleaning, or exercising.... I am watching "Friends" on Nick at night. I have seen them all, but I can not stop watching them. I wish I could say I was doing something uber productive but nope... watching "Friends".

I am wrapping my random post up now... Here is a cute pic of Kadyn on her birthday. If you think of her- prayers and positive thoughts for her are so welcomed! Taking it one day at a time!!! Love this peanut- I will never never get this parenting thing down but I will promise to do the very best job that I can.

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