Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rainy Day Theme....

 Our new theme for the rest of this week and next is rainy day fun. It was a good fit after our thunder storms last night and our cool temps for today. We switched out our learning board for circle time. We are reviewing all of our letters, shapes, colors, and numbers during the summer months. Today we are back at A.
 Our Science time... we did a dairy taste test. We used soy almond milk and 1% milk for our drinks and swiss and colby cheese for our eating test. We made a chart for our results.

 My summer crew ready for circle time. I have some kids that some 2-3 days a week and some that are 5. It is a full house no matter what the day, that is how we like it!

 My little birthday girl A. She is turning 3 years old. I have had Ash since she was a baby. I have enjoyed watching her grow, get back at her older brother C and tease him, and develop her own personality of pure diva and sass! Love this kid! Happy Birthday A.
 Having Birthday cupcake/brownie bites. Yummo! Her momma did a great job on these tasty treats.
 Birthday treats up close... her theme is minnie mouse. Too cute!
 My taste test helper...
 Everyone telling me why they liked their choice...

Our rainy day art... we soaked our chalk in milk to get them moist. We used the wet chalk to draw our pictures.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's the little things...

Like looking at these little baby toes and thinking what a blessing this little girl is in my life. Even though her toes are so dirty from playing outside everyday, they are still cute and they belong to a beautiful little girl. 

Like ordering pizza even when I am on a diet. Knowing it'll be okay and I can work it off. It just seemed like a pizza night.

Like having a good group of kids to spend the summer with. A good combo of personalities  that seem to get along well- yes, it is only day 4, but I haven't heard, "I'm bored" yet.

Like getting to work from home for my second job that I love. The summer has brought a lot of flexibility and projects I can do from home, at my own pace, and still be with my family.

Like getting the house prepped for painting. We have been wanting to do this since we moved in almost 8 years ago. We are now in a position that Dustin can devote his time without taking away from the family evenings. Even if we had to replace a window that cracked tonight while he was sanding.

Like loosing 2 more pounds this week and anticipating gaining them back because of pizza I am eating tonight. 

Like welcoming 3 great families in the fall to our daycare. It is so important to make sure I am meeting their needs and that we are a great match. Our new families are all in the SHES community and will have kids Mia's age to grow up with. I am super excited for the spots to be filled.

Like knowing I had a bad day yesterday and it's A-okay just to have a bad day. I found out a very good, well, great friend is moving this summer. This will be my 2nd friend moving out of state this summer. I am dreading these moves even though I am happy for their families. These friends are people I see every day, they know so much about me and my family, and they hold me so accountable. I will miss them. I am sad for me, but happy for them. Both are selling their homes and I pray for easy transitions for their families.

Like knowing I am not in control, but knowing God is. I repeated this in my head a million times yesterday just to get through my cruddy evening at home. Walking away to avoid a fight with my mom, my house being a mess, trying to make sure my priorities are in check, and wanting to just go to bed.

Like getting all of June's church lessons planned and prepped for today while the big kids played outside and the younger peanuts took a nap. It was something I was putting off and now that I have it done I am excited to prep and help teach the lessons on Sunday mornings. We are doing 8 weeks of God's creation.

Like getting trainings ready to go. Since being back from my trip, I have been very prayerful about the new lessons we are doing, how to train staff, and how to get them involved. I finally have dates set and can't wait to present and educate them on the lessons and tools that will help us introduce God to our young nursery children.

Like having nights at home. I am such a home body. I never used to be, but I am. I like our home. I like our deck. I like being able to set on our deck and blog about the little things in life.

Like Mia getting into the SHES preschool program. Each teacher that is up there is top notch and we love them all. (I don't even know if they read my blog so I am not really sucking up, and if they do, they will know how excited we are to have Mia join them this school year.) It was really a shock to get the call that she was in. We are excited for Mia. It also provides a transition for me. I can not wrap my head around the fact I only have one more year at home with her.

Like Kadyn starting her tutoring program today and liking it. I was worried but glad she is excited to go back and that Dustin is home to transport her to and from everyday.

Like having Gaby to to Kansas Bible Camp next week. This will be her first go away and stay camp. I am a flippin' mess about her being away but I know she will have an experience of a life time. I am praying that she grows closer to God and develops some closer friendships with some girl friends from school that are going too.

Like knowing Dustin and I made it 12 years. We had a special time at home but a nice night. 

Like doing a online bible study that just jumped out on me. It is through Proverbs 31 and a blog. I downloaded the book and I am excited to start. I posted it on my FB page if you are interested in joining.  

Like knowing it's time to go... pizza is here and I am hungry! I hope you are having a great nice and I hope you can sit back and reflect on the little things that makes life awesome!

Our morning

 Today was a big day for Kadyn. She started her first day of tutoring at her school. We didn't talk about it a lot since I wasn't sure how she would feel going to "school" during the summer. She only goes for 90 minutes and she is working with a teacher she already knows. After her first day she come happy and ready to go back tomorrow. I am grateful that she is able to get some extra help on her reading skills.

After she returned home, her tooth became more loose then before, barely hanging on. She finally had the nerve to just pull it out. She now has the tooth in a baggie, wrote a note to the tooth fairy, and won't let the baggie out of her hand.  Big day for the 7 year old!
This week we have been exploring bees and dandelions... I will admit, not my favorite lesson but we'll get through it. Today we made a fun morning snack of dandelion cookies. They are apple rice cakes, vanilla frosting, and cocoanut flakes that we dyed yellow. They were cute and yummy! 
 Speaking of yummy... we had one of Gaby's favorite lunches today. Fish sticks, mac and cheese, apple slices, and carrot sticks. Summer lunches are simple since I am feeding a full house.
 Working on our kite art. We started our project then played outside for a while. The kids voted to finish after rest time.
Today was deemed, "Best Lunch Ever" day. We are blessed to have such an awesome group here for the summer.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


 This morning during center play... the kids chose blocks to play with.
 Just getting started...
 During the hotter months we do things a little different. We have a later lunch, shorter rest time, and play outside first thing before getting too warm.
 Always up for a pose...
 Ending our morning with a dandelion picture... making the grass and stems.
 Using pom poms and clothing pins to paint our bright flowers.

As we played outside, the kids made a garden of their own.

Friday, May 25, 2012

snap shot of field day...

 Tuesday morning Dustin and I went up to SHES to see the kids participate in field day. This is just snap shot view- we only took 94 pictures.

Kadyn is getting ready to do the relays... 
 Kadyn and the dreaded tug a war... every year Kadyn ends up in tears. She just hates this event.

 Gaby and her friend, Sadie.
 Water relays are a huge hit...
 More running relays....
Gaby and her friend...

This only shows a couple of events, however there was six events they rotate between. It is always a fun morning and a great way to end the school year!


Our second day of summer and Gaby woke up, ran outside, grabbed the paper and started to read it.

Randoms from the week...

 Friday morning dress up with daycare...
 My after school peanuts on the last day of school...
 Running off the bus for the last time.... until fall.
 One of our many bee art projects for this week.
 Last day of school celebration... icecream with lots of toppings. (thanks for BS for the idea)
 Kadyn's last day of school... she is now a proud little 2nd grader.
 Gaby on the last day of school... Gaby is now a 5th grader. Not sure I am old enough!!!
 The bigger peanuts enjoying their cool treat... bring on the summer!
While waiting for the bus to come, I had some little eyes waiting for me...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mia's Turn...

 Mia was in the Pre K tap/ballet class...
 on stage practicing the end...
 Doing her shaking... these are all during the dress rehearsal, but she did an amazing job during the recital.
 My little dancers... momma and daddy are so proud of their hard work. They both went to dance every Monday night. Kadyn's class was 90 minutes long and Mia's was 45 minutes.
 Trying to get pictures... Mia no nap and Kadyn was hungry! My mom and dad brought the girls flowers and we got them some too. 
My favorite picture from the night... I couldn't get Mia to stay still for nothing.


 Kadyn and her second dance... Diamonds. This was her Jazz dance.
 Kadyn liked this dance okay but preferred the tap dance.  They still did a great job- always smiling.

 In the dressing room...
 Kadyn and her teacher Maria... we LOVE her. She does a great job with this age!
After the show...