Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby Animals... puppies!

 We started our morning out making puppy houses. We colored and wrote our names on the houses.
 M posing for me and Kenni trying to show me her puppy.
 We also worked in our journals today. We circled all the baby farm animals.
 After we were finished with our puppies we talked about what it takes to take care of them such as food and water. We had a morning snack of puppy chow to go with our theme.
 During circle time, we talked about May Day. On May first you are supposed to gather up flowers and treats and hand them out to your friends. We filled our baskets but everyone wanted to keep them instead of giving them out.... um, okay!
Eating our morning snack of puppy chow. We finished up our morning by  acting like puppies, doing our spring animal lace cards and puppy puzzle.

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