Tuesday, May 1, 2012

pictures from tonight...

 After changing outfits 3 times and taking 2 baths, Kenni is finally dressed and clean for Mia's concert for preschool. This morning she had toothpaste in her hair, this afternoon it was a sugar daddy sucker. Finally, she made it 2 hours before soaking her dress at the church where Mia performed... oh whatever! 
 Kadyn came home beaming... she made the 1000 club at school. She had been really working hard to achieve this. She wore her necklace all night, she was just that happy!
 Getting ready to load up... Mia and Kenni doing some super cute posing for me.
 Mia and I waiting outside. She looked so cute for her concert, she is my little cheese girl. I love her smile.
 My handsome hubby and Mia. Tonight Mia looked a little more older to me. I do not like that at all but man she is too cute!
Dad and Kendal. He picked her up to get a picture and she wouldn't put her legs down. She was cracking us up. I love Dustin's expression in this picture. 

I know you are dying to see more pictures from Mia's concert... I'll throw them up tomorrow.

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