Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thunderbolt Run...

 Our elementary school/gym teachers wrote fitness grant for our school. The guidelines for the grant is to put on a family fitness event for the school. It came together nicely and we had a fun morning walking the track at the highschool. Kenni hung out with Dustin... she didn't want to be carried, she had to walk like a big girl.
 I started out running with Mia. The event was for 30 minutes of running and/or walking. Mia hung in there for a while. After a few laps, I ended up walking with her on my back. Mia was so funny to watch run.
 As a part of the event, the kids received free tee shirts. At the end of the event, the school also gave out gift cards to Dick's sporting good, but your number had to be called. We stayed and chatted with some of our school families, had a healthy snack, and went on with our Saturday.
 We had a fun time walking and running. It was a cool event for our school and I am grateful for our school staff to invest their time to write a grant. What a cool message to send out to our families.
Showing off the tee shirt... I am such a sucker for tees. Thanks again SHES for a wonderful time and helping us to get moving!

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