Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Yesterday during quite time I paid bills, caught my food paperwork up, finished laundry, and got our May lessons ready. I must say, I love productive times but I have more fun when the kids are awake. The focus is on them and I have fun dancing, singing, doing art, and playing. I so love my job and the opportunities it provides.

A huge answer to prayer... Kadyn is getting a tutor for the summer. She is able to get 30 hours through the school for reading. She will do most of her work in June. My heart is just over joyed that she will be working with a teacher from her school and this teacher is already in her current classroom working with her during guided reading. This won't interfere with Kk's summer plans to much. She'll still get to go to her camps and fun things but will have reading time too! What a huge blessing.

Tonight we had Dustin's mom and step dad over for dinner. It is her birthday. We grilled out and had a nice time with his sister, her boyfriend, mom, and step dad. The kids were getting crazy, didn't want to go to bed with family over.

Tonight Kendal spiked a fever after nap time. We gave her some medicine and she stayed in our bed watching shows on my kindle for a long time. After she got up she acted a little better but still flaming hot. She ate well, acted fine, drink lots. I am hoping it was just a "fluke" thing and she will be fine in the am.

Got back from my conference with so many things on my mind. Things to change, things to improve, and things to pray about. It was truly a life changing time. I have never felt so touched by the speakers. Conferences and trainings are so not my thing but man, I can't wait to go again next year!

It's the time of year when we are planning for summer, making sure fall spots are filled and starting to say good bye to peanuts. I hate this time of year. This year I am loosing two kids to school and one more due to their family moving. It is no joke when I say these kids are a part of my family. When they go to school, I feel like I am sending one of my own off. I have loved watching them grow and mature through the years I have had them. It is truly a privilege to do what I do each day and call it my job. Between now and August, you'll get more sappy posts about my kids leaving... it happens every year.

I am so looking forward to our summer... you will hear this over and over as well! The kids have a great combo of camps and home time. We also got our pool membership renewed so we will have many evenings and weekends at the pool. I am so looking forward to another summer of memories with my family.

Workouts are going good. Keeping them simple but regular. I need to get back to my food journaling. That is my downfall right now.

Well, it's after 10pm, and I normally watch nick at night at this time. However last night they changed the line up on me and now Friends doesn't come on until 11pm. So, that gives me an extra hour to get my nursery work done before I go to bed. I guess it all works out in the end!

Have a great night... 

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