Tuesday, May 15, 2012

last day of school and a trip to the zoo/park

 Thursday was Mia's last day at her preschool. She went 2 afternoons a week just to get the experience of going. They had a cook out lunch (Thank you Ericka for getting Mia there until I could get there), played centers outside and played at the playground. It was a fun afternoon. On the ride home she had a snack and crashed.
 Singing and dancing... we're happy!!! And stinking cute... (I scored Hello Kitty hats from a friends garage sale for .50, she loves wearing it)
 Getting ready for story time with Boomer from the library!
 Two of the peanuts have dance on Monday's. Mia's class is shorter in length then Kadyn's so we have some time to kill. Since Kendal is deathly scared of car washes, Mia and I go to the car wash. Last week we did dad's car and the week we did the van. She is such a funny helper! Mia LOVES the car wash!
 While Dustin, Kadyn and Gaby were away at the Girl Scout campout, the little peanuts and I had fun together as well. It was a refreshing time only having 2 children to take care of. Our evening out at our favorite restaurant then our morning at the zoo and park.

Our zoo is getting penguins exhibit for the summer. This was the display. The penguins are here now but weren't when we came. I am looking forward to taking the kids back to see them. 

 Kenni looks like such a big girl. She. is. toddler. now.  It has been a long time since I can say I don't have an "infant". Really, I am okay with that! :) The trip was a first for us. No stroller. Kenni did a great job of listening and staying with me. We even had some friends meet us there for a fun morning!
 Mia had to adjust to the zoo smell. This kid cracks me up! She had fun going around and seeing animals with her friend, Luke.
 My not so little peanuts...
 After the zoo we went to Gage Park and the train. The kids had a blast until we hit the tunnel, Kenni wasn't has happy after that.
Playing at the park... the toys have changed. It's kinda sad that it looks so modern now. I remember when I was little... oh the stories I can share. The park is still fun and will create new memories for my peanuts just as it did for me.

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