Thursday, August 29, 2013

lil bit of cute!

 Quentin and his Mike stuffed plush... he loves grabbing his arms!

 I love baby feet! They grow too fast, so I will take pictures to remind me how little they once were!

 My soccer girls... Gaby and Kadyn had their first games this past Saturday. Both teams lost by 1 point but they play hard! It was great watching our girls in action!

 I love this picture too! Mia loves her baby brother. Poor guy never gets any alone time.

 At parent night, Mia had her work hanging in the hall way! She likes Kindergarten OK. She hadn't been in school for 2 weeks when she had to move her clip down for not focusing- poor thing is so my child! I miss her like crazy every day and I hope it gets easier to send her to school soon- she is my spunk.

Kendal started preschool at the lake two  afternoons a week. I feel like since her learning environment has always been at home, it is good to send her to preschool to experience something else. My little girls are all growing up! Not sure this momma likes that! :)

Happy Thursday! 


 Our books we read today at circle time... we have been reading our favorites this week.

 We have started over with our numbers, letters, and shapes. This week we have been working on the number one. We made a "#1 Friends" poster and used one hand to paint.

 We had the reading aloud books out as one of our centers today.

 During free play... house and kitchen area is always a popular choice.

 Our writing wall... we added these pockets so we can show off our progress each week.

 Two times a week we do some short of worksheets. We focused on saying the letters in their names and picking the letters out from others.

 Then we worked on writing our names. Today Kendal did the last one all on her own. This by far was her best. Proud momma moment!
This little miss kept singing her, "ABC's" all morning! She gets so excited when we sing it during our circle time!

Hard at work this AM!!!

Next week we are kicking off our week with our letter "A".

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


 Settling into our daycare routine... circle time starts at 9am sharp.
 Working on our centers... foam numbers and peg boards.
 Legos and blocks...
 Today's art needed to be completed one on one... while we painted our hands and arms, the others worked on their centers.

We officially start our letters of the week next week however we are reviewing and working on letter names this week. This morning we read one of my favorites, "Chicka Chicka, Boom Boom". We made our every own cocoanut trees.

We are off to a great start. The new space has proven to be a good move. The kids are offered more choices, more freedom, and the feel is more of a classroom one.

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


 We officially started our preschool routine yesterday. We are slowly learning the rules of daycare, rotating centers, and learning our daily schedule. 

Today we started reviewing letters and practicing our names. (Writing them and identifying)

 Our other center today was magnets...

 Finished up for morning using the letter stamps...

And a super cute picture of this lil dude... he is 3 months old this week.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More changes

 After we painted the upstairs, we decided to take the plunge and move daycare downstairs. All of it. I have always wanted to use the basement for daycare but never had a second exit. After Mia and Kendal moved downstairs, we put in a safety window making it our second exit. 

One of the big changes of having daycare downstairs is that the kids will have a separate bathroom.

One view of our new space... our block/car area, tools, and kitchen area.

The futon is leaving to open this area up more... this area has all of my art supplies and fine motor activities.

My outstanding hubby closed in the fireplace so I could hang all of our circle time activities.  

Another view... our reading spot and toy shelf. You turn the corner to a hallway that has more cubbies and activities.

The hallway has the chalkboard and  dry erase board. I am super excited for this area- a spot for the kids to draw and practice letters/numbers.

Onto other news... last night was our school sneak peek. Kadyn has the same teacher she had for second grade and we could not be more happier! Looking forward to another great year for Kk.

Mia is going into Kindergarten. She was very excited and bubbly about meeting her teacher and seeing her room until we got there. Once we showed her the room, her face went pale and her smile left her sweet face. She quickly snapped out of it and appeared to be excited again after we entered the room. 

Back to school shoe shopping... wow. Kadyn made this into a 3 hour process. She would fine a shoe but not in her size or something in her size but not what she wanted. She liked these shoes but I wanted her to have tie shoes. It was a battle. After 3.5 hours, we came home and ordered a pair online. Go Figure! 

One of my daycare mom's used to do daycare- she had this awesome padded infant area. Even thought it doesn't fit in our basement, we put it into Quentin's room. The girls have enjoyed it just as much.

Last Friday we celebrated Mia's 5th birthday. Her actual birthday is this Thursday but the lake was closing last Saturday. We had a great night. The rain stayed away, the kids loved the sand and lake water, and Mia had a great time. 

This is a really bad picture of me but this is Quentin's first time swinging. We had a fun time at the park on evening. He is such a laid back baby- thank goodness!!! 
Whelp! Tomorrow we start before school care, kids go back to school, and our crazy schedules start up. I am bummed our summer went by so fast. Looking forward to seeing what the year has in store for us!

Friday, August 2, 2013

New Colors

 Last week I asked Dustin if he was up to painting the living room, dining room, and entry way. He said he was ready to change it up and so we did. I scored these over sized chairs at a garage sale and we were able to get rid of two of our red chairs that were on their last leg. Here is an over all view of our space.
 Dining room; we added a chair rail since the kids were always hitting the wall. I love the rich colors.
And our entry way... the top is the green and the bottom is navy. Our house gets so much wear and tear so I am hoping with darker colors, it will help disguise marks and dirt a little better!
A huge shout out to my hubby that made our home look so nice. It was a lot of hard work for him but it turned out great!!!