Monday, January 30, 2012

Our Spring, I mean, Winter day...

This week Monday and Tuesday we are finishing up our winter theme, Sparkles and Shivers. Normally I don't mind doing a winter theme because it's winter time. Although I have LOVED having no snow, I have hated teaching about it when it is over 60 degrees this past week. So, we talked about ice today, played around with it in a sensory tub, and then painted with it.

We turned our ice blue but using food coloring...

Our ice art.

Playing outside... we skipped some of our center time so we can enjoy the morning.

My little peanuts loved being outside as well...

In the morning, I have all girls...

Love having a day like today...

This just makes me laugh...

This Sunday was our first, " We are all getting up and going to 8:00 service which means everyone has to be ready and walking out the door by 7:15, the kids are cranky, my mom is running late, and I am grumpy after fixing 4 sets of girls hair, and I didn't go to be until after midnight" Sunday.

We had been doing really good until Christmas hit- then we were out of our early morning routine. But this past Sunday- we did it. We made it to 8am service, all 7 of us, and it just about killed us!

Anyway- back to the picture... after we came home, had lunch, put 2 peanuts down for a nap, the other 2 settled in to watch a movie. Dustin and laid down for a nap. At that point I was over tired and got giggly. I started messing with D, throwing his pillows off, and just making it very hard to sleep. He finally grabbed Kadyn's sleep mask and put it on. I tried to capture a picture of my fully grown husband sleeping with a 7 year old girls sleep mask. Didn't get the picture but got this instead. It still makes me laugh because I know what is under the covers... hey, hey PG rated! It's an adorable hubby of mine wearing a sleep mask!

Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Friday....

We started our morning out with one of our favorite things to do... blocks.
They love building houses and towers.
Then, they knock them down!

Today I fixed K's hair... she has piggy tales... too cute!

Today my little A is pulling herself up on everything!!!
She even picked up the chalk and made a few marks on the easel, that is after I redirected her from eating it. She got it... she getting big... she watches those big kids!

Monday and Friday's are our journal days... today we worked on writing numbers 11, 12. We also used our blue crayon and traced octagons.

This month we are starting one on one reading time. I have learned a hard lesson through my older peanuts how very very important early literacy is. I just completed a 6 hour class on early lit. centers and how to incorporate it into our every day centers! We have always worked on letters and writing, but now we are taking it one step further. We are reading. Just as they do in Kindergarten, we are working on sight words and reading books. Never too early to start... so we are.

And today is Friday... have a great day!

I got new hair...

Well, a new hair cut! I really like short hair. I have had it short a couple times in my life...

Here being one of them... May 2010, our 10 year wedding renewal. I really loved how easy it was even on the days I had to fix it.

Closer up... man, who is that hottie I am with?? Oh, sorry... focus, hair post! Kendal was 4mo at this time and still nursing. This is when I gained back 35lbs that I had lost after Mia was born. I felt like my face was getting fuller and I need to grow my hair out... so I did.

I change my hair all the time... curly, straight, longer, shorter... it never seems to be the same for a long period of time. I really like having choices, I really don't like having to fix it!
Here is my before pictures from last night... not the best, I had just came home from the gym.

Kadyn wanted to be in the picture too- poor thing has a wicked head cold! Major bags under her eyes...

Again, the back... when my hair gets super wet, it is so curly which is nice but it looks out of control some days.

After I worked out with a friend, she offered to cut my hair that night, we both went home cleaned up and I was on my way to her house... luckily, she only lives 2 minutes away from me. We had been discussing choices for a while. And, here we are... the new short pixie goodness!

It's so silly but I love my new shirt hair. I feel edgy... just a little. I feel like my face shape can handle the shorter hair again. It keeps me motivated to keep working out, losing weight, and keep my hair short. I am in my happy hair place!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our morning at the Gallery...

A little free play...

Today we practiced writing number 11, 12 and drawing snowman circles.

I was so proud of how hard they worked on their tracing slips. I am really seeing some progress... Yeah!
Little A ready for circle time... when we start singing our songs, she starts jabbering and getting excited!
Even the peanuts that are too young to write are getting practice, I give them markers and paper too- they are forming some fun shapes and gaining muscle control... my hard working kids!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Parent watch night...
Mia is doing her ballet moves.
She is too cute to watch.

Kendal's new blanket

Kenni loves her new Dora blanket. She got it from a friend at church- she has stayed on her blanket all morning!

Sparkles and Shivers

Today at circle time we introduced the letter, P.

We also did learned how to sign the letter, P.

During circle time we came up with a cold weather chart... the peanuts came up with words to describe winter, cold, and snow. We had lots of fun words!

Today we used our fingers to make icicles. I squirted white paint at the top of each page and the kids used the tops of the fingers to drag the paint down to make icicles.

Lots of fun finger painting...

"My hands"

We created a fun winter scene today...

Birthday Party pictures...

This past Saturday we had Kendal and Kadyn's birthday parties... here are some fun pictures from the crazy day!

Ahhh! The birthday week is over! Until next year!

Friday, January 20, 2012

jeans and my favorite running song

I put my favorite pair of jeans on today (for the first wearing out of the dryer). Normally I am doing a few tricks to loosen them up a little.

Not today.
I even double checked to make sure today was the first wearing and not the second when they lose shape.

They actually fit well today. I was doing the happy dance as my favorite jeans are just a little looser then they were last time I wore them. Just a little more breathing room too.
It's all because I am on week three of tracking my food, working out, and counting calories!

I am not gonna lie, week two was my hardest week by far. It was the week I felt so hungry, so tired, and no progress. But week three is different... I have spunk, I feel full, and my jeans fit better!

I have my weigh in (at home) on Monday. I have birthday cake on Saturday. This will be my challenge. It's not just birthday cake, it's the super greatest in the world type of cake.

The night before last I ran a mile and a half, last night I almost did 2 miles. I don't like running but I love how I feel after I am done, the results I see in my body, and I love seeing that each day I can go just a little bit longer.

While at the gym last night, I had my music on. When I hit Coldplay's "Fix You", I changed it to repeat for the rest of my work out. As many of you know this song has so many special meanings to me. But as I listened to the words as I was running, the song took on another meaning to me.
Words like, "When you try your best but you don't succeed. You get what you want but not what you need."
I can so relate. I have been on a weight loss journey now for over 2 years. I have had ups and downs. But I find motivation from this song, to keep going and to keep building. Not to give up. I feel like some days I need to be fixed. I need to fix how I look at myself and body. Be proud of the changes, the tears, the hard work.

" I promise you I'll learn from my mistakes"

As I finished my run, I ended on this line. I told myself, I will learn from my mistakes, not lose sight of my goals again, and not gain my weight back. It not worth it. It's not worth my jeans fitting tight, feeling like a failure, and making excuses.

"Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones"

This line brings me my strength. This is how I feel when I walk away knowing I had a good workout- all stress is gone from my body, I feel like I am on a high, and I feel great.

So there it is... my jeans fit good today!

Good Ol' Fun Friday!

Today we had a couple friends visit today...
We started our morning playing with blocks.

I am all for arrange marriages for my daughters. Kenni has already picked her husband... I approve! She is giving her friend from Sunday School a hug.

Water painting... we talked about how the paints were dry before adding water. After we added water, we discussed how the paints changed. Fun little science experiment.

Play dough time...

The little ones finished up their art by making a steering wheel for transportation week.

At circle time the kids picked their favorite wheeled vehicle. The kids had a hard time writing with a big sharpie. After we were finished, we talked about each one and explained why they were our favorite.

Next week...sparkles and shivers.