Tuesday, January 17, 2012

odds and ends...

Last week I took on 2011 pictures and starting projects. Let me just say, each kid has over 400 pictures for 2011 alone... I'll be busy for a while. I am really trying to add a couple of hours a week to scrapbook. We'll see. My goal is to do traditional paper/sticker scrapbooks for the kids and put our family ones in digital. We'll see how it goes.

Yesterday I had an unplanned day off. It was great. I caught up house work, read my Kindle, Dustin grilled out, and I went to the gym before 9pm. I did wipe out on a treadmill, while walking and tore up my knee a little but over all no harm done but my ego will heal as well.

After whining about my weight-loss, I finally saw some movement on the scale... Thank You Jesus! I felt success again and boy that really helps me stay motivated. I'm getting there, slowly. What doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger... I will be one strong cookie when I hit my goal weight!

Today we kick off the birthday week. Today Kadyn turns 7. We bought some good ol' Sam's Club cupcakes for her to hand out at school. The older peanuts are into Angry Birds so I thought she would enjoy these. They are such a good deal and a time savor.

Because I had yesterday off, I am a day behind on normal tasks... So, today I am putting together "coin rubbing" sheets for our Cubbie art for tomorrow night. It didn't seem too hard when I was planning it but we have 90 kids, so I had to make enough sheets that one entire group could do the project at a time. It went by fast after I got started...

My online study... I am so excited to get the book. Now I am playing catch up! I am still nevous about this year commitment but I so badly want and need to do it.

Just a random picture of a cute, one day shy of being a 2 year old, little girl. She loves hats, she wears them all day around the house... but what I really love about this picture is...

these cute little feet in the dress up shoes.

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