Friday, January 6, 2012

Flyin' High...

And the need to simplify!

I really don't know where to start. I don't know it if it is the New Year, coming back from a well rested time off, getting back on my weight lose train again, or a combination of everything.

I feel great. I feel energetic, and my heart feels full...I'm not trying to brag about life or say we have not had our trails this past year, because we have. But for the first time, in a long time, I feel the need to simplify and it feels great. It's small everyday choices I have started to make that are making huge a impact on my daily attitude.

I am so humbled and overwhelmed all at the same time. I feel like God has been working in my life over time this year. I react different to things and I look back and think, " that is totally God's transformation", not mine. He has placed things on my heart this year (still meaning 2011), that in the past have not been on my top 10 list.

I knew this week was going to be tricky. My older Peanuts did not return to school until Thursday however we had daycare start on Tuesday, church kicked off their semester on Wednesday, Awana started back up, and I had dr. appointments to work around. Have you heard that saying, "it takes a village to raise a child?" I certainly felt that way a lot this week. I had my sub at daycare here a lot this week so I could be at a million places at once. Without help from her- nothing would have been able to accomplished. This week was a great example on why I need to simplify.

I love being able to reflect. I don't offend myself when I say, "wow, I really sucked". Or, "you really could have done this better". I take it all in and count it as a learning experience. I try very hard not to be down on myself when things do not go correct. Last time I checked, there was not a manual on, "how to be a perfect wife, mother, teacher, skinny person, Jesus lover, friend, cook, taxi driver, accountant, planner" on the shelf. If there is and I missed it, please let me know- I'll download it to my Kindle. Yesterday, I second guessed every move I did. It was a crazy feeling of not goodness. I hated not knowing if what I was doing was the right choice or what direction I needed to go. Finally as I was working out, I replayed my day in my head. It all worked out. Every choice, every move, every direction I went. It all worked out.

I have re-learned this week, you can be super prepared and things will still not go as planned. Wednesday was a great example. Morning bible studies kicked off, nursery was planned for, lessons were ready and still situations came up. I could not have planned for them even if I had tried but in that moment, I thought, "I have failed this job, the church, the nursery staff and most of all, my God". I continue to learn from my mistakes, learn to listen, and give my 100%.

I have the need to simplify... here are some of my changes I have made.

I have started doing laundry every day. I thought I liked have more loads to do only 1-2x a week but I don't. Something would always come up and I would miss those laundry days and 4 loads of laundry turned into 14. I am only on my first week of this but wow, what a change it has made. Everyone has their own hamper and each day I pick one and do it. This way, one load belongs to one person. When I am done folding it it all goes into one place, one trip! Simple!

I started back to the gym in December- took some time off around Christmas and started back up. I love how I feel. When I work out, I am in my happy place. Instead of making it to classes, I am just doing the treadmill. I make a calorie burn goal so if I choose to walk, I know it'll take longer then if I run. But I stick to that number. Walk, run, lift weights... whatever. The guess work is out of my workout...simple.

We have family dinners now. I don't know if I can really communicate how big of a deal this is for Dustin and I. We have tried to come up with arrangements of our space for the last 6 months to make this possible. With our new fire exit downstairs, it has happened. We have family dinners together... simple.

Slowing down for the kids' sake. On busy nights we would just pick up food, eat it in the car and be on our way. No matter how early we are needing to leave, I am cooking dinner. I love eating out but it helps with nothing... it's not healthy, it's drains our budget, adds wear and tear to our car with all the trash and spills, and it adds stress to getting to wear where we need to go. So, even if we are eating a frozen casserole or peanut butter and jelly for dinner at 3:30 in the afternoon, we will.... simple.

Going through my closet...I have too many clothing options. It drives me crazy. I wear tee shirts, workout pants, and flannel pants on daycare days. On church days, I may upgrade to jeans and make up. I feel like I need to purge and make my wardrobe more simple. Donate things I don't wear, get rid of my "I gained a couple of pounds and I need my next size up jeans for a couple of weeks" and keep it simple.

I have not been in a bible study in years. It hasn't been on my list "to-do" or when a good study was offered it was only on Wednesday mornings or evenings which both do not work for me. This time around our church is offering a reading the bible in one year study on line. How awesome is this. They are posting pod cast from the Wednesday study and the notes will be on a blog. This has always been a goal of mine. I have picked the bible up before and just been confused. This study will break it down and explain. How simple is that??? We even have accountability partners so we don't fall off the bible reading's sweet... (and simple).

There is still a tons of things I am reflecting on and hoping to make more simple. I still need help with that. Like, how to make Kadyn's homework/reading time a more pleasant experience, how to get those ever so famous, always talked about date nights to happen, how to keep on the diet wagon and make 2012 my year to hit goal weight, how to make late night mom's nights happen more often without taking away from family.

It's a lot to take in. It's a lot to change but man, change feels good. Simple feels great!
I just pray that I keep on going. I hope I never loose focus, and keep the simple.

Picture time...

Downstairs rec room... all the doll house/barbie stuff and cubbies filled with "center" type toys and activities were upstairs in the dining room and Kendal's room.

Downstairs rec room... not many changes but so much better then it was.
All of the kitchen, dramatic play, and tent from Kendal's room is now downstairs.

Behind where I am taking the picture is a fold out table for free art play, folder games, and writing activities.

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