Friday, January 6, 2012

All my friends were back today. I love my time off during break but I sure did miss my little peanuts!
We are doing some writing activities at the table... which is now in the kitchen. They really did a great job of adapting to the new changes. I did have to let a little control go by little the peanuts be in the kitchen. More of our day will be spent in here for crafts, meals, and table activities so with a couple of rules, the kitchen is open to them now.

My cheesy grins...

Today we worked on a Dora worksheet. We learned about staying active and circling our favorite things to do like skating, playing basketball, and jump roping.

We also practiced writing our names and drawing shapes.

During writing time, the little peanuts played with the doodle pads... great way to introduce literacy at a young age.

My happy little baby... she is draining from her nose and mouth as she is cutting teeth. Still pretty happy though!!!

Peanuts waiting on me to start circle time. One peanut told me, "I really like your new school".

So bummed this is blurry! We read a new book today, "Llama, Llama home with Mama". Cutest book ever. I really hate buying hard back books, but this is one series I have done it with. We all acted out the book by using our tissues and pretending to be sick. Each peanut took turns taking care of each other!

Outside Time... we have loved this mild winter! No cabin fever yet for us.

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