Friday, January 20, 2012

jeans and my favorite running song

I put my favorite pair of jeans on today (for the first wearing out of the dryer). Normally I am doing a few tricks to loosen them up a little.

Not today.
I even double checked to make sure today was the first wearing and not the second when they lose shape.

They actually fit well today. I was doing the happy dance as my favorite jeans are just a little looser then they were last time I wore them. Just a little more breathing room too.
It's all because I am on week three of tracking my food, working out, and counting calories!

I am not gonna lie, week two was my hardest week by far. It was the week I felt so hungry, so tired, and no progress. But week three is different... I have spunk, I feel full, and my jeans fit better!

I have my weigh in (at home) on Monday. I have birthday cake on Saturday. This will be my challenge. It's not just birthday cake, it's the super greatest in the world type of cake.

The night before last I ran a mile and a half, last night I almost did 2 miles. I don't like running but I love how I feel after I am done, the results I see in my body, and I love seeing that each day I can go just a little bit longer.

While at the gym last night, I had my music on. When I hit Coldplay's "Fix You", I changed it to repeat for the rest of my work out. As many of you know this song has so many special meanings to me. But as I listened to the words as I was running, the song took on another meaning to me.
Words like, "When you try your best but you don't succeed. You get what you want but not what you need."
I can so relate. I have been on a weight loss journey now for over 2 years. I have had ups and downs. But I find motivation from this song, to keep going and to keep building. Not to give up. I feel like some days I need to be fixed. I need to fix how I look at myself and body. Be proud of the changes, the tears, the hard work.

" I promise you I'll learn from my mistakes"

As I finished my run, I ended on this line. I told myself, I will learn from my mistakes, not lose sight of my goals again, and not gain my weight back. It not worth it. It's not worth my jeans fitting tight, feeling like a failure, and making excuses.

"Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones"

This line brings me my strength. This is how I feel when I walk away knowing I had a good workout- all stress is gone from my body, I feel like I am on a high, and I feel great.

So there it is... my jeans fit good today!

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Kristi Lee said...

Good for you!!! I am also an in-home childcare provider on my own journey to lose weight so I can relate to a lot of your blog. Love the pics and craft ideas :)