Friday, January 27, 2012

I got new hair...

Well, a new hair cut! I really like short hair. I have had it short a couple times in my life...

Here being one of them... May 2010, our 10 year wedding renewal. I really loved how easy it was even on the days I had to fix it.

Closer up... man, who is that hottie I am with?? Oh, sorry... focus, hair post! Kendal was 4mo at this time and still nursing. This is when I gained back 35lbs that I had lost after Mia was born. I felt like my face was getting fuller and I need to grow my hair out... so I did.

I change my hair all the time... curly, straight, longer, shorter... it never seems to be the same for a long period of time. I really like having choices, I really don't like having to fix it!
Here is my before pictures from last night... not the best, I had just came home from the gym.

Kadyn wanted to be in the picture too- poor thing has a wicked head cold! Major bags under her eyes...

Again, the back... when my hair gets super wet, it is so curly which is nice but it looks out of control some days.

After I worked out with a friend, she offered to cut my hair that night, we both went home cleaned up and I was on my way to her house... luckily, she only lives 2 minutes away from me. We had been discussing choices for a while. And, here we are... the new short pixie goodness!

It's so silly but I love my new shirt hair. I feel edgy... just a little. I feel like my face shape can handle the shorter hair again. It keeps me motivated to keep working out, losing weight, and keep my hair short. I am in my happy hair place!!!

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