Monday, February 25, 2013

 After our lessons, we are getting some of our wiggles out...
 The kids love the tumbling mat; one calls it the "trick mat".
 Before lunch getting some cool air and our little bodies moving.
 We are on week two of our theme, "Tropics in the winter". We read, "Roaming through the Jungle" and made a jaguar for art. 
Re-reading our story and showing the jaguar page for inspiration.

Happy Monday! 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Celebrating Life

I am starting to buy odd and ends for our newest addition, Quentin Neal. It seems so real that his time is coming and we will celebrate his arrival into this world. He is already loved even though he isn't even here. His sisters are always talking about him, he is very active in my stomach, and I am getting excited at the thought of bringing home our fifth child.

Even though we are starting over with infant stuff and boy clothing I am trying to be smart with my purchases. I have been picking up things on a FB page, "Selling with Friends" where I purchase these next to new shoes and adorable shirt. It is still hard for me to buy boy items. In so many way, our last child being a boy is a blessing. I always worry how Kendal will react since she has been the youngest for 3 1/2 years. However she is still my youngest, our baby, our last little girl. And, I am okay with that!

Tomorrow marks 26 weeks. I feel okay. I am tired, emotional, and still throwing up most mornings. I am so thankful for what Dustin has been doing. He has taken on most of the meals and some house clean up. I get through our work day and activities but after that I am spent. I can not say enough thanks to my hubs for everything he is doing to make sure we are functioning during this pregnancy.  He is certainly my rock.

We are getting ready to celebrate life, buy car seats, plan showers, and give thanks God for this little creature. And while I get ready to welcome this little creature, I prepare myself to say good by to a life that is worth celebrating as well.

Our grandma!

My grandma is dying and ready to meet our Savior soon. It is such a bittersweet thought to me. She is 96 years old and has lived a full life. She has taught me many life lessons that I will remember for ever. She and my grandfather (who passed when I was in HS) were role models of what marriage should look like. She showed me what I want Dustin and I's marriage to look like. When Dustin and I were first married, she commented, "if you and Dustin ever divorce, It'll be all your fault". To this day, I still believe this comment. She saw something in Dustin, she saw my grandpa in him. I see it too. I will work hard every day to be a serving wife as she was to my grandpa.

My grandma is a Jesus Fan. I always tease that my grandma has a red hotline phone to God's ear. I grew up watching her attend church every week, be involved, and love God with all of her heart! I strive to be like her. I want that relationship with our God as well. After my mom had her stroke, I had many conversations with my grandma, and she knew my mom was going to be okay. I couldn't see it or believe how things would ever be okay, but she was my solid ground and she kept the faith when I couldn't.

Until she moved to KC a few years back ( she needed to downsize, be on one level, and have some type of care), I have never lived more then 5-8 minutes away from her. When Dustin and I were just married and had Gaby, we lived in the same townhouse complex, the same block even. It was nice to have her so close. We would walk over and sit on her porch many spring and summer nights and watch Gaby play.

Her time is here, to say good bye and to remember her life, which we are celebrating. My grandma hasn't eaten in 6 days and her body is shutting down. I saw her Wednesday night to say our last words. It was hard to do but I am ready for her to meet Jesus. I am ready for her to be with Grandpa, the love of her life, again. It's time.

It's amazing to me how we celebrate life and death. And this year our family will be doing both. Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers as our family loses an amazing woman! God's gain but our loss. Our hearts will be sad but she'll be in heaven celebrating!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

 This week we are talking about the rainforest and the animals that live there. Today we read,"Roaming Through the Rainforest". We made a list of animals from the book and charted out top three favorite. The jaguar was a daycare favorite.

 Making our colorful parrots... this was a several step process and the kids did great working on this longer project!
 The big kid table... we needed more space for this craft.
Our perky parrots...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine exchange...

 Going through all of our cards and goodies...
 Getting ready to pass our cards out this AM.
 More card holders... I guess I should have told these guys I was taking a picture. Hmmm!
Making our Valentine card holders...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


 Tuesday is our handwriting day... we are working on our letter R pages and number 14 in our monthly journals.
 We made Valentine Crowns today... we decorated with stickers, markers, and valentine stamps.
Our King and Queen of Hearts...

Monday, February 11, 2013


 This morning we added a new counting center to our table... Matching the dots to the numbers.

 Our learning board; Letter R, Sweet Treats, numbers 13/14, color pink, and shape heart.

 Music and movement time... Hula Hoops

 Making sweet cupcakes for art... adding circle stickers for sprinkles.

 Candy heart holders. Kids had to punch out their own hearts, use glue, and decorate. This project was great for following directions.

 Letter practice...
More letter practice... ( and people making)

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wash your hands signs...

A fun reminder during the flu and cold season!!!
The peanut in the middle is "soap".

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


 We started our morning out with our handwriting time... working on our letter of the week.

 Working on our valentine sun catchers using tissue paper and contact paper.
 Working hard...
 Our decorated door...
Our healthy tooth center. The kids flip a card that has a food item on it and they have to put it on the healthy tooth or unhealthy tooth.

We are combining a couple of themes. We are working on Valentine's Day as well as our Healthy teeth unit.