Monday, November 25, 2013

Gaby's 12th birthday

 Gaby had a Minecraft themed birthday party... Here was her birthday table. Everything was from the game that Gaby and her friends love to play.
 Me and the birthday girl... I can not believe she is 12 now.
 Plan A was to have the party in the garage/outside with a fire pit and outside games. Well the weather had other ideas so we ended up moving it all inside. So, the day of I was scrambling to come up with activities to keep a bunch of 6th graders busy. We had a rainbow loom station... the kids could make band bracelets.
 We also had the wii and the xbox going too.
 After we served dinner, we went outside where Dustin made a fire, and roasted S'mores.
 Gaby and her friends...
 Getting ready for cake...
And gifts... we were a little crowed but still had a fun time.

Random pics

 Last night Kadyn was up late... I totally spaced off that she had homework until Sunday night. We watched our family movie then she got busy on re-writing her story that is getting published in her class book. She is such a hard worker so I felt super bad that we forgot.
 Our little man is skipping naps now. He does between 1-3 naps depending on the day. Yesterday he barely had one. So when it was time for his night time bottle he couldn't even finish it- he was out cold and slept until 6:30 this morning.
 After pictures, Mia and I went over to my mom's place to clean. Well, I cleaned, Mia hung out with Grammy. Mia loves to sit on Grammy's lap and get her back scratched.
 We had Christmas pictures with Santa yesterday. The kids looked great and did great. I can't wait to see them.
Gaby's birthday dinner at Olive Garden. We had the staff sing to her- she was super excited and super embarrassed.

Thanksgiving art

 Using our feet for corn on the cob...
My little turkeys...

Monday, November 18, 2013

Our day

 Free painting with fall colors...

 working on counting pumpkins and coloring a turkey
 block time and letter of the week writing...

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

 Today we discussed instruments... I brought out my trumpet and played a little for the kids. Then anyone who wanted was able to try. Don't worry- it was disinfected after each use...

We also made "bango's" for art. The kids had a blast strumming the different sized rubber bands to make music. 
We finished off our circle time talking about how we can make music with our voices. Today we practiced humming.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Monday and Tuesday

 This week we are discussing different sounds, music, and instruments. We did a lot of noise making yesterday as we explored which sounds each instrument made. 
 Making our "I" look like ice cream cones.

 Q man is on the go... he rolled his way over to the kids that were playing with blocks and knocked them down.
 Letter writing time...
 Our November bulletin board...
 Painting to music... jazz, pop, and opera. High school musical was a favorite.
 Little A's favorite center...
 Our base 10 blocks for another center...
 Practicing our names... the kids love using the wipe off markers.