Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Last night as I came from the store, I saw an email from my boss at the church that I do nursery work for. He explained he need to talk to me and asked if I could run in at 11:30 today. My heart stopped as I thought I missed something, made someone upset, or something was wrong. I thought I was in trouble.

After our daycare morning, Dustin took over with lunch and I ran to the church for my meeting. As we started talking, he asked if he could run to the break room to grab lunch- as we were walking, I see the staff from the church, a decorated table, and a sign that says, "It's all about Q".

Surprise...  a baby shower for Quentin.

They prepared lunch, had cake and ice cream, and themed baby gifts. Everyone brought their favorite childhood books for Q.

I was shocked, I thought I was in trouble and they threw a party!!! So exciting. I was truly surprised and blessed to have such a wonderful church family that surrounds me and our family!!! Words can not say how thankful I am.

What a day... such a happy day!
 Today is our last day of our boat theme. We have been talking a lot about pirates and their ships yesterday and today. We took advantage of the great weather and dug for treasures in the sand.
 It was a great morning to be outside... our treasures were pennies but the kids loved it!
 Our next activity was coin rubbings. Group 1
 Group 2
 Today the ipad had come in handy. I couldn't find the right book I wanted for circle time, so I was able to purchase the Kindle version and read it from my ipad. The kids thought it was cool and took turns re-reading the book.
For art we did a treasure map. I used the google images so the kids had a good idea of what we were making... What would we do without technology.
Making our maps....

Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday randoms...

We have a foot... last week we had lips, nose, and cheek. Now, a foot. Each Monday I go to my OB appt then to a sono. I feel like the worst parent in the world because I am kinda over it. I am ready for the end. I feel bad because I have not had time to "enjoy" this pregnancy this time. I hate being stressed over no maternity insurance, when will we induce, will my blood pressure be okay ect? I am ready to have the labor over, bring Q home, and start adjusting to our new life as a family of 7. Yikes, that still sounds scary!!!

Everything went well at today's appointment except for my blood pressure. I get myself so worked up for these appointments, there is not a doubt in my mind it will be up. My new doctor seems to be very nice- answers all of my questions but stays on top of everything.

This weekend was a very busy weekend. We spent most of Saturday getting dance pictures for Kadyn, Mia, and Kendal while Dustin did soccer for Gaby and Kadyn. Sunday we had a shower for baby Q. It went very well and this kid is very loved already. I wished I could have invited everyone I knew- I know so many would have wanted to come. However I didn't want to make it a huge production and stress out my friends who put the entire show on. They went above and beyond and we are grateful to everyone who came.

Today the daycare kids enjoyed some nice outside time. It is over 80 degrees and sunny. We managed to get art and circle time done early so the outside time would be lots.  We had a fun morning.

Soccer season is coming to end... Kadyn and Gaby both played their last "season" games this past weekend however Kk has a tournament in May and Gaby's team is still practicing while the weather is nice. It's always 2 months in the spring and 2 months in the fall that are just insane. At least the end is near.

We still have some work to do on our house projects. We are still waiting for windows to come in. Then we can pull up carpet, paint, and get Mia and Kendal's bed in their new room. The new beds came in today. So, poor Dustin has a project list a mile long it seems. At least the kids is bathroom is painted and has updated lighting. Now we are just waiting on the contractor for the shower. Whew!

I ordered Quentin's, Mia', and Kendal's bedding so as soon as the big room switch is finished they will have new bedding to complete the look. I *think* we are set for the new baby. We have a couple of gift cards to help finish off odds and ends.

I am planning out preschool graduation for the kids that go into Kindergarten this year. I am loosing 4 kids to school this year and 3 leave at the end of May. Bittersweet. So happy for them and new their new adventure into school but sad our year is up. It is a spunky, fun, energetic group. They will be missed!!! Luckily, I still have siblings of theirs so I hope to stay in touch!!!

I guess that catches us up- we have one month until kids are out out school, about 2 weeks until we meet Q, and 3 months of a relaxing, laid back summer in store!!! Hope the week is going well and you are able to step outside and enjoy the awesome day... until the end of the week when it is cold again!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Come sail away...

 To go with our sailing theme, we made life jackets. (Dustin came up with this) We we going to make small ones and he remembered we had huge poster paper. He cut these out so the kids could actually wear them.
 It was a big project so we had to spread out... small table, big table, and floor!
 Working hard on our life jacket creations...

 All of our props for this week... pirate hat, life jacket, and boat.
We are ready for a boat ride... 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday: Earth Day!

 Our schedule was a little different this morning. We started outside with the school kids so we could soak up some fresh air before the rain came. It actually was a great transition to our day! We came in and started working on our table work. We practiced our X and Y pages and circled all of our ovals.

 Our learning board this week... our theme is "sailing away". We are talking a lot about sea life and boats. It would be a perfect topic if we had some warmer weather to go with it!

 Movement time... Down by the Bay and Baby Shark. (again the theme... :)
We finished up circle time and letter review. We talked briefly about Earth Day. Dustin helped the kids gather up some fun nature items for their collage.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Only one picture today...???Hmm! This morning we worked on counting raindrops and adding the rain cloud to the drops for a file folder center.

It was a rainy/snowy day here and a perfect morning to paint rain clouds and make umbrella art!!!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

 Making our spring Robin cards...
 Then they went into a basket holder... making lots of spring art, but still no spring weather.
Yesterday we did play-doh. The kids loved this and ended up doing this activity for over 45 minutes. We also worked on writing the letter X in our journal.

Happy (Tuesday) and Wednesday!

Monday, April 15, 2013

 Our learning board this AM... and our books for the week.
Today I cleaned out the art closet and we made our own creative art out of whatever supplies I had left over from different themes. The kids loved it and their pictures were super cute!

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Wiggly worms...

 Today we started our morning by making wiggly worm tracks...

 We had a new friend visiting today... he is learning the ropes, exploring, and just not sure yet!
My 3 little dudes and their matching batman shirts. These 3 have grown up together and came to me last fall. Cute group of boys!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


 Our learning board this week... we are wrapping up our, "Birds in Spring" theme.
 Dancing to our Silly Song CD...
 These are the balls from our awana night, before I let the air out and store, we used them this AM since our yard is still so wet.

 Today we made robin's with blue eggs; just like our book, "Look Inside a Robin's Nest".

Dustin did a fun project after art; we started planting tomato plants and the kids helped him. They also planted their very own wild flowers.  After the planting was done, we put them in our green house and read the book called, "Bear and Bunny Grow Tomatoes".

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cubbie Carnival...

Our Cubbie year has come to an end. How do we celebrate our kids learning 24 verses? handing out over 630 patches?? We party... we have a carnival!

The weather was not our friend so we had it inside. Each of our Cubbie rooms had 2-3 games. This year we added a super cool Cubbie bean bag toss that our friend Jackie painted and Dustin put together.

Mia after the cup cake walk...

The awesome slide that everyone LOVES...  

Pop toss...

Another new game... going fishing. Another fun hit!

The Putt-Putt place off of 10th and Wannamaker let us borrow the putting green for our event. Each child got a coupon for free golfing as their prize. Awesome treat!

The Happy Hopper Race was another fun game that we added.
Mia LOVES the bouncy balls!!!

The night ended. But as we were cleaning up, Mia saw her Cubbie Leader, Mr. Bryan. He is one of the many reasons she loved Cubbies so much the last 2 years!

Next year Mia moves up to Sparks. I won't be without a Cubbie however, Kendal will start this fall!!! Until then!

Awana Grand Prix

Gaby and her "Super Star" car... her number was 17!!!

Dustin helped in the pit crew this year... weighing in cars and checking them in.

Ready to race...

Gaby did great... she made it to the finals! 4th place!!!