Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday randoms...

We have a foot... last week we had lips, nose, and cheek. Now, a foot. Each Monday I go to my OB appt then to a sono. I feel like the worst parent in the world because I am kinda over it. I am ready for the end. I feel bad because I have not had time to "enjoy" this pregnancy this time. I hate being stressed over no maternity insurance, when will we induce, will my blood pressure be okay ect? I am ready to have the labor over, bring Q home, and start adjusting to our new life as a family of 7. Yikes, that still sounds scary!!!

Everything went well at today's appointment except for my blood pressure. I get myself so worked up for these appointments, there is not a doubt in my mind it will be up. My new doctor seems to be very nice- answers all of my questions but stays on top of everything.

This weekend was a very busy weekend. We spent most of Saturday getting dance pictures for Kadyn, Mia, and Kendal while Dustin did soccer for Gaby and Kadyn. Sunday we had a shower for baby Q. It went very well and this kid is very loved already. I wished I could have invited everyone I knew- I know so many would have wanted to come. However I didn't want to make it a huge production and stress out my friends who put the entire show on. They went above and beyond and we are grateful to everyone who came.

Today the daycare kids enjoyed some nice outside time. It is over 80 degrees and sunny. We managed to get art and circle time done early so the outside time would be lots.  We had a fun morning.

Soccer season is coming to end... Kadyn and Gaby both played their last "season" games this past weekend however Kk has a tournament in May and Gaby's team is still practicing while the weather is nice. It's always 2 months in the spring and 2 months in the fall that are just insane. At least the end is near.

We still have some work to do on our house projects. We are still waiting for windows to come in. Then we can pull up carpet, paint, and get Mia and Kendal's bed in their new room. The new beds came in today. So, poor Dustin has a project list a mile long it seems. At least the kids is bathroom is painted and has updated lighting. Now we are just waiting on the contractor for the shower. Whew!

I ordered Quentin's, Mia', and Kendal's bedding so as soon as the big room switch is finished they will have new bedding to complete the look. I *think* we are set for the new baby. We have a couple of gift cards to help finish off odds and ends.

I am planning out preschool graduation for the kids that go into Kindergarten this year. I am loosing 4 kids to school this year and 3 leave at the end of May. Bittersweet. So happy for them and new their new adventure into school but sad our year is up. It is a spunky, fun, energetic group. They will be missed!!! Luckily, I still have siblings of theirs so I hope to stay in touch!!!

I guess that catches us up- we have one month until kids are out out school, about 2 weeks until we meet Q, and 3 months of a relaxing, laid back summer in store!!! Hope the week is going well and you are able to step outside and enjoy the awesome day... until the end of the week when it is cold again!

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