Monday, April 8, 2013

Catch up post of randoms...

I see it has been a while since I posted... not sure how the time has gotten away from me. We are keeping busy with daycare, house projects, and spring activities.

We are back to the two months that everyday has an activity. I love that our kids are active; that is more by my choice, I think. I know they love soccer and dance however I know the practices can consume the older ones especially after being home only a few minutes, doing homework, and then going. Like tonight, Gaby has drum lessons then soccer practice. Next day Gaby is up and ready for school and state testing. Tomorrow Kadyn has dance then soccer.   At least it is only 2 months of busy and they are staying active and building on their skills. We relax for summer then do it again in the fall.

We are in house project mode. Dustin and I are finally ready to do something with my mom's room downstairs. We ordered two safety windows so the basement can be used more for daycare since our plan A didn't go through. We also are doing the windows so Mia and Kendal can share a room. There is a lot to be done in a short amount of time. Dustin ordered windows, now we will prep for painting, pull out the carpet, and buy two twin beds. I am praying we can get this done before baby Q comes in 8 weeks. I think the kids will LOVE having their own space downstairs.

With having all the peanuts downstairs, we HAVE to get our basement shower fixed. It has a crack in the title so whenever you use it, it drains into the dry wall of the basement walls making it moldy. We have already fixed the wall once and then stopped using the shower. But with 4 girls down stairs, the shower for Kadyn and Gaby will be an awesome home improvement.

Speaking of bathrooms... we (we, I mean Dustin) is re-doing the floor in our upstairs bathroom. When we moved in 8 years ago, the bathroom had a title laminate. We always have wanted to re-do it but have never gotten around to it. Well, our upstairs restroom sees a lot of use because of our family size and daycare. We started to smell a pee smell all the time. After cleaning it, mopping it, whatever, the smell was still there. Saturday afternoon, Dustin started his first title project. He took up the toilet, pulled the laminate out, and put in a new floor so we could do title. I never knew how many trips I took to the bathroom until I had to go downstairs and walk to the end of the house. Good news is, by tomorrow AM, I will have a nice real title floor and a toilet that doesn't leek urine under it. I am a happy girl!

Baby Q is doing good. We are starting to watch blood pressure as it is starting to spike up a little. It's not the first baby this has happened with so I am not overly concerned. I am lowering my salt in take as well as my pop. (I love salt and pop so this is a hard task for me) I am also adding walking into my daily routine as well.

I met my new Dr on Thursday and he seemed nice. Only draw back is that if he is gone for my delivery, one of the on call dr is the lady I am no longer seeing. I just pray the labor and delivery goes well since I have not been overly happy with the OB care to this point. I am super nervous for a C-section after having all 4 kids normally. It's in God's hands and I am trying not to stress over things I can not change.

I am looking forward to a shower that my friends are throwing for our family. It is at the end of this month. We haven't really thought much about baby Q coming like we have have in the past- poor kid. By now, I would have had a room ready, bed up, and clothing bought. Well, I have some diapers, an outfit to come home in, and a nursing cover up. The rest will fall into place I am sure. I mean, I have 8 weeks to get things ready!

This Wednesday is the last night of our Cubbie program at church. I am so excited. Awana runs 9 months of the year and is a fairly large program at our church. It takes a lot of time and planning but I love it. However by now I am ready for the break. We end by celebrating the cubbies. If they passed their entire book, they will have learned 24 verses from the bible, committing them to heart.  The carnival is normally held outside however the rain has changed that plan, so I am re-doing all the plans I have to make it work inside. I'm a little stressed over this task. However, I know it'll all work out and the kids will have a great time. Then we do it all again starting in August.

With all that is going on, I should say I am super impressed with Dustin. There is rarely a project he looks at and says he can't do. Even though things might take a little longer then normal, I am so glad he likes doing things for our home, business, and kids. I am blessed to have him and his mad skills.

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