Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Last night as I came from the store, I saw an email from my boss at the church that I do nursery work for. He explained he need to talk to me and asked if I could run in at 11:30 today. My heart stopped as I thought I missed something, made someone upset, or something was wrong. I thought I was in trouble.

After our daycare morning, Dustin took over with lunch and I ran to the church for my meeting. As we started talking, he asked if he could run to the break room to grab lunch- as we were walking, I see the staff from the church, a decorated table, and a sign that says, "It's all about Q".

Surprise...  a baby shower for Quentin.

They prepared lunch, had cake and ice cream, and themed baby gifts. Everyone brought their favorite childhood books for Q.

I was shocked, I thought I was in trouble and they threw a party!!! So exciting. I was truly surprised and blessed to have such a wonderful church family that surrounds me and our family!!! Words can not say how thankful I am.

What a day... such a happy day!

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