Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Christmas Present

This is ALL the goodies (minus the steak, jerky, rolls, cheese that are in the fridge) that were given to me this morning at church. If you see the bag, it is a thirty one snowman bag that was FILLED to the brim with spa like goodies.

The staff had this all planned out... they each brought items like candles, socks, nuts, cups, gift cards, a plush ice scrapper, lotion, a hand made birthstone necklace, charms, a book and more. They all met in the nursery hallway and gave this bundle of joy to me.

I was overwhelmed, to say the very least. All eyes were on me as I unwrapped all of these goodies. These ladies were so giving, thoughtful, and spent a lot of time getting this together!

It wasn't about the gift... it was truly the thought behind it. These ladies made my morning, my day, my Christmas season. I reflect at everything they do and put into the church nursery. I have thrown a lot their way this past year and never had complaints. They are a team. These ladies to do not the church nursery for the money, that's for sure. They do their job as their ministry. The talent, patience, love and ability to stay calm during not so calm times is a gift, a gift that not everyone has to work with young children.

 I am grateful for these ladies. Not only because I get to work with them, but because most of them have been a part of my families life as they have taken care of our girls too. I can not put into words how thankful I am for these friends I get to work with.

If any of the nursery gals are reading this... thank you! Thank you for everything you put into this gift, a part of you, for me! You guys are the best. I will remember this forever. Thank you guys for making me feel so special! You are all rock stars!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Daycare Christmas party

 We started our morning by making our Christmas presents for our moms and dads... turned out super cute, can't wait!!!
 We had to work in groups so while some were making their gifts, others where jamming out to Christmas music.
 Time for gifts... this year we exchanged names and had a small amount to spend. The kids loved their gifts.
 We tried to hand them out one by one so everyone could have the spot light!
 Passing out more gifts...
 J was pretty excited with his gift...
 A loved her white tiger, she never put it down the rest of the morning!
 J showing off his big gun...
 Everyone shared their new gifts... some had craft goodies, nurf guns, toys ect.

 We made some grinch punch and watched part of the Christmas movie, "The Grinch".
We had a buffet of treats... A's mom made the cutest reindeer cupcakes. The picture is blurry, I couldn't get A to hold still long enough!!!

Thanks parents for a wonderful Christmas party. They had a great time.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Today I am so glad to have gotten some things done that I have been putting off; Christmas cards, Nursery Cd's, getting Christmas gifts together, and more. Last night I made a hand written note of 15 things I needed to do. I just wanted to knock them out! During nap time, I did it. I marked off every single thing off of my list! I even did extra, wrote it on my list and crossed it off! I am so happy.

Productive days are very far and few between as of lately! I am just tired. Luckily I am surrounded by lots of little peanuts each day and their energy is awesome... which makes me wanna be awesome! Our first goal is to always do our daycare routine and whatever gets done after that is just a bonus. Like getting laundry done.  I have never had 12 baskets of clean laundry just sitting and waiting to be folded. Correction, two weeks ago I did... but before that, I manged to keep up somewhat!!!  I guess it is okay as long as it isn't 12 baskets of dirty laundry.

I started an online bible study. I was late to the party so I had to play catch up this week. Praise, that each day is short but powerful reading. The study is called, "The uncluttered heart". It's about making room for God during the advent and Christmas. The first week was the "Advent of Hope". I loved this line, " We have hope not because of who God is. And we test our hope by acting on it, we release God's power into our circumstances. Our "hope muscle" grows stronger and our desire for God for compelling".  Yesterday started the "Advent of Peace". Hope and Peace are just two words that I want during the crazy holiday season! To slow down, to clear my head of cluttered thoughts, and just enjoy the Christmas season.

 I always love talking about my husband, how my love for him grows with each day. He is just that great of a guy! He knows how my pregnancies are, he knows I get through the day and crash at 9pm. He never complains, whines or makes me feel bad. He has such empathy for me which is not a skill a lot of people have these days. Like tonight, after kids' homework, working on a few more tasks, and Kadyn's b-ball practice, we still needed to go to the store. Walmart is normally my job, I can get in and out in less then an hour. Where is he at now??? Walmart. Now that is love. Or, he just wants to eat tomorrow.

Our daycare Christmas party is getting planned and I am excited for this. We are doing something new and exchanging names for a gift exchange. The early planning for parent gifts is on the way as well. We love Christmas around here. Reading a new Christmas book each day is just the best... I love kids books and am blessed to have a good library of books to choose from.

Kadyn and Gaby have started basketball practices this week for Upward. Kadyn brought home her jersey and was so excited. Gaby will probably get hers tomorrow. Last year Kk did cheerleading and decided she wanted to try basketball.

Mia, Kendal, and Kadyn just had their winter dance recital yesterday! The pictures are below. They were so cute and I loved watching our girls dance. I was a proud momma. Now the countdown is on for their spring dances. This year Kadyn will participate in three numbers. 

Kadyn is improving everyday with her reading. She is building her confidence and her reading level is going up. Still not where she needs to be but is getting there. I spoke to her teacher about getting some help outside of school and asked her what her thoughts were. Her reply pretty much shocked me. She offered to keep Kk after school 2x a week until 5pm so she could work with her since she knows what her needs are. Wow! This is just another reason I have such respect and admiration for teachers. They are not in it for the money but to help, support, encourage, love, and teach their children. We are starting the extra help this week and I am just thrilled her teacher is going to be working with her!

We just got Gaby a private lesson time for her drums. She starts next week and we are pretty excited. I guess because of all the drummers the district has, the kids have to audition for a spot in middle school. She is in 5th grade this year and the reality of it is next year will be her last year at the elementary school. So, lessons it is. (I loved teaching trumpet lessons while I was at WU. It was a fun time for me and my friends I worked with!!! ) I am happy that she is getting to experience some teaching outside of school.

Praying tomorrow is a good day... after daycare is finished, Dustin and I are taking a training course. I had planned this back when we had nothing planned. As it turns out, a friend will be bring 2 peanuts home from dance, we will have a babysitter for the time we are away, my sister in law agreed to pick Gaby up and take her to her b-ball practice then on the way from home from our class, we will pick her up. Lot of ducks to get in a row and just hoping it all goes as planned.

This weekend is the Topeka Bible Church lightshow. If you have never been, it is such an awesome event. The side of our church building is has all these lights and they are programed to the live music being played by the musicians in the windows. If you want more details, email or text me. Would love for you to stop by! (Dustin will be there most of the 3 nights. This is totally a cool thing for him, he loves the tech side of it.) 

I guess that is all for now. I am up almost an hour past my bed time and ready for bed. I was trying to keep busy to help bring bags in from Walmart... I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Recital

Today we had our Christmas dance recital for Fuzion School of Dance. This is Kenni's first year to dance and boy she was a cutie pie on stage! I giggled and had the biggest mom grin on my face the entire time this lil' peanut was on stage!  

Her song was, " I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas". This is the line, " and no rhinoceroses" they made a face! After we came home from church we tried to lay her down for a nap. All we heard on the monitor was, "I need to get ready for my show". Needless to say she didn't sleep at all this afternoon- she was too excited to be on stage. 

This is Kadyn's first year in Hip-Hop. Her song was "Christmas Wrappin". Their moves are tricky and fast! I thought Kk did extremely well for her first year...

She's got the moves... 

Then there is Mia! This face says it all! Her song was, " Hot Cup of Cocoa". This is Mia's second year dancing. She LOVES it! 

She knew her song extremely well...  we didn't get practice DVD this time however I googled her song and she would do her dance for us at home.

Love this expression! 

Kadyn's 2nd grade class... they practice tap, jazz, and ballet! Her classed performed to, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town". 

Kadyn has been in dance since she was 3 years old... 

Kenni's class on stage!!!

We had a crowd of grandparents that joined us today to make the recital special for the peanuts! We were so lucky that everyone could make it!!! Dustin and I are super proud of the girls and how far they have come in 4 short months!!! 


We started our month with Christmas tree hunting... each year I beg Dustin for a fake, easy up keep tree and every year we end up at a tree farm. I actually am glad that he loves getting real trees. The kids love the process...for the most part, and it has become a tradition ever since Dustin and I have been married.It's always a big deal to see which kid will actually "pick" our family tree!

The entire month of November Gaby has been up at her school at 7:15ish to learn to play volleyball. This was her first experience and really enjoyed it. The last night the teams play for certain rankings and the school combines it with a basket auction and chili feed. This was our first time attending and really had a fun time. Gaby ended up making 3 points from her serves. Her team took 3rd place out of the 5th and 6th grades teams. 

Gaby's birthday was in November but had to put off her party until the first weekend of December. We went super cheap and easy this year and it was probably one of her favorite parties. We had it in the church gym. We brought hula-hoops and all sorts of balls and let the kids play. 

All of her friends that came to join in the fun... 

Last week we went to a Shawnee Heights Basketball game. It was our first time to go. Kendal didn't care for the loud noses.

We went to the game to see this cutie! She attended a dance clinic at the high school and then performed at the varsity half time. She was pretty cute, if I do say so my self.  

After her performance, Kadyn told me, "mom, if I keep with dance maybe I can dance of that team when I am in high school". 

Gaby's Christmas concert... This year year the alternated between a singing song and a bell choir song. I was really impressed that the kids had the chance to do the bell thing. They had to read music and really be paying attention. Kudos's to Mrs. B at SHES- she really is a rock star music teacher!    

My 5th grader...she did a great job! 

Kenni at the concert! She sat on my lap or Dustin's lap the entire time!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Let me just say, my co-worker is a stud. Gaby had her concert at school this morning and my parents and Dustin's dad were going. I met them up there to see her perform. While I was gone, the hubs did their lesson on hearing. The kids made elf ears and discussed their favorite Christmas music.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday... sight

Today the kids talked about sight; they made binoculars for art. After they were done, we went outside to play "I spy".

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


 We made an apple crisp for our smelling activity. We smelled apples, sugar, flour, nutmeg, and cinnamon. The kids also had to follow directions so it would turn out correctly too.
 Passing around the spices...
 While the apples were baking, the peanut drew a fun picture. After they were done we added a thin layer of glue and lemonade drink mix so our creations smelled yummy!
Finishing up art...

Monday, December 3, 2012


 This morning we spent some time moving around our learning area... we placed our posters where we could see them better and use them more during our circle time.
 Our board this week... our theme for the week is "Five Senses". Our new letter is "L".
 We focused on taste today. We conducted our very own taste test. It was pretty simple items like: fig cookies, crackers, hamburger chips and caramel syrup. The kids did a great job of telling me if they liked the food item and what it tasted like.
 Our last taste test was a secret. There was no peeking while I opened the juice boxes. One of the kids said they could hear me opening up something so we used that time to see what else we could hear on this windy day!
 Our wood-chip area is back and fluffy! It only took 15 large bags... you can barely see it now with all of the leafs.
 For art we out food stickers down for taste, a peppermint sticker for smell, emery board for touch, and textured cardboard for hear.  
Our finished product...