Monday, December 3, 2012


 This morning we spent some time moving around our learning area... we placed our posters where we could see them better and use them more during our circle time.
 Our board this week... our theme for the week is "Five Senses". Our new letter is "L".
 We focused on taste today. We conducted our very own taste test. It was pretty simple items like: fig cookies, crackers, hamburger chips and caramel syrup. The kids did a great job of telling me if they liked the food item and what it tasted like.
 Our last taste test was a secret. There was no peeking while I opened the juice boxes. One of the kids said they could hear me opening up something so we used that time to see what else we could hear on this windy day!
 Our wood-chip area is back and fluffy! It only took 15 large bags... you can barely see it now with all of the leafs.
 For art we out food stickers down for taste, a peppermint sticker for smell, emery board for touch, and textured cardboard for hear.  
Our finished product...

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