Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Christmas Present

This is ALL the goodies (minus the steak, jerky, rolls, cheese that are in the fridge) that were given to me this morning at church. If you see the bag, it is a thirty one snowman bag that was FILLED to the brim with spa like goodies.

The staff had this all planned out... they each brought items like candles, socks, nuts, cups, gift cards, a plush ice scrapper, lotion, a hand made birthstone necklace, charms, a book and more. They all met in the nursery hallway and gave this bundle of joy to me.

I was overwhelmed, to say the very least. All eyes were on me as I unwrapped all of these goodies. These ladies were so giving, thoughtful, and spent a lot of time getting this together!

It wasn't about the gift... it was truly the thought behind it. These ladies made my morning, my day, my Christmas season. I reflect at everything they do and put into the church nursery. I have thrown a lot their way this past year and never had complaints. They are a team. These ladies to do not the church nursery for the money, that's for sure. They do their job as their ministry. The talent, patience, love and ability to stay calm during not so calm times is a gift, a gift that not everyone has to work with young children.

 I am grateful for these ladies. Not only because I get to work with them, but because most of them have been a part of my families life as they have taken care of our girls too. I can not put into words how thankful I am for these friends I get to work with.

If any of the nursery gals are reading this... thank you! Thank you for everything you put into this gift, a part of you, for me! You guys are the best. I will remember this forever. Thank you guys for making me feel so special! You are all rock stars!!!

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