Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My top 10....

Other then my true loves such as Dustin and my girls.. here are my top 10 loves.

10. Sleeping with my windows open
9. Hearing Mia say, "Eyes Wove Shoes" aka "I love you"
8. Ugly Betty TV show
7. Diet Cream Soda
6. Riding my exercise bike
5. Painting toe nails... and Mia's toes(& putting flower stickers on our toes)

4. Staying light out longer
3. Nursing Kendal for bed time so we can relax and bond
2. G and K's smiles when coming home from school
1. Having an evening home with my family...

So... what are your top ten lists right now???

was it wrong....

to skip our art project to stop and smell the roses (or pick the flowers)?
to turn on my ipod as loud as I could inside the house so we could dance outside?
to get a little dirty and dig for worms instead of doing a cooking activity?
to stay outside all morning long and play, read books, and be loud???

I don't think so...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our less crazy Tuesday...

My lil A is all over the place... in a good way! She started crawling last week and now has discovered a new world of toys and books.

Today we had bagels and made spring shapes out of them. We finished them up with some yummy strawberry cream cheese. We also talked about "real" eggs and where they come from. To end our talk, we make hard boiled eggs for lunch.

We also make the cutest Easter cup baskets...
My spring daycare clan... it is so nice to see shorts, carpi pants, and sandals walk through my door!

my crazy day....Monday

Yesterday we had no routine....
We played!
I brought in our tent and we all had a blast-even for a crazy day!

My peanut Kenni is started to smile... much bigger normally but this is all I could get! Did I mention it was a crazy day???
We had the plumbers come out and fix my kitchen sick after Dustin repaired the toilet and fixed the shut off values. This was why I had a crazy day!
Kadyn had fallen asleep with her journal she earned at school and a sharpie... can you guess who found the sharpie??? She wears it well, right? Mia the Smurf!

Even though it was a crazy day (and night)... all is well in our world and I am grateful for this!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Today we made sun-catchers... in the shape of an egg!

First we put the tissue paper on our laminating sheets. As we did, we reviewed our colors.
Then we took turns feeding into my favorite tool... the laminating machine! The kids loved how the tissue paper was "cloudy" then after going through the machine it was "bright". I am sure that is considered a science lesson, right???
Then, we went outside to see the different colors....
even the younger ones tried it....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today was our day of jelly bean fun!

We started out coloring our jelly beans. Then we glued jelly beans to plastic cups so we could use them as stampers. We had a lot of fun making our jelly beans different.

We are finished with our letter of week, so now we are reviewing our letters. Today we used a game to that tied the theme and letters together.
The top of the egg had a letter and the bottom had the same letter, the kids had to find the matches. I thought this might be a challenge for the kids... they proved me wrong. They took turns, they worked together to find matches, and they didn't fight over the eggs!
My preschoolers are growing up!!!

Our last activity started out educational and ended in our morning snack. Each were given a cup full of jelly beans. We counted, sorted, made patterns and then ate!

random thoughts... 3:15 am version

So once again I am up, I just finished feeding Kendal and have a symphony of snoring sounds coming from my spouse... I never knew someone could snore this loudly and have so many types of snoring. Really? As soon I am a adjusting to one type of pattern he switches it up and there I am awake. Again. On a serious note- he does have an appointment with a sleep clinic to see if something is causing all of this or if he just really snores all the time like this for no reason... hmmmm, we'll see!

I got my new pictures of the children in the mail today ( well yesterday since it is now really Thursday right now). I am so excited. We bought a fancy camera before the holidays last year and I still haven't taken the time to read up on the settings and play around with it. But, even on the basic settings, I was able to get some really awesome photos of the girls. I am so excited to have Kenni's face hanging up now with my gallery of peanuts. You'll have to tell me what ya think of the pictures... total cost of the 8x10's, 4x6's, and 5 sets of wallets... 16.99! Awesome!

I am sure I will regret blogging at 3:30 am. I really have been blessed with a great infant that really knows that her momma functions better with sleep. So, lately she has been going to bed at 9:30p-10:p and waking up at 4:30 -5:30a. I can so handle that! However tonight that wasn't the case.... but even so, she eats and goes right back to sleep. Such a good baby!!!

I went to the dentist today. A) I hate the dentist and B) I knew I had a lot of work to be done. I just have sucky teeth, I have known this from an early age and I have just learn to deal with it even though I brush my teeth all the time. I have 7 more fillings... yes! 7. Which is better then I thought, really. Like I said, I knew I had a lot of work to be done. Good news is, I have a prescription at Walgreens waiting for me to take an hour before my appointment and they promised me, " I won't care what is going on" when I take it!

Loosing the baby weight. Well, my journey is not a journey right now. It is just there... I am flustered that the 20lbs I need to lose is taking so long to come off. I know, "I just had a baby", but I don't want that to be the excuse to keep the weight one... plus, I can only really use that card for so long, right??? The thing I am missing out of my day is Jazzercise. I know that is how my weight came off the first time and that is probably how it will come off again! I wish I could hire someone to come over, watch the kids 3x a week 9am-10am so I could do that class. There is no way I can do the 5:30am class right now, and the 9pm class seems so late at this point. I know once it becomes a habit again, I can do it!!! I CAN DO IT! I have 20lbs to go so I can get Kenni's tattoo added on.

I love sleeping with the windows open and having the cool crisp air coming in. Even though it has been snowing, raining, and a mud hole... it gives me hope that Spring weather is coming soon! I *heart* fresh, crisp, cool air!

Gymbroee bucks time is coming soon... I have it on my calendar and I am excited to use them for the first time!

I have spring clothing in our dressers and most of the winter stuff put away... and summer things folded, cleaned, and in piles ready to go when the warmer temps hit us!

Spring is a crazy time for us. The girls' activities are overlapping right now and so it seems that one of us is always on the go. We tend to split up some of the time so the little peanuts aren't stuck in the car all the time.

I had McD's tonight at 10:05om. I know, I just complained about my weight and then admit to eating A) late at night and B) McDonald's. I love the fries and the "real" coke. Yum! It was perfect. I was watching American Idol, eating my snack, and the kids were all sleeping! Perfect!

I love being a mom. I was wondering what I will do once Kendal is in school. What kind of "real" job do I want to do? I just don't know if there is anything that is more rewarding then what I do now. I love being at home with my babies! I love opening up my home to other families so I can "work" from home. I love the challenges and adventures this job brings, and most of all when my peanuts are in school I will never look back and regret this time in my life. I love being a mommy, a teacher. I love having a a real job.

Okay- so really... I have to go to sleep now! I have rambled enough. I even laid down a few minutes ago, thought of more things, got back up and posted them!!! Walk away from the computer!!!

Oh- I love Ugly Betty... does anyone else watch this show??? It is a cute, light hearted, show and I just adore it! Wednesday's are a great TV recording night. So after an evening spent with 25 children (aging 3-5 years) it is a great why to relax. Plus, I started taping the old school Beverly Hills 90210 shows on soap net! Ahhh! What memories!

Okay! Really... I am stopping the randomness now!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter time....

Yesterday we spent our morning decorating paper Easter eggs and reading Easter stories.
The big kids were assigned little kids to help with the glue, glitter and sequence that we used.
The big kids loved being helpers to the younger kids!!!

Lil P hard at work on her egg...

Today we made paper birds nest. We used paper bags, moss, and Easter candy. This project was really fun and entertaining for everyone. We even got in a few bites of candy...
Getting our eggs in our nests...

The finished projects... I love em'

After reading, "I knew an old lady who swallowed a chick", we danced around doing the chicken dance and acting out the story.

We finished up our morning by making rice krispie bird nests. We made the treats, let them cool off and made nests. We added green frosting and jelly beans to make our nests complete!

Working hard on our project...

Mia was even into making the nest... oh wait, I think she was more into eating the jelly beans.

Our finished treat...

Yeah, for Easter Time!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

while I was off...

we goofed around by taking pictures outside, playing games, and enjoying the spring weather...while we had it!

we had our 2 month check up and 18 month check ups... the peanuts are perfect!

(Kenni is 0.4% for weight and 7% for length and Mia is 77% for weight and 75% for length)
we ate at Olive Garden...

we met up with some friends from our small group and hung out at the lake...
we had fun playing at the play ground and eating our sack lunches.

while I was off... I enjoyed time spent with my gaggle of girls!!!

One of my many house projects while I had some time off... 14 totes of girls clothing!


If any of you know me, you know this stage of the project drove me nuts having "this" in my living room for a few hours while I sorted, separated, and organized!

I have 4 totes and a container of kids shoes. They are all marked by sizes and all in some type of green container.

Onto more spring projects... now we just need spring weather!

St Patty's Day

Spring Break = time off from daycare...

Hard to believe it has been almost a week since I last posted. We have been a little busy enjoying time outside, going to a parade, eating out, and catching up on house projects!!!

Our first adventure was the St. Patrick's Day parade. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to take G and K to the parade since I had one little daycare kiddo for the day however, their parents made arrangements so I could have an extra day off... so awesome!!!

Mia and Mommy- we were waiting on dad since he was coming from work.
Gaby and Kadyn got to ride on a float with their friends (another daycare family). When I told them they were going to be in the parade and go with friends they were so excited! They loved it and had an awesome time.
View from the crowd...
Mia scored some beads and a sucker. She was pretty happy with that. After the parade, we went to McD's for a happy meal and naps.

Monday, March 15, 2010

random thoughts...

Spring break is here... I am so happy to have some time off. I always get antsy before the days off come. So... I am glad they are almost here.

Kendal is 2 months this week...really, 2 months??? Some days the time doesn't even move then I realize how fast the last 2 months have really gone by.

Kendal is a really, really good baby! I think God knew I needed a good infant at this point in my life. She is truly a blessing.

Spring activities have started and we are gone everyday of the week again. I really don't mind it as long I as plan for it. It is the days when I don't get dinner ready or we are eating on the go that I get frustrated at how much running we really do.

This is what Gaby and Kadyn did this weekend... played with make up! Flash forward a few years and they'll be doing the same thing. Playing with make up!
Gaby is doing soccer, dance, softball this season and KK is doing dance and softball.
They have started practices and games. Gaby and Dustin about froze to death at the first outside game last Saturday.
I still am in shock some days that I am 31 and have 4 beautiful daughters. I still don't know who they "look like". I know they all have a look of their own but then you can tell these girls are sisters. Each with their own personality and specialness about them. We got these pictures taken when Kenni was 2 weeks old. I must admit, Mia's little cheese grin/smile is one of my favorites.
Mia is into everything... she is all over, in to, pulling things down, climbing, into everything. I have forgotten this stage. Daycare kids are different from your own. It is mainly in the evenings when she is exploring more of her world and hears, " No Mia", "Keep your hands out of the toilet", "Put the green beans back".

Tonight is girls night... every month we have a set date to do dinner and hang out. This was started in November and tonight's date is the first one I have been able to make. Crazy! I know!

Dustin had his job evaluation today!!! He was praised and told he was doing a great job. To their (his boss) knowledge his job will be fine for next year as all schools are making horrible budget cuts. We have been praying that everything will work out! It is all in God's hands!

Last 2 weeks at church have been life changing services. A lot to think about. I really appreciate the hard topics that are taught at TBC and how they stick with me and make me want to be a better person.

I am writing a grant for daycare. I am in a program that is really a great program but a lot of work and time. I know, I know it will be worth it when I get to replace toys, organize the daycare closet with new shelving, and increase our educational materials. I am extremely nervous about this next step. I have asked my hubby, the word god, to help me get my scrambled thoughts onto paper so I can get the max amount of this grant.

Spring break is here and so are spring projects... I am going through 13 totes of clothing, organizing them according to sizes and giving some away. I started this last night and have not made much progress. The little hands of the family make it a little harder to go the speed that I like to work. Oh well, it is what it is and it will get done soon!

Which leaves me to my next thought... MY HOUSE IS A MESS! I love spring cleaning but I hate the fact that it gets worse before it gets better!!! I hate things being out, clutter, and toys everywhere. Again... it is what it is!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring weather week...

Today we continued talking about Spring weather and topics like wind and rain.

Today we made rain clouds by cutting out blue paper and gluing cotton balls on them.
We also made a rain storm by using our hands, laps, and mouths.
We split into groups and we had some time in the kitchen making umbrella biscuits for our snacks. As always, the kids love being in the kitchen.
After our snack was made, we made wind. All of us colored an outside picture then we dripped blue water on our pages. We used straws to blow the water around to act as the wind.
Our final project...

daycare pictures