Thursday, March 25, 2010

random thoughts... 3:15 am version

So once again I am up, I just finished feeding Kendal and have a symphony of snoring sounds coming from my spouse... I never knew someone could snore this loudly and have so many types of snoring. Really? As soon I am a adjusting to one type of pattern he switches it up and there I am awake. Again. On a serious note- he does have an appointment with a sleep clinic to see if something is causing all of this or if he just really snores all the time like this for no reason... hmmmm, we'll see!

I got my new pictures of the children in the mail today ( well yesterday since it is now really Thursday right now). I am so excited. We bought a fancy camera before the holidays last year and I still haven't taken the time to read up on the settings and play around with it. But, even on the basic settings, I was able to get some really awesome photos of the girls. I am so excited to have Kenni's face hanging up now with my gallery of peanuts. You'll have to tell me what ya think of the pictures... total cost of the 8x10's, 4x6's, and 5 sets of wallets... 16.99! Awesome!

I am sure I will regret blogging at 3:30 am. I really have been blessed with a great infant that really knows that her momma functions better with sleep. So, lately she has been going to bed at 9:30p-10:p and waking up at 4:30 -5:30a. I can so handle that! However tonight that wasn't the case.... but even so, she eats and goes right back to sleep. Such a good baby!!!

I went to the dentist today. A) I hate the dentist and B) I knew I had a lot of work to be done. I just have sucky teeth, I have known this from an early age and I have just learn to deal with it even though I brush my teeth all the time. I have 7 more fillings... yes! 7. Which is better then I thought, really. Like I said, I knew I had a lot of work to be done. Good news is, I have a prescription at Walgreens waiting for me to take an hour before my appointment and they promised me, " I won't care what is going on" when I take it!

Loosing the baby weight. Well, my journey is not a journey right now. It is just there... I am flustered that the 20lbs I need to lose is taking so long to come off. I know, "I just had a baby", but I don't want that to be the excuse to keep the weight one... plus, I can only really use that card for so long, right??? The thing I am missing out of my day is Jazzercise. I know that is how my weight came off the first time and that is probably how it will come off again! I wish I could hire someone to come over, watch the kids 3x a week 9am-10am so I could do that class. There is no way I can do the 5:30am class right now, and the 9pm class seems so late at this point. I know once it becomes a habit again, I can do it!!! I CAN DO IT! I have 20lbs to go so I can get Kenni's tattoo added on.

I love sleeping with the windows open and having the cool crisp air coming in. Even though it has been snowing, raining, and a mud hole... it gives me hope that Spring weather is coming soon! I *heart* fresh, crisp, cool air!

Gymbroee bucks time is coming soon... I have it on my calendar and I am excited to use them for the first time!

I have spring clothing in our dressers and most of the winter stuff put away... and summer things folded, cleaned, and in piles ready to go when the warmer temps hit us!

Spring is a crazy time for us. The girls' activities are overlapping right now and so it seems that one of us is always on the go. We tend to split up some of the time so the little peanuts aren't stuck in the car all the time.

I had McD's tonight at 10:05om. I know, I just complained about my weight and then admit to eating A) late at night and B) McDonald's. I love the fries and the "real" coke. Yum! It was perfect. I was watching American Idol, eating my snack, and the kids were all sleeping! Perfect!

I love being a mom. I was wondering what I will do once Kendal is in school. What kind of "real" job do I want to do? I just don't know if there is anything that is more rewarding then what I do now. I love being at home with my babies! I love opening up my home to other families so I can "work" from home. I love the challenges and adventures this job brings, and most of all when my peanuts are in school I will never look back and regret this time in my life. I love being a mommy, a teacher. I love having a a real job.

Okay- so really... I have to go to sleep now! I have rambled enough. I even laid down a few minutes ago, thought of more things, got back up and posted them!!! Walk away from the computer!!!

Oh- I love Ugly Betty... does anyone else watch this show??? It is a cute, light hearted, show and I just adore it! Wednesday's are a great TV recording night. So after an evening spent with 25 children (aging 3-5 years) it is a great why to relax. Plus, I started taping the old school Beverly Hills 90210 shows on soap net! Ahhh! What memories!

Okay! Really... I am stopping the randomness now!!!

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Caroline said...

Yes I love Ugly Betty too and McDonald fries and a coke. That sounds so good right now. I might have to make a stop before I go to Bible study tonight :)
Preston was like 20 months when I got pregnant again and still had 15 pounds to lose. I am not sure if I'll ever go back to what I was before :(
But if I am 5 pounds away I'd be as happy as could be.