Monday, March 15, 2010

random thoughts...

Spring break is here... I am so happy to have some time off. I always get antsy before the days off come. So... I am glad they are almost here.

Kendal is 2 months this week...really, 2 months??? Some days the time doesn't even move then I realize how fast the last 2 months have really gone by.

Kendal is a really, really good baby! I think God knew I needed a good infant at this point in my life. She is truly a blessing.

Spring activities have started and we are gone everyday of the week again. I really don't mind it as long I as plan for it. It is the days when I don't get dinner ready or we are eating on the go that I get frustrated at how much running we really do.

This is what Gaby and Kadyn did this weekend... played with make up! Flash forward a few years and they'll be doing the same thing. Playing with make up!
Gaby is doing soccer, dance, softball this season and KK is doing dance and softball.
They have started practices and games. Gaby and Dustin about froze to death at the first outside game last Saturday.
I still am in shock some days that I am 31 and have 4 beautiful daughters. I still don't know who they "look like". I know they all have a look of their own but then you can tell these girls are sisters. Each with their own personality and specialness about them. We got these pictures taken when Kenni was 2 weeks old. I must admit, Mia's little cheese grin/smile is one of my favorites.
Mia is into everything... she is all over, in to, pulling things down, climbing, into everything. I have forgotten this stage. Daycare kids are different from your own. It is mainly in the evenings when she is exploring more of her world and hears, " No Mia", "Keep your hands out of the toilet", "Put the green beans back".

Tonight is girls night... every month we have a set date to do dinner and hang out. This was started in November and tonight's date is the first one I have been able to make. Crazy! I know!

Dustin had his job evaluation today!!! He was praised and told he was doing a great job. To their (his boss) knowledge his job will be fine for next year as all schools are making horrible budget cuts. We have been praying that everything will work out! It is all in God's hands!

Last 2 weeks at church have been life changing services. A lot to think about. I really appreciate the hard topics that are taught at TBC and how they stick with me and make me want to be a better person.

I am writing a grant for daycare. I am in a program that is really a great program but a lot of work and time. I know, I know it will be worth it when I get to replace toys, organize the daycare closet with new shelving, and increase our educational materials. I am extremely nervous about this next step. I have asked my hubby, the word god, to help me get my scrambled thoughts onto paper so I can get the max amount of this grant.

Spring break is here and so are spring projects... I am going through 13 totes of clothing, organizing them according to sizes and giving some away. I started this last night and have not made much progress. The little hands of the family make it a little harder to go the speed that I like to work. Oh well, it is what it is and it will get done soon!

Which leaves me to my next thought... MY HOUSE IS A MESS! I love spring cleaning but I hate the fact that it gets worse before it gets better!!! I hate things being out, clutter, and toys everywhere. Again... it is what it is!!!

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