Friday, January 30, 2009

a sad day....

Today is A and H's last day with me at daycare. It is a sad day. I had H since she was a year old and A ever since she was 6 weeks old. Today we had a party to help say our good byes. They will be missed by all of their friends at the Peanut Gallery!

I had taken pictures of the girls with each of their friends, yesterday and today the kids and I made a scrapbook so they wouldn't forget us. They turned out really well. One the first side, each kid has their picture then on the back drew a special picture for H and A.

I had their friends give the gift to H and A during circle time. They spent a lot of time looking at the books. After we gave them out, everyone else was asking where their book was. When I explained that it was for their last day, everyone jumped in and replied, "I wish it was my last day too". I'm a little worried now!

Here is H and A with their gift. I hope they will enjoy it and treasure it. They will be missed!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today we reviewed our learning concepts such as numbers, letters, colors and shapes. I thought it would be cool to make a "W" out of the kids. They had a blast. They kept telling me, "I'm a W", or "I was the wa in the W". They each had to see the W on the computer after I put the pictures on, they were excited!

Kadyn got these awesome floor puzzles for her birthday. She brought the box out and begged to put it together with her friends. I was very amazed how they all worked together and how fast it came together! Here they are finding all the pieces.

So proud of the finished project!
"What's gonna work? Team Work"

Today's art was a tissue paper cow. We practiced fine motor skills and worked on gluing as well. One kiddo informed me, " we need to put skin on that naked cow".
Here are our fully skinned cow.

I know- my little ones are not shown today- They are a) hard to have stand still and b) not interested in taking pictures. They did like gluing however did not like when the tissue paper stuck to their fingers.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

shaving cream fun

What a day we have had today... the kids have been thrilled that it snowed outside. They asked several times if they can play in it. I thought getting out the shaving cream would be a fun change and let them imagine they were playing in the snow.

The bigger kids (3 and 4 year olds) loved playing and dug right in while it took the little ones a little longer to adjust. A couple even cried at first, then got the hang of it!

Showing off their "snow"covered hands!

Just starting out.... still unsure

And diving in... we know what to do!

Monday, January 26, 2009

feeling a lil' down in the dumps....really!

So, I am venting, venting, and more venting. Here it goes... I was looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend at home, nothing planed but a birthday party on Sunday. Saturday, I start gathering up a couple loads of laundry and Dustin informs me that the sewer is backed up (which means everything that has gone down from potties, sinks, laundry has come up through my moms shower and the laundry room). We have had this problem in the past and we, meaning Dustin, have been able fix it with his step dad's tools or a simple call to a plumbing service we have used several times. So, on the way back from running some errands I stop of at my Mother in laws to get the tools for Dustin. He spends most of the afternoon and still can not get anything from the pipes. We called our plumbing friends,(which are not my friends anymore) Snake and Rooter. Well, they say they can come out on weekends within an hour... 5 hours later, they had a guy show up. He does the normal clear out the pipes deal and finds nothing. Goes in to my mom's bathroom (downstairs/basement level) and FLOODS her bathroom, doesn't clean it up, doesn't tell anyone he flooded it and still can not find blockage. Then after an hour and half, comes up with the diagnosis of "blockage unknown". For this Rocket Science answer it cost us $150.00 FOR NOTHING! He said we needed the sewer camera so they can look closer. Just for the appointment (on Monday- still leaving us with a crap load of messes-literally- for a day and a half) it will cost another $150.00. We are spending over 300.00 just to find out what the problem is and praying to God that is has a cheap fix. So... needless to say, we are getting another plumber out here today to look at the pipes, run a camera and hopefully get out blockage taken care of.

I am feeling a little stressed, fear, and over-whelmed. Last night Dustin took the kids to Grandma Dee's house to take baths while I cleaned the house. We can't run water, flush, or do showers but as an emergency basis only. I can't wait till 2:30pm comes today and the other plumber comes. I want to know the problem so I can move on and deal with it!

What about insurance you say??? In preparing myself for the worst, a collapsed pipe that cost thousands to fix, we look into our home owners policy and our extra home warranty to see if any of this would be covered... to help ease my stress... No! plumbing is not covered. We pay close to $100.00 a month for policies that suck! They cover things like my stove, sink, my counter tops, garage door opener but plumbing...nope, nada, zippo! So really, I have 2 policies that just give you the illusions that you are covered. And since I can not cancel my home owners insurance due to the house loan people, I just want to call them up and say, "you suck" and "you're not very very helpful" and maybe "your ugly" if I am really mad! (Just for the record, I am writing the first plumbers a nasty gram explaining that people shouldn't charge $150.00 for "blockage unknown") Anyway- I am bummed, I am never prepared for issues like this and I am ready to take a nice long bubble bath in my lime green and black bathroom again! If it ever drains again!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Cowboy style snacks...

As we wrap up week one of Cowboy week, we decided to eat some snacks cowboy style. We made popcorn over the campfire (aka the stove). Each kiddo had a job such as adding oil (such extra virgin olive oil to make it better for us and 1 point for me), adding chili powder, and adding popcorn. As the kernels started popping we discussed the looks, size and color. Then we compared it to the popcorn and its look, size, and color. Kadyn replied, "mom, you are way cool".

eating our chili flavored popcorn...

The older kids made some great observations while were were cooking!

Cowgirl Mia didn't get any popcorn!

To finish off our snack we spiced up some beef jerky! We used store bought jerky (kids thought I made it and I did not correct them) and some spices to it and warmed it back up in the oven. The kids thought it was neat that they were eating the way cowboys might have...
Jerky time!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

my distractions!

Today was a good day however we had several distractions. Kadyn was getting into the "junk drawer" and found temporary tattoos that she had to have on. After she got hers, that lead to everyone wanting one...after phone calls and emails to parents, several kids have them now. Coming from a mom that has 3 tattoos, I'm so proud! =) Here is Kadyn with her "scary tattoo" as she calls it. (yes, she is in a swimsuit- they lay her blue blanket on the floor and pretend it is a pool). She is so cool!
Tough chick...

My other time sucker this week has been my darling baby Mia. As perfect as she may be, she has been super uber cranky this week and has had low temperature too. We recently discovered that she has a tooth trying to come through. She is pleasant as long as she is not in the swing, on the floor, playing with toys, in her bumbo seat, or in the exersaucer. That pretty much means I am holding her all day, which I love but is hard to continue our daily routine. Last night and today we started teething rings and that along with Tylenol seems to offer some relief...poor baby!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Theme: Cowboy week
Letter of the week: N
Number : 11
Color : white
Shape: oval
Finger plays/Songs/Gross Motor Activities/Stories:
Calendar, Days of the Week, Welcome Song, Who is here today
ME Kid- Josh/Kyla
Books: Dora goes out west, On the farm, Cowboy picture book
Art: cut cowboy and horse pictures out for tomorrows project, made horse shoes
Songs: I'm a little cowboy
Centers: bead sorting, books, dress up as cowboys, and free play
Today I ate:
Breakfast- cornflakes and peaches
Lunch- spaghetti, meatballs, corn, banana , garlic toast
PM Snack- brownies (low fat mix)

Today we made our own horse shoes and played a round. The kids had a blast forming the foil into the "U" shape. While getting these formed the older kiddos came up with other ideas the horseshoes could be such as a "n" and rainbow. Here are some pictures from the day. Enjoy!

They had a great time with the game- they are coming home with a set of three, maybe they can teach you how to play at home. Have a great one!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy 29th birthday!

Today is Dustin's birthday. I was looking back at pictures on the computer and I can honestly say Dustin has not changes much! Without going all emotional on you readers, I will just say Dustin is a wonderful guy. Dustin and I met in middle school then started dating my senior year in high school. We had been great friends before dating. And that was 13 years ago... we have come a long way. Anyone who has met Dustin knows he will do anything for you, is an extremely hard worker, and a full time family man. I am honored to say I am married to my HS sweet heart. He is my best friend, support, and love of my life...he is the mac to my cheese!

Here are some pictures of Dustin at/around the birth of each of our girls... like I said before, he has certainly not changed that much! Enjoy!

Laura, Gaby, Dustin...December 2001 (at my mom and dad place)

Dustin and Kadyn...January 17th, 2005 (hospital)

The proud daddy, Kadyn and Gaby...January 2005 (our apartment)

Dustin and Mia Rose...August 16th, 2008 (hospital)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy 4th birthday Kadyn!

Today my middle baby Kadyn's 4th birthday! It is still weird to think I have a middle child when she was my youngest for so long. I look back in her baby album and see what a good infant she was. Day 2 of being at home she slept through the night, was such a laid back baby, and the cutest toothless grin...what happened??? Just kidding. Kadyn is my spunky, always has to have the last word, challenging girl. Maybe she'll be a lawyer??? Kadyn will always say what is on her mind even at the age of 4. She has only a hand full of buddies but they have a strong connection. It is her stories, her smile, and her personality that allows her to get away with anything! She is my child 100%. That is my Kadyn!

Today we took Gaby, Kadyn, and their friend J to Micky Mouse Clubhouse Live Show.
We didn't tell Kadyn until last night- she was surprised! Here they all are...Little Einsteins, Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse, My friends tigger and pooh. It was a blast!

All of the kids had their pick of one toy; Kadyn picked June, Gaby picked Leo, and J picked Leo.

After the show, everyone was a mess. At this point we had 2 bags of cotton candy, 1 popcorn, 3 slushes and some pop. I know... enough said!

Tonight we gave Kadyn her gift from us. It was a hand held V-Smile. Gaby had one from a couple years back and acquired a lot of games however her unit did not work anymore. We gave Kadyn her gift then gave Gaby one as well so they could share games and play at the same time. Oh what a day!!! And it will continue tomorrow... we will have a skating party for our family and friends.
What a great 4 years we have had with our baby Kadyn Denise. I can't wait to see what the next year brings us! Happy Birthday!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The nugget is 5 mo. old!

It is hard to believe that Mia is 5 months old. It seems like yesterday we brought her home from the hospital. She is such a fun baby. When she smilies her entire face lights up. Mia continues to jabber, slobber, and spit up...the life of an infant. She is a great combination of Gaby and Kadyn as babies. It is wonderful to see her personality develop more and more each day. Here are some pictures of our growing baby!!!

a relaxed day

Today we were pretty laid back. We did some center activities and then watched a movie. I always pick three DVD's and then the kids vote on their choice. Today it was Sharkboy and Lavagirl. For some this movie hold their attention but others like a good book. It was funny to see them all spread out either watching the movie or reading books! Fun times!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My new do and my new year goals...whew!

So after I blogged about my straightener, I had an appointment to get my hair colored. I took in a picture and decided to get my hair chopped off. I haven't worn my hair this short in years. I always thought my face was too chunky to support a cute short do. Well, last night I took the plunge. So far it is easy and simple and I like that. I am still adjusting to the shortness but think it is good.

I am also thinking of my goals for the new are some of them:
1) pay cash for everything but bills
2) exercise 5-6 days a week
3) read more
4) have more scrapbook time
5) help out in the church more
6) find a daily devotional and READ IT!

Okay- my list really is longer but these are some things I have set for myself. So far I am doing okay. I am really hitting #1 and #2 pretty hard. I thought maybe by blogging my goals I can stay accountable for them as I have put them out there for everyone to see my downfalls. So, for good or bad here they are. If you need a goal partner, let me know so maybe we can all be in this together to make 2009 a great year!

ice art project

Today we talked about ice as apart of our weather theme. Today we painted with ice, sort of. You are supposed to make colored ice cubes in a try. Well, since our freezer makes ice I had to adapt the lesson. We took ice and put it in a container. Then put our paper that had food coloring on it in the box. Shake, shake, shake... and we have some awesomely decorated art. As the ice melted it make different patterns and colors as it did when we first started.

Kadyn has the ice bucket and it shaking the ice... they also commented that the more they shook the ice melted faster.

Lil' K is showing off her work of art

All of our works of art! It was a great art experience and awesome to hear all of the observations made around the colors, textures, and sound! Smart bunch of Peanuts!

Monday, January 12, 2009

This is week two of our weather theme. We started the day with circle time, calendar, and letter flash cards. This week our letter of the week is N. Today the older kids colored "N" words and nests. When they were done, we worked on cutting parts of the nest out and holding out hands correctly while using scissors, whew...that was a chore in its self. Here are some pictures from our day! Enjoy!
Here are the "big" kids working on their "homework" as they call it...

Kadyn is starting to cut... we did this part one one one for clear reasons.

More cutting... they were really trying hard. I need to work on this more, it just scares me so much!

They also worked on gluing; another concept that you might think is simple...
they really enjoy the gluing!

The finished product... Our N word nest

Here are my "little guys" doing their N coloring sheet. Not really ready for the gluing and cutting yet, but soon we'll start!

Friday, January 9, 2009

I just want my Chi back...

A little over a year ago I entered into a world that allowed my hair to be straight, silky, and smooth. I used products and tools to transform my natural curly, fussy mop into a magical flow of hair. In this world, to make the magic hair happen, I bought a flat iron...not a cheap, go to Wal-Mart and pick up a flat iron but do your research go to a beauty store and pay a ton of money flat iron. Am I getting your attention??? Over a course of a year, I had great times straightening my hair and getting hair cuts that were in style and hip...(just like the rest of me, right??)! Then it happened, right after Thanksgiving, my awesome magical hair tool broke. Every time I would go plug it in it would make a buzzing sound that things being plugged in shouldn't make! So... knowing this tool cost an arm and a leg I called the company and told them what had happened. Because I have had it over a year, it was no longer under a total replacement warranty. So, for an additional charge of 35.00 I packed my best friend up and mailed it to the company in hopes they will fix it or replace it (it did have a 5 year limited warranty). That was December 1st. During the holidays I had to come up with creative ways to display my curls and make my mop look decent. I have gotten through the picture taking events and now it is has been over a month and time to follow up. I call them up yesterday to see the status of my iron. They reply..."it isn't in our system yet which means we haven't started working on it it (in a high pitching snotty voice). AGH! Can I scream now? Well, that woman got an ear full from me. She also explained that they had "once a year inventory" that no one knew they were going to be having which meant a longer turn around. Really, once a year and you don't know what part of the year it is coming at so you can tell people that? AGH! Anyway... I just want my cool, silky, sexy hair back. I just want my flat iron! So, that is my post, my rant, my feelings on the topic of hair! Luckily for me, I am getting a trim Monday night so I can get my mop styled at least for one day!