Saturday, November 8, 2014

I am so excited....

 to have a clean house, to have gotten small projects done, and to have some family time this weekend. Let me just say... I love my new cleaning products, I love how they save me so much time, and I love they have a happy little home now on hooks all around my house. And yes, I have documented my progress and am now blogging about it.

1st up... bathroom. I have my cleaning supplies for the room on the back of the door and I cleaned out our towels and replaced with some fun new ones.

 2nd up... the junk drawer. This thing never stays clean and always get crud dropped into it. It was my goal to clean it out and get it organized again!!

 3rd up... I got rid of all my chemicals I used for cleaning but the Norwex stuff (besides my dish tablets) and more hooks. This space was scary... not no more.

  4th up... more hooks...
 5th project... bummed the picture isn't brighter... got all the scenty stuff organized and my misc drawer of gifts cleaned up as well. Yay.... happy dresser!

My second Norwex order came in... I love spreading it and getting ready for everyone. It's so fun to see what everyone has ordered.

I am excited that with 5 kids I can say for one minute, my house looks nice. But, it won't for long and that is ok too. Hope you are having a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


 Monday we had a free day since my kids were home from school and some of our friends were gone. Today we are back at it... circle time. Sometimes we have to improvise with my two littles.

 Working on our door hangers for when we are sleeping... Our theme this week is "Sleep Tight".

 Today I busted out the swing for this little guy... um, why didn't I do that sooner- he loved it.

 My little twins (born 12 hours a part) playing nicely, for the moment. This can certainly change quickly. :)

Finished our morning looking at insects (our "I" word), tumbling, and some outside time.

Happy Tuesday!

Another before and after

 This AM I cleaned my laundry room with my norwex cloth and water...

I know have what looks to be a new washer and dryer! Yeah!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pictures from this week...

 Kadyn went to the dr on Tuesday to finally deal with some stomach issues. We are trying a simple approach which is tons of water and fiber... we think the kid needs to be regular. She looks so sad and dramatic here!!!

 Tuesday night she perked up after dance when dad and I gave her an early Christmas gift so she could get more use from it. Her very own Fuzion dance jacket. She loves to dance, been doing it since she was 3, and now has a cool jacket to show it. We loved seeing how excited she was after giving it to her!

 Daycare working hard on our letters...

 Matching shirts... Fluke girls. I felt bad since Gaby wore her shirt too but is not in our picture. Girl gets on the bus at 7am and no one was up and ready for pictures.

 This morning the kids wanted forts... so we brought out the castle and teepee and blankets. Fun time for everyone!
Crazy hair at Awana last night, likely for Mia it doesn't take much to make it look crazy. Really, most nights are crazy hair nights for her!

Before and After... Norwex

Because we ran a daycare, there is always something "fun" to clean in our home. I finally wised up and bought a second set of the enviro cloth, dust mitt, scrubber, and cleaning paste. It all stays down stairs so it is ready to go for times like this...

Crayon on the carpet..... before.
 Crayon on the wall before...
 Crayon on the wall...after. It is all gone. I used water, scrubber and cleaning paste. I need to rinse off but the crayon is totally gone and no paint was removed from the walls. YEAH!

Carpet after... crayon is lifted as well. Still wet from the water but took it up. I am so exited. And because it is only water (and the enviro cloth) it is ok for the kids to continue to play and walk barefoot on the carpet!


Monday, October 27, 2014

A bunch of ramblings...

Gaby had her 2nd band concert for middle school. Yep, this is my, "don't take that picture, I will not smile, but really is beautiful inside and out" child of mine. I love that she plays the drums and is really good at it.
This week is her first Jazz band practice and she can not wait. She is over the moon excited to play the set at school. I hope soon she will be good enough to play for church/youth group.

This past month we started a budget. A friend of ours is doing finical planning and while we had a basic something in place, it was a crazy and humbling experience to have him meet with us. We saw some areas in our life where changes had to be made and where we could be doing better. Yikes. Dustin and I have never had this whole budget thing modeled for us with our parents. We did what we could and made do with what we have... still do. But things are changing. I hope by Dustin and I (hopefully) making better money choices, our kids will see what we are doing and we will be a good role model for them and their finical future.

Out of the last 17 days, I have attended 14 Jazzercise classes. I am excited to be working out, gaining some spunk back, and having pants feel a little more loose. It hasn't been easy but I am making it a habit. I am a better wife, mom, daycare provider, nursery worker, and overall person when my body feels healthier and I carve out 45-60 minutes of childless time. I love being able to workout close to my home or when I am in North Topeka waiting on dance girls and their classes. I finally have it down. (For now, until soccer practices start back up)

 Mia had her 6 year old check up last week. She is doing well, looks great and passed eye and hearing tests. Yay! I always tease about Mia. She is so my child out of all of our kids. I know, I'm sorry! She is a good kid but so much spunk, so much talking, and will power.
We had her teacher conference last week and her teachers main complaint is that she is not organized and her desk is not clean (ok, not me). However, she knew we had a meeting with her teacher and that day she cleaned out her desk and organized all of her space. It made me laugh. This child is too smart for her own good sometimes. But it was nice to hear she is doing great (when she focuses), reading is above average (yes) and she understands what is being taught (whattt? Mia?) So, for being my hot mess mini me, she is rockin the 1st grade!

 I was doing laundry this weekend as saw these two socks. It was such a cute reminder of Dustin and Quentin. Like father, like son. After Kendal was born, we were done. So we thought.  But we were given this chance to raise Qman, to have a son, is still such a foreign concept to me. I LOVE having four girls that are all special and unique. And I LOVE having this cute curly hair, blue eye, laid back like his daddy, big boy sock wearing son. Amazing!

 Qman loves his selfies. Everytime I bring out my phone he giggles. He loves seeing himself on the camera. Who can blame him... so much cuteness.

 Yep. It's Monday and my laundry is clean and folded... now just to put it away! I tried doing a load every day but it doesn't jive with me so I do monster loads for 2 days then I am done. It works.

 My addiction. Jamberry nails. This was one of my favorite combos. (and yes, I am ho,ding my hubby's underwear- whatevs) I finally had a party to earn some Jams free. It was a fun time to have people over to share my addiction and earn free stuff. (The free stuff comes in handy now that I have a flippin budget- these are luxuries now) Putting these on come as a stress reliever for me. Plus the girls love them too- and they have mini ones for them! Sweet!

 The annual pumpkin patch trip... Gaby's first year not to ride the train! Ok, I get it but still sad. But at least she stood behind the group so I could still sneak a picture in. Qman rode with Kadyn and loved it. I love having family time and hanging out.

I had my church review for nursery last week.  They are keeping me on for another year so I must not have messed up too badly.  It was a more challenging year (or just the past few months) as we moved into a new building, furnished 6 rooms, started fall programs and still trying to figure things out. But, I do believe we are heading out of the transition period, at least for the babies. I am excited to get back to my normal normal. :)

My last new thing is Norwex. They had a month where you could sign up for a kit for free if you just paid shipping. I wanted to try the product out so I signed up. I did one order that turned out to be better then I thought, while offering a (surprise) to those who ordered. Well... I am not doing this as a job, not wanting to gain tons of knowledge about the product, not wanting to do parties, or work this thing. There are too many rules, what words you can and can't say, ect. Too much for my mom brain to keep up with. I just want the discount so I can purchase the product that has made my cleaning life a little easier and healthier. I thought a one time order was all I was doing. But then after I ordered more people asked so I am doing a second one. I now have NO CLUE where this will lead because I am not in it to make money or use this as a job. But, one thing I have learned is that I can offer whatever "surprises" I want on my private FB page. So. I got me one of those. And if you love this product like I do and or want to try it out, email or FB me privately! I don't want to step on toes of those making a living out of this! But for the first time, I cleaned my mattress with their mattress cleaner and vacuumed it. I never knew weird people did that (yes, I mean you CS). But after 15 years of marriage, this is a first. Who knows what new cleaning project will happen next!

Well... I think that catches me up. Haha... caught up, that is a funny concept. I must say, updating this blog has been a therapy session as  my Monday morning was not a stellar one. Before 10am everyone in diapers had pooped and my house smells like poop. The fish need their jars cleaned out which means they smell like poop. Talking to mean people at the post office over a package that was taken and now I am replacing out of pocket was NOT a nice experience, and payroll for church took WAY longer that it needed to. However, on a plus side last night I totally went out of my comfort zone and paid for this old couples groceries at Walmart who appeared to be low on money (it wasn't much), looking at these pictures and writing about them makes me happy, and I am caught for this minute. I'll end on that high note even though my house still smells like poop.

what a day...

 So we might have played hooky today and placed outside...It is so nice out and we all know the cold weather is coming so why not? We had fun playing with chalk.
 Climbing in the jungle gym (why do they call this toy that anyway???).
 Little A joined in this time...
 My babies... well, they aren't so baby like anymore are up on the deck playing. (while the big kids swing, they stay upstairs so they don't walk  in front of them and get hit) They love the house...
And Q loves this window... he is the watch dog! :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Taco Tuesday

 Today we reviewed our good character traits... I love this new addition to our lessons.

 Jammin' to some music...

 Making "Mrs. Honey Hats" just like our story this morning...

Then we had tacos for lunch. I was told a) I make the best tacos and b) everyday should be Taco Tuesday. Who knew I made the best tacos??

Then I found a "Mia Selfie" on my phone... it made me smile. It also makes me realize how much I miss my school kids when they are gone!!! Love finding pictures like this to make my day!

Monday, October 13, 2014

 I think I might have mentioned this but I am addicted to two new things... First of all, Jamberry Nail Wraps. I love them. My nails have never been healthier, longer, and more stylish then they are now. They last up to 2 weeks on your hands and much longer on your toes. I am so excited to have a impromptu party on Friday. Happy Happy. If you have nothing to do and want to stop by-please do! You can order online too- just ask me how. :)

This month we met with a friend about getting on a a real one. I have been tracking everything, it is certainly eye opening. I am glad we saw where we are spending too much and where some cuts can be made. It's a little hard to make so many changes as we enter the holiday season and birthday season. We will get there. Slowly but surely! I am grateful for our friends help and setting up boundaries-something I am NOT good at!  

Tonight is our first night at home in a long time, it's super rainy out and soccer is now over. We made cheddar cheese potato soup and brats for dinner. Someone really liked dinner! Alot.

My next new love is Norwex products... this is some awesome stuff!!! I have cleaned our kitchen, bathroom, and cabinets with their cloth, cleaning paste, and water. I am totally loving these products. No chemicals. If you haven't heard of these products, let me know. I can certainly help you out.

Daycare is going well... not that I have pictures to post! We have been busy with fire safety this month and much more. The big kids were out of school today which meant a lazy day for daycare kiddos. I was bummed that we could do anything outside due to the weather.

Qman took a couple of steps today. We were all excited. He actually walked to his big sister Gaby which made her day. They are so cute together- 11 years a part and have the closest bond. I hope that never changes.

This past weekend we wrapped up our soccer season. I love to watch our kids play but having 4 kids playing can get a little time consuming so by October I am always happy for the small break. Gaby ended her season with a win, Kadyn scored a goal, Kenni made a couple of great kicks, and Mia scored two goals. What a way to end the season. Proud of our soccer playin' girls.

Laundry is caught up, bathrooms are cleaned, dishes are done, and I am relaxing. Super duber fun Monday night!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

 Today, I am thankful for chicken nuggets. And the rest of our crazy day! 

Our morning started out with my monthly staff meeting at church- it never takes long but just switches up our day. 

After my staff meeting, I came home did daycare, fixed lunch and kids ready for a nap. 

*insert laundry here*

Ladies from TARC came today to see Quentin. Earlier we called and asked if we could cancel our 2:15 appt due to Dustin leaving at 2:30 and no one to help daycare at 3:00 when nap time was over, since our first appt was supposed to be 90 minutes.  

They didn't get our message. 

So... they showed up. I told the gals we called and I could only go til 3p and we would have to finish up later. During our appointment Dustin had to leave to grill food at the middle school. 

The lady talked to Qmans stuffed animal... I thought this was weird. 

At 3:15 I finally had to stop our time due to my daycare kids needing to get up, snack ect. 
The swell ladies from TARC wouldn't stop talking. Qman was his charming self, jabbered a lot, and was cruising around everything.  After our crazy, non focused time, they told me he did not need services and looked like he would be walking soon on his own. 

(Yay.... I thought that too but no one listens to the parents) 

Dustin and Gaby had tail gating dinner at the middle school and Gaby had a band performance at half time. She didn't even come home after school- it was a long day for her too! 

I cooked up some chicken nuggets, pulled some grapes out, unwrapped cheese sticks, added peanuts and granola bars and we had dinner in the van in our divided up tupperware containers. No fast food for us... well, it was FAST food but from home and well... you get it.  

While D and G were at school-he cooked over 120 hamburgers tonight; I had Q, K, M and Kk on the road to dance. While driving, my hair was going nutzo and kept looking like this. It bugged me and I couldn't fix it. 
 At 5:00 I dropped Kadyn and Mia off to dance in North Topeka, raced back to the middle school to watch Gaby. They performed and did great! I was super proud of their band. I know we did not sound this good when I was in band. I love that she is getting these experiences at such a young age. 

She loves middle school.

Okay- she looks super darn cute as a drummer. I know I am her mom and already think the world of her but it fits her and her personality! 
 I really don't know how people do it... we have Gaby and middle school world. We have Kadyn and Mia in elemtry school world. We have Kendal in preschool world. And we have Quentin in baby/toddler world. This is just WAYYYYY to many worlds for me! That's not even mentioning Dustin and I's world... 

 I love this pic....

After her half time performance, I took Kenni and Qman back to dance, dropped Kenni off to her class, picked Mia up, waited 30 minutes for Kenni to finish. After she was done...

We went to Mc Donald's germ land... I mean, play land. We had 45 minutes till Kadyn was done and Kenni, Mia, and Q were antsy. We played and giggled. Qman loved climbing and going down slides. 

Pulling into the driveway at 8:15 I am thankful for our busy day. By God's grace Dustin and I can divide and conquer. 

I am thankful for chicken nuggets because they are a quick dinner that our kids can eat on the road and it means we didn't eat out. Along with grapes, peanuts, and cheese we have our own happy meal on the go. 

 I am thankful for our kids having activities that make them stronger and better people.  And for middle school where I see Gaby becoming this awesome-sauce kid before my very own eyes.

 For dance were I see three beautiful girls express themselves through movement and music. 

I am thankful for McDonalds playland that allows us to use up 45 minutes of time with giggles and activity. Watching Qman climbing up slides and stairs leading him to a fun new world.  

And for my hubby who is on this wild ride of life with me. I couldn't ask for a cooler guy to do life with! 

So even with all of our worlds going on, our busy days, and our late nights, and now bedtimes...I am thankful for chicken nuggets. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Apple time....

 This week we have been learning about apples... so today, the older peanuts came with me to "pick" apples. We ran up to Dillons, which had an excellent section, and picked out some apples to try.

 It took us a while to find the perfect ones...

 We had several compliments while at the store. The kids did a great job of listening and following directions.

 Our apples...
 Now the taste test... we had green, red, and 1 yellow.

 We even added carmel dip to the mix...

 And apple cider... (and a cute photo bomb by Qman)

Then we charted our favorite apples that we tried this morning.  What a fun time was had by all!!

Happy Friday to you!