Monday, October 13, 2014

 I think I might have mentioned this but I am addicted to two new things... First of all, Jamberry Nail Wraps. I love them. My nails have never been healthier, longer, and more stylish then they are now. They last up to 2 weeks on your hands and much longer on your toes. I am so excited to have a impromptu party on Friday. Happy Happy. If you have nothing to do and want to stop by-please do! You can order online too- just ask me how. :)

This month we met with a friend about getting on a a real one. I have been tracking everything, it is certainly eye opening. I am glad we saw where we are spending too much and where some cuts can be made. It's a little hard to make so many changes as we enter the holiday season and birthday season. We will get there. Slowly but surely! I am grateful for our friends help and setting up boundaries-something I am NOT good at!  

Tonight is our first night at home in a long time, it's super rainy out and soccer is now over. We made cheddar cheese potato soup and brats for dinner. Someone really liked dinner! Alot.

My next new love is Norwex products... this is some awesome stuff!!! I have cleaned our kitchen, bathroom, and cabinets with their cloth, cleaning paste, and water. I am totally loving these products. No chemicals. If you haven't heard of these products, let me know. I can certainly help you out.

Daycare is going well... not that I have pictures to post! We have been busy with fire safety this month and much more. The big kids were out of school today which meant a lazy day for daycare kiddos. I was bummed that we could do anything outside due to the weather.

Qman took a couple of steps today. We were all excited. He actually walked to his big sister Gaby which made her day. They are so cute together- 11 years a part and have the closest bond. I hope that never changes.

This past weekend we wrapped up our soccer season. I love to watch our kids play but having 4 kids playing can get a little time consuming so by October I am always happy for the small break. Gaby ended her season with a win, Kadyn scored a goal, Kenni made a couple of great kicks, and Mia scored two goals. What a way to end the season. Proud of our soccer playin' girls.

Laundry is caught up, bathrooms are cleaned, dishes are done, and I am relaxing. Super duber fun Monday night!

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