Thursday, June 26, 2014


 This morning was a mad dash to clean up from sleepover to get ready for daycare... which then turned into castle and sea fun! It was interesting to hear the story line that these kids came up with!!! Such imaginations!
 Water coloring on posters... These turned out super cute and will get hung up in our daycare room. I love having the kids work posters because it becomes a shared space. They have to use manners and use their words to work together. Plus it makes really cool art! :)
 Qman playing in the house center... He looks so grown, my little toddler. So close to walking but I am not really sad that he still is crawling. He needs to be my baby just a little longer!

 Our awesome art...
 Ready for circle time... today we read 2 books about gardening and fruits.
The not so napping time here... sigh. I love having my kids home for the summer however the nap time of the day proves to be a hard time. I have so many that still need naps and so many that do not. We try to take field trips during this time to get them out, cheaply. However, we are still trying to get our back yard project done so we are staying in today. On the schedule.... reading, art, and puzzle books! Pray for my patience!!! :)

Happy Thursday!

Goonie Golf

 Yesterday's Not So Bummer Summer Field Trip was to play Goonie Golf. It was Kendal's first time. Mia had been there but still was not good at it. For that reason we did not keep score. Kadyn had her friend with us too.
Above is Kendal and Em playing...
 Mia is left handed however had a tough time figuring out which way to hold the club...

 Kenni sure did look cute though...
 Emily going through one of the holes...
 Then Kadyn to follow... oh! to be that small.
 After a hot round of golf we made our way to my favorite snack... Snow Cones.
 After our afternoon out, the girls cooked up a plan to have a sleepover... so then came fort building.
 The girls all spent the evening at a soccer camp/VBS up the street... took showers and ready for a movie.
 Not before a bed time snack...
Then Bedtime....

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Monday and Tuesday

 Our backyard was too wet to play and we were antsy to get outside. So we went on a walk. I had a walking partner.
 We stopped and watched the cows for a few minutes. Everyone came up with names for the cows... we had Cow Butter, Cow Butterfly, Cow Bob, and Cow Tinkerbell.

 Our theme this week is "Tutti Fruity". So it was perfect that we saw a garden on our walk as well.

 Mia helped out with circle time today... she loves being the big helper since she says, "I am not in daycare". OK, whatever!
 Today we made fruity bracelets....
 More from our walk...
The Peanut Gallery!!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

It's Friday!

 What a fun surprise... daycare friends L and G brought donuts for breakfast. The kids loved them. We even ate on fun plates that had Dora, Nemo, Princess, and Ponies on them. Great way to start our day!
 Winner winner... The award goes to Dustin for being most awesome. He saw a turtle on the other side of the fence and grabbed it for the kids to see. They loved it. Me... well, I'm on the deck watching the nature happen! :)

Our new to us toy. A lady from a selling page on FB gave us this for the daycare. The kids have already put this to good use!!!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

1 year check up

 We are about a month off for Qman's check up's. But this morning was the big 1 year old check up. I was super excited for his weight update, not the shots. I could not get a good picture of this active, always moving little, big guy!
He isn't walking yet but crawling everywhere. He will pull to stand and start cruising around stuff that way! He is getting there however I am in no hurry. Qman can stay my baby a little longer.

 His doctor said he was doing great- and she was happy he was off the bottle, eating table food, and sleeping all through the night. Yay! Quentin.
 Always moving. Even getting his height and weight was tricky! He weighed 22.5 lbs which is 45% for his age. I was for sure she was going to tell us he needed to be on a diet. Even today for lunch he ate 4oz of mixed veggies, 4oz of fruit, 1/2 of a grilled cheese sandwich, cheese stick, and a cup of milk. This is a normal size meal for him. Where does he put it?

 For length his is 30in long which put him in the 50% for his age.
Today we had shots. They suck, but he only cried for less then 30 seconds. This kid is tough. They even did a treatment on his 4 little teeth.

Until our next check up...

Thursday... already?

 It's circle time... how cute is this? Today we talked about our dad's and Father's Day that is coming up! We also read a fun book, "Pete the Cat and his Magical Sunglasses" and a book called, "Calendar" that talks about each month of the year.

 Making a fun Father's Day card/Picture... The bigger kiddos.

My little kiddos!

Camp Kanakuk

 This week Mia, Kadyn and Gaby are attending a camp call Camp Kanakuk at our church. Gaby has gone ever since our church started hosting it. Now Kadyn and Mia have been added into the mix. This summer is Mia's first year! Yesterday I volunteered as their CPR/First aid person. Which is super fun because you get to see what your kids are doing. I probably drove their leaders insane watching them but who cares, I love watching my kids! :)
This is called K-life. They come together and do skits, worship, and other fun things.

 Kadyn had a couple of friends from school join her at camp. It made for a great week for her (so far) Kadyn and E are about to rock the rock climbing wall.

 I was able to see Kadyn and Mia do the zip line however not Gaby. I still saw her do water slides and games. This is her last year to attend. She has had a blast attending.

 Kadyn right after the zip line. I love her huge smile. She was super brave and excited to ride it. No hesitation at all.

Mia is in the neon orange shirt. Her group was getting ready to go outside. Mia also rocked the zip line this year. I was wondering if she would pause, would the leaders have to talk to her, or would she back out. Nope. Nothing. That kid was fearless. I am happy that my kids have had the opportunity to experience this camp thanks to TBC.

Because we are limited with what we can do during the kids' summer with daycare we aim to have a nice balance of home and camp time. I love how active they have been. How warn out they are getting. It's been a great week.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's Monday!

 We started playing with trains... a great friend of mine has sold us her train set for Qman. Lots of wooden tracks, buildings, and Thomas trains. Qman likes the trains a lot, even at his young age. The daycare kids loved them as well. Thanks Amanda!

 It's Batman time... we have 2 new kiddos coming to daycare and one LOVES the batman stuff. He is a happy camper when free time rolls around.
 Painting... today we used fun plastic rings to paint with.
 Our finished product...
Happy Kids... Happy Monday!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

More Cows...

 Today we talked about where milk came from... and made adorable cow puppets.
 The peanuts hard at work...
 Kadyn was our art helper today. She prepped art, cut out some pieces, and helped the little ones. I was happy she was here this AM.
 Our dairy wall of art...
Older kids doing their nap time art... Funshine, the company that I purchase lessons from, has a summer kit for the school aged kids. It coordinates with themes as well. So during nap time we are getting in our reading and art time.

Happy Tuesday!