Thursday, June 12, 2014

Camp Kanakuk

 This week Mia, Kadyn and Gaby are attending a camp call Camp Kanakuk at our church. Gaby has gone ever since our church started hosting it. Now Kadyn and Mia have been added into the mix. This summer is Mia's first year! Yesterday I volunteered as their CPR/First aid person. Which is super fun because you get to see what your kids are doing. I probably drove their leaders insane watching them but who cares, I love watching my kids! :)
This is called K-life. They come together and do skits, worship, and other fun things.

 Kadyn had a couple of friends from school join her at camp. It made for a great week for her (so far) Kadyn and E are about to rock the rock climbing wall.

 I was able to see Kadyn and Mia do the zip line however not Gaby. I still saw her do water slides and games. This is her last year to attend. She has had a blast attending.

 Kadyn right after the zip line. I love her huge smile. She was super brave and excited to ride it. No hesitation at all.

Mia is in the neon orange shirt. Her group was getting ready to go outside. Mia also rocked the zip line this year. I was wondering if she would pause, would the leaders have to talk to her, or would she back out. Nope. Nothing. That kid was fearless. I am happy that my kids have had the opportunity to experience this camp thanks to TBC.

Because we are limited with what we can do during the kids' summer with daycare we aim to have a nice balance of home and camp time. I love how active they have been. How warn out they are getting. It's been a great week.

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