Monday, June 2, 2014

On target? Maybe. I hope so! Yes, I am!

 Yesterday Dustin and I got our new fitness bracelets set up and going. It is a motivational tool for me. And it nicely tells me if I have been sitting to long. So, tonight during Kadyn's dance class, I walked 1.5 miles then when I got home did another 1.5. It felt good to sweat, be active, and see my numbers increase on my band.

Last night Dustin, Quentin and I walked 3 miles at the lake while the kids had VBS and a birthday party. It was nice. I certainly wish Dustin and I could workout together more often. I so enjoyed the conversation and time with him.

After taking May off from the diet, workout, life journey, ect route I am back on it. Maybe. I hope so! Yes, I am! Last week I had a check up at my doctor's office, and I knew my weight was going to be bad. I just stopped caring. I was too busy, tired, whatever to workout and not snack. After my appointment I was very upset with myself once again for wasting this past winter when I could have really been making progress.  Not only was my weight gain not great, my blood pressure was high. I know once I hit a certain weight, I start having high blood pressure. So... with that, I have started, again. To be on target? Maybe. I hope so! Yes, I am!
(My new download tonight for walking... Thanks to the food network and their commercial, I have fallen in LOVE with this catching tune.)

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