Monday, June 2, 2014

Dairy Days

 This week our theme is Dairy Days. We will be talking a lot about cows, milk, cheese??!! Today we reviewed letters, worked on cutting, and made ice cream cone art. 
 It so happened a daycare friend brought left over snacks from a birthday party, they were cupcake ice cream cones. Perfect snack for our day!!!

 To say it takes a village to raise your children is an understatement. Gaby is participating in her first Middle School event at church, *sniff, that keeps her busy until 2pm every day then every night. Mia, Kadyn, and Kendal had dance, parent watch night for dance, then Mia and Kendal met up with my neighbors at their church for day II of VBS. At 9:00 on a Monday, I am just now sitting down in a puddle of sweat (cause I just worked out) and I am done.

 On top of our cra cra day, Gaby had two friends come over after nap time, Mia went to play at a friends house, and Kadyn had a friend over. All good things!
We have one more week before recital. Tonight was parent watch night and super hero night. I love to watch Kadyn dance and to see how far she has come. It truly is amazing. I can't wait to see the performances next week. We are already enrolling for August. As she gets older, the more dancing she wants to do!

I wish I was updating more... I thought summer would slow down, and it will hopefully soon. Keep checking in!!! :)

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